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Django fork of amazing memory leaks tracking application for python wsgi - the Dowser
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Based on: Dowser

The original Dowser is WSGI enabled. Unfortunately, not all Django hosting providers use WSGI. In daily development the most common usage pattern is ./ runserver which is not using WSGI. That's the story why this fork was created.

In the other words the target of this project is to provide easy to use and install Django app to debug your memory leaks.

Following enhancements have been implemented on top of original Dowser:

  • long term analysis, 1m, 1h, 1d, 4w buffers
  • optimization by moving from lists to python deque
  • server load optimization by moving charts to google chart
  • only authenticated superuser can view analysis (Django specific)

Screen shot


# latest release
pip install django-dowser
# or latest master
pip install git+git://

Next, modify project configuration to add the app:


urlpatterns += patterns('',
    (r'^dowser/', include('django_dowser.urls')),

Example buildout recipe

location = django-dowser
recipe = zerokspot.recipe.git
repository =


Use django-dowser only on multithreaded servers. With forking, each fork will have it's own Dowser storage.


Start the project and open link:


With development server, this is typically

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