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Convert a things database to an outline
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This Python script parses a Things database and writes an outline.

Outlines can be greatly edited with Vimoutliner or Emacs Org-Mode.


Usage: [options]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -d DB, --database=DB  path to things Database.xml
  -o OTL, --output=OTL  Output outline


Find those in TODO.otl

Sample Output

        Write script to emulate DynDNS
        Take out the trash
        Learn to play the piano
        Notes in Things trash
        Gather loose papers
        Process notes
        Review Someday
        Review previous calendar data
        Review waiting for
        Review "Action" re Mail
        Review upcoming calendar data
        Review "Deferred" re Mail
        Review "Waiting" re Mail
        Review project lists
        Review next action list
        Empty head
        Review "Incubation" re Mail
        Review "Respond" re Mail
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