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experiments with a thermal printer, and a raspberry pi to print a todo list from todoist
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Print my Todo List (from Todoist).

I like paper, but updating (and keeping track of) a paper todo list isn't easy.

So ive hooked up a thermal printer to a raspberry pi, and now i can print a new list whenever i want!


I used a raspberry pi I had laying around, some buttons, and a mini thermal printer. The networked thermal printer tutorial is solid, and helped me get the printer up and running.

The Pi pinout outlines the "software names" of the pins on the pi. I chose to put some buttons in the section opposite the pins used for the printer (near BCM pin 26), because of their easy access to a Ground pin. Usage:

This script requires that the python todoist api client be installed:

pip install todoist-python can be run with either --token or --config options to provide a todoist api token.

To use --config, provide a valid yaml file like the following:


For help with tokens, see the ToDoist developer site

The script also takes a --query option. Unfortunately, for Free users like me, the queries accepted are extremely limited, and dont support most of the filter operations. The following seem to work: viewall, overdue, p1, no date. -c config.yml -q 'viewall'

GPIO Listener

The included script can be used to take actions based on inputs on the Pi's GPIO pins (e.g. pressing a physical button). The script itself is pretty basic, but should be configurable enough for reuse in other projects.

The debian/ folder contains the necessary configuration to build a debian package which will run the GPIO Listener as a service, via systemd.

Future work

  • templates for todolist output, prettier output.
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