2013 Hackaton Mid July

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  • Location for up to 30 people: Experteer, Lehnbachplatz 3, 80333 München
  • Food + beverages by Experteer
  • Fr 12.07 1700-2300, Sa 13.07 0900-2300


Please register until end of June by adding your name here or if you have a meetup account you can go to http://www.meetup.com/Munich-Rubyshift-Ruby-User-Group/events/125381152/


Binarystore (submitted by Peter)

Build a webserver that

  • is S3 compatlible (GET, POST, DELETE)
  • transcodes the original file on demand (resize, blur, JPEG <-> PNG <-> WEBP, whatever pipe is given or configured)
  • caches the transcoded stuff but cleans it up depending on file hotness

The implementation would be based on goliath. This is nothing new but usually every app with some user generated binaries needs something like this. Writing it over and over again within the app is boring. See http://cloudinary.com/ how far you can take it.


  • Peter, Phil
  • Franklin, Jason

ruby on gnunet (submitted by Peter)

This one is quite on the edge. GNUNET https://gnunet.org/ is a framework to build P2P or F2F networks.

  • Usually you have to write C to build your application. The idea is to embed mruby into GNunet and build a small layer so everybody can build new p2p apps with a few lines of ruby code (Rails for P2P).
  • There should be a way to implement extensions to the framework in other languages than C/C++. Didn't explore this further but perhaps coming up with a sample implementation could also be fun.

This is very experimental. C knowledge might be needed. Both (mruby and gnunet) lack some documentation but could be big fun if we get this working. See for some fun stuff: http://lwn.net/Articles/473187/ Perhaps we could win a core dev from the TUM to join us.

(Playing around with other p2p networks is also possible (Freenet,...))


  • Peter, Phil

Configuration DSL for ruby preloaders (submitted by phil)

This is a more experimental one, once in a while there is the problem that loading a ruby app up into a runnable state takes quite a while, rails being the prominent example but not the focus here. While I am working with zeus I realized that zeus can be used to preload almost everything, with the problem though that it is quite difficult to configure outside of the rails env. especially when getting to a more complex state than just 'load this one file and execute'. So the idea is to start working on a DSL which allows a user to easily configure a preloader (be it zeus, spring or alike) to specify the files and stages requirements.


  • Phil

Real time analytics & visualization

I've been working on a real-time analytics and visualization "platform" for over a year right now (my own, built all in spare time). I've got a couple of ideas that are highly experimental but sound very doable in rather short amount of time. Basic idea is tuple emission, windowed operations and data pipelining. I'm mostly doing Clojure these days, so my preferred language would still be Clojure. I can compromise if there're enough backers :)


  • Alex