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Starting point for applications being hosted at cr3studio and based on cr3components

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Minimal template for cr3studio projects

Project start

  • Download template
  • initialize git local repo:

    git init

  • edit project name in buildout.cfg

  • execute make
  • alter

fab goodies (connecting with remote server)

  • edit in case default username=project_name and servers are to be changed
  • register your ssh key on all servers

    ./bin/fab -R prod ssh_register ./bin/fab -R dev ssh_register

  • initialize master repositories:

    ./bin/fab -R prod init_remote_repo ./bin/fab -R dev init_remote_repo

  • connect local repo to prod:

    ./bin/fab -R prod configure_remote_branch:prod,master ./bin/fab -R dev configure_remote_branch

  • let's create master branch

    git add . git commit -m "Initial"

  • now we can create dev branch

    git branch dev git checkout dev

  • ready to push

    git push dev master git push dev dev git push prod master

  • create remote site (app instance)

    ./bin/fab -R prod init_remote_site:master ./bin/fab -R dev init_remote_site

  • register deployment key to cr3components git repo

    ./bin/fab -R prod ssh_remote_keygen ./bin/fab -R dev ssh_remote_keygen

register it using:

  • start app:

    ssh server cd django_site make ./bin/django syncdb /cr3studio/bin/restart-app-django

Other steps

  • precondition is to have libjpeg installed on dev host (in case of cms usage)

take from cr3components app (it's in parts dir)

take from cr3components app (it's in parts dir)


  • make project independent (username=project_name, servernames)
  • how to embed some settings goodies
  • project name and server names are not DRY
  • latest fabfile can import django project settings, to be considered
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