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;;; -*- Mode: Lisp; Package: EDITOR -*-
;;; This file is part of xyzzy.
(provide "keymap")
(in-package "editor")
(export '(global-set-key local-set-key undefine-key global-unset-key local-unset-key
ctl-x-map ctl-x-prefix esc-map meta-prefix
spec-map specific-command-prefix ctl-x-4-map ctl-x-4-prefix
ctl-x-5-map ctl-x-5-prefix
copy-keymap describe-bindings *full-keymap-length*
(defvar ctl-x-map (make-keymap))
(setf (symbol-function 'ctl-x-prefix) ctl-x-map)
(defvar esc-map (make-keymap))
(setf (symbol-function 'meta-prefix) esc-map)
(defvar spec-map (make-sparse-keymap))
(setf (symbol-function 'specific-command-prefix) spec-map)
(defvar ctl-x-4-map (make-sparse-keymap))
(setf (symbol-function 'ctl-x-4-prefix) ctl-x-4-map)
(defvar ctl-x-5-map (make-sparse-keymap))
(setf (symbol-function 'ctl-x-5-prefix) ctl-x-5-map)
(defun copy-keymap (map)
(if (consp map)
(copy-tree map)
(copy-seq map)))
(defun global-set-key (key command)
(interactive "kGlobal set key: \nCcommand: ")
(define-key *global-keymap* key command))
(defun local-set-key (key command)
(interactive "kLocal set key: \nCcommand: ")
(define-key (local-keymap) key command))
(defun undefine-key (keymap key)
(setq keymap (keymapp keymap))
(unless keymap
(return-from undefine-key nil))
(if (consp key)
(if (consp (cdr key))
(setq keymap (lookup-keymap keymap (car key)))
(pop key))
(setq key (car key)))
(let ((c (set-meta-bit key nil)))
(when (char= c key)
(setq keymap (lookup-keymap keymap #\ESC))
(setq key c))))
(if (vectorp keymap)
(setf (elt keymap (*keymap-char-index key)) nil)
(setf (cdr keymap)
(delete key (cdr keymap) :key #'car)))
(defun global-unset-key (key)
(interactive "kGlobal unset key: ")
(undefine-key *global-keymap* key))
(defun local-unset-key (key)
(interactive "kLocal unset key: ")
(undefine-key (local-keymap) key))
(defvar *full-keymap-length* 380)
(defun lookup-keymap-index (keymap shadow index)
(let* ((c (*keymap-index-char index))
(bound (lookup-keymap keymap c)))
(when (and bound (notany #'(lambda (x) (lookup-keymap x c)) shadow))
(defun describe-bindings-1 (prefix keymap shadow)
(setq keymap (keymapp keymap))
(when keymap
(setq shadow (mapcan #'(lambda (x)
(setq x (keymapp x))
(and x (list x)))
(do ((index 0)
(nl nil))
((>= index *full-keymap-length*))
(let ((nindex (1+ index))
(bound (lookup-keymap-index keymap shadow index)))
(when bound
(if (>= index 128)
(when nl
(setq nl nil))
(unless nl
(setq nl t)))
(format t "~A~:C" prefix (*keymap-index-char index))
(cond ((symbolp bound)
(while (and (< nindex *full-keymap-length*)
(eq bound (lookup-keymap-index keymap shadow nindex)))
(setq nindex (1+ nindex)))
(when (/= index (1- nindex))
(format t " ... ~A~:C" prefix (*keymap-index-char (1- nindex))))
(format t "~19T ~S~%" bound))
((keymapp bound)
(format t "~19T Prefix Command~%"))
(format t "~19T Command~%"))))
(setq index nindex)))
(dotimes (index *full-keymap-length*)
(let* ((c (*keymap-index-char index))
(x (lookup-keymap keymap c)))
(when (keymapp x)
(let ((y (mapcar #'(lambda (x) (lookup-keymap x c)) shadow)))
(when (notany #'(lambda (x) (and x (not (keymapp x)))) y)
(describe-bindings-1 (format nil "~A~:C " prefix c) x y))))))))
(defun describe-bindings ()
(let ((local (local-keymap))
(global *global-keymap*)
(minor (minor-mode-map))
(shadow nil))
(message "Building binding list...")
(with-output-to-temp-buffer ("*Help*")
(when minor
(format t "Minor Mode Bindings:~%key~20Tbinding~%---~20T-------")
(mapc #'(lambda (x)
(describe-bindings-1 "" x shadow)
(push x shadow))
(format t "Local Bindings:~%key~20Tbinding~%---~20T-------")
(describe-bindings-1 "" local shadow)
(push local shadow)
(format t "~%Global Bindings:~%key~20Tbinding~%---~20T-------")
(describe-bindings-1 "" global shadow)
(goto-char 0))
(message "Building binding list...done"))))
(defun read-key-sequence (local global minor-maps &optional prompt)
(do ((result)
(keymap (append (list (current-selection-keymap)) minor-maps
(list local) (list global))))
(when prompt
(minibuffer-prompt "~a~{~:c ~}" prompt result))
(notany #'keymapp keymap))
(if (consp (cdr result))
(car result)))
(let ((c (read-char *keyboard*)))
(setq result (nconc result (list c)))
(setq keymap (mapcan #'(lambda (x)
(when (keymapp x)
(let ((y (lookup-keymap x c)))
(and y (list y)))))
(defun interactive-read-key-sequence (prompt &rest rest)
(list (read-key-sequence (local-keymap) *global-keymap*
(minor-mode-map) prompt)))
(pushnew '(#\k . interactive-read-key-sequence)
*interactive-specifier-alist* :test #'equal)
(defun expand-command-keys (keys &optional prefix)
(let (result)
(dolist (x keys)
(if (consp x)
(setq result
(nconc result (expand-command-keys (cdr x)
(cons (car x) prefix))))
(setq result (cons (if prefix (reverse (cons x prefix)) x) result))))
(defun substitute-key-definition (olddef newdef &optional (keymap *global-keymap*) (okeymap keymap))
(dolist (x (expand-command-keys (command-keys olddef okeymap nil)))
(define-key keymap x newdef))
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