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Checks status of streams using twitch api
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Checks status of streams using twitch api

Option plugins.var.python.twitch.servers controls what server this script will work on. The default is twitch but you can have multiples separated by a space. /set plugins.var.python.twitch.servers twitch twitchcopy

This script also will prefix users nicks @ for mod, % for sub, and ~ for broadcaster. This will break the traditional function of /ignore add nightbot and will require you to prefix nicks if you want to ignore someone /ignore add re:[~@%]{0,3}nightbot should ignore a nick with all or none of the prefixes used by this script.
This may cause high cpu usage in very active chat and/or on slower cpus.
This can also be disabled by setting /set plugins.var.python.twitch.prefix_nicks off

/server add twitch
/set irc.server.twitch.capabilities ",,"
/set irc.server.twitch.nicks "My Twitch Username"
/set irc.server.twitch.password "oauth:My Oauth Key"

After your up and running this script will check if a stream is live via the Twitch API everytime you switch to a streams chat buffer.
You can also issue /twitch in a stream's chat buffer to request a update and display stream topic.
/whois twitchuser will perform a api lookup on said user and reply in the buffer you issued the command from.

/whois justin

-- [justin] Account Created: 2007-05-22
-- [justin] Status: Monstercat Label Showcase Powered by
-- [justin] Partnered: False Followers: 288596
-- [justin] Following: 33
-- [justin] Steam64ID: 76561197960265728 steamID3: 1 steamID: STEAM_0:0:1

If you are experiencing errors you can enable debug mode by setting

/set plugins.var.python.twitch.debug on

And/or disable SSL/TLS verification by setting

/set plugins.var.python.twitch.ssl_verify off
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