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Codex Vitae

How to Use This Codex

If you are Muneer:

  • Develop a habit of using the Codex as a repository for beliefs that develop throughout the year.
  • Consider doing a monthly review of whether my life is in alignment with values and beliefs. If not, should my behavior change or have my understanding and values changed?
  • Do a yearly review in January of the entire document, editing places where beliefs have changed. Expect beliefs and tactics to change — don’t hold on to them too rigidly.

If you are not Muneer:

  • Read this with the understanding that you are different than Muneer— the way he lives his life is not the way you should live yours.
  • Consider creating your own Codex Vitae. Feel free to copy anything here that is helpful.

In General


Beliefs about beliefs.

  • Perceptions color beliefs in a way that prevents humans from having identical beliefs.
  • No belief is absolutely correct.
  • Beware of anyone who is totally convinced that their beliefs are correct.


Fundamentals that guide my life.


  • Never stop learning new things.


  • There should be no group or insitution that is absolutely insulated from criticism.
  • There needs to be an adequate safety net to help people who are experiencing tough times.
    • This includes not cutting off benefits to people when they begin working again, but do not yet have the resources to have minimal financial security.
    • There should be an incentive for people to work.
      • This means that we need to do things like give retraining to people in dying industries.
      • It does not mean increasingly draconian cuts to public assistance.
  • We need to encourage people to acquire skills that will keep them working.
    • Sinecures should be eliminated wherever they are found.
  • We need to reduce the amount of no-value adding bureaucracy.
    • Regulations need to be put up for periodic review in front of a citizen committee that contains as much diversity of viewpoints as possible.
    • The law needs to be simplified to a level where it can be understood by an educated layperson
  • There needs to be a minimum expected level of competence for adults.


  • Elections should be publicly funded in full.
    • There should also be a cap on how much can be spent on elections. The amounts can increase as the level of the election changes. For example, a person running for a county office should not be spending at the level of someone running for state office.

Personal Canon

Things that have changed my life




  • The Reluctant Fundamentalist


  • The Wire

Monthly Reports

Yearly Reports