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Playbulb Candle Codelab, in Reverse!

Inspired by the google playbulb web-bluetooth codelab, this project uses the nRF52 Feather from Adafruit to emulate a playbulb candle device, includes an Eddystone Beacon url that directs users to the codelab webapp to interact with it.

NOTE: be sure to connect to the codelab app using https. https is required for web-bluetooth apps, and the demo does not properly display the error (outside of the javascript console) when using http. If the app does not display the bluetooth selection dialog when you press the 'connect' button, double-check the url starts with https://.

Bonus feature

Enhanced Candle Webapp

The Enhanced app linked above uses a custom characteristic for "sleep timer" functionality. Writing a number (as a 16-bit integer) to this characteristic will turn off the light after the specified number of seconds has passed. The characteristic in question also sends Notify packets, so the webapp shows the current time remaining on a slider.

Future work / ToDo

  • fix playbulb codelab to surface error about http transport (and/or redirect)
  • implement effects, instead of just logging which effect is sent.


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