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" Custom compiler setup for using the Arduino IDE as a commandline compiler.
" Author: Marc Dougherty <>
if exists("current_compiler")
let current_compiler = "arduino"
" Compatibility - older vim versions do not define CompilerSet.
if exists(":CompilerSet") != 2
command -nargs=* CompilerSet setlocal <args>
" Attempt to translate arduino error messages to actual filenames.
"Ignore various lines that are part of the standard output of arduino builds.
let &l:efm .= ",%-GPicked up JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS%.%#"
" Ignore the several standard lines that all end with '...'.
let &l:efm .= ",%-G%.%#..."
" On success, there's always a line about archiving the core.
let &l:efm .= ",%-GArchiving built core%.%#"
" Ignore the standard memory stats.
let &l:efm .= ",%-GSketch uses%.%#"
let &l:efm .= ",%-GGlobal variables use%.%#"
let &l:efm .= ",%A%f: In function %.%#,%C%.%#:%l:%m,%C%s,%Z%p^"
" Sometimes the filename bit is not included in the first error.
" Vim assumes the current buffer in this case, which will probably be correct.
let &l:efm .= ",%A%.%#:%l:%m"
" The below specifies that quickfix entries missing a buffer number should
" assume the current buffer.
function! arduino#FixQfList()
let qflist = getqflist()
for qfentry in qflist
if(qfentry.bufnr == 0)
" guess that we want this file, if file didnt match.
let qfentry.bufnr = bufnr("%")
call setqflist(qflist)
"au QuickfixCmdPost make call arduino#FixQfList()