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Python client for Apache Kafka


Kafka Python client

Build Status Coverage Status Full documentation available on ReadTheDocs

Full documentation available on ReadTheDocs

This module provides low-level protocol support for Apache Kafka as well as high-level consumer and producer classes. Request batching is supported by the protocol as well as broker-aware request routing. Gzip and Snappy compression is also supported for message sets.

On Freenode IRC at #kafka-python, as well as #apache-kafka

For general discussion of kafka-client design and implementation (not python specific), see!forum/kafka-clients


Copyright 2015, David Arthur under Apache License, v2.0. See LICENSE


The current stable version of this package is 0.9.3 and is compatible with:

Kafka broker versions

  • [offset management currently ZK only -- does not support ConsumerCoordinator offset management APIs]
  • 0.8.1
  • 0.8.0

Python versions

  • 2.6 (tested on 2.6.9)
  • 2.7 (tested on 2.7.9)
  • 3.3 (tested on 3.3.5)
  • 3.4 (tested on 3.4.2)
  • pypy (tested on pypy 2.4.0 / python 2.7.8)
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