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#pragma once
#include "Array.h"
#include "Expr.h"
#include "FinchString.h"
#include "Macros.h"
#include "Parser.h"
#include "Ref.h"
namespace Finch
class ILineReader;
class MessageExpr;
// Parser for the Finch grammar.
class FinchParser : public Parser
FinchParser(ITokenSource & tokens, IErrorReporter & errorReporter)
: Parser(tokens, errorReporter)
virtual ~FinchParser() {}
// Reads from the token source and returns the parsed expression. If
// this is an infinite source, it will return as soon as a complete
// expression is parsed. Otherwise, it will parse the entire source.
Ref<Expr> Parse();
// The grammar productions, from lowest to highest precedence.
Ref<Expr> Expression();
Ref<Expr> Sequence();
Ref<Expr> Variable();
Ref<Expr> Bind();
Ref<Expr> Assignment();
Ref<Expr> Cascade();
Ref<Expr> Keyword(bool & isMessage);
Ref<Expr> Operator(bool & isMessage);
Ref<Expr> Unary(bool & isMessage);
Ref<Expr> Primary();
Ref<Expr> ParseKeyword(Ref<Expr> object);
void ParseDefines(DefineExpr & expr, TokenType endToken);
void ParseDefine(DefineExpr & expr);
void ParseDefineBody(DefineExpr & expr, String name,
const Array<String> & params);
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