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StOMP for Cuis

A multi-dialect object serializer built on MessagePack for Smalltalk. The aim is to provide portable, fast, compact serializer for major Smalltalk dialects. StOMP is optimized for small/medium sized data. It is especially suitable for KVS or RPC.

For more info, please see the official site:


Assuming Cuis 4.2 or higher.

Install MessagePack for Cuis first. This is a prerequisite.

Copy the 'Cuis-Smalltalk-StOMP' folder to your Cuis root folder.

Open the workspace, then do it:

	Feature require: 'Stomp-Core'.
	Feature require: 'Stomp-Cuis-Core'.
	Feature require: 'StompTest-Core'. "optional"
	Feature require: 'StompTest-Cuis-Core'. "optional"

If you've installed StompTest, you can open "SUnit Test Runner" and see all-grean results.


  • String is always encoded as Latin-9 string. (Cuis does not have ByteString/WideString).
  • There are a few unsupported types:
    • Multi-byte stirng (WideString, WideSymbol in Squeak).
    • Fixed point number (ScaledDecimal in Squeak).

Other than that, StOMP binary data is compatible among other Smalltalk dialects.


Masashi Umezawa