Wilson analytics is an open source website traffic monitoring and analytical tool.
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Wilson Analytics

Wilson analytics is a open source website traffic and analytical tool built using the JavaScript AngularJS library and PHP.

I no longer maintain this project but you are free to use it in any way you want.

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The most simple but powerful user interface ever

When we started to design Wilson analytics, we wanted to build a user interface that was easy to use and beautifully designed. Many of the professional analytical tools come packed with hundreds of features which makes the user interface complicated.

What we did was create a simple user interface that was easy to use and powerful at the same time. The Wilson analytics user interface feels great to use. Everything is a click away. it's simplicity mixed up with powerfulness that distinguishes Wilson analytics from others.

Analytical information about your website is a click away

Unlike other analytics tool, Wilson shows you analytical information about your website in a clean and easy to read format. We did not want to add more and more features to Wilson analytics, we added what was important, We added what we felt what matters most.

Wilson Analytics is built for everyone; a developer who likes to tweak with his stuff, a webmaster who doesn't want any trouble and just want a analytical tool that just works in a efficient and simple way.

The possibilities are just endless

We wanted Wilson analytics to be tweaked with. One way we did this by was by making it open-source. You can completely customize Wilson, even edit the source code. The other way we did was by the introduction of Apps.

Apps are small applications that you create using the Wilson Analytics API. These Apps will extend the capabilities of Wilson analytics. You can almost implement any feature that you like into Wilson analytics by creating an app for it.