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#pragma once
#include "Macros.h"
#include "Lexer.h"
#include "Queue.h"
namespace Finch
class IErrorReporter;
class ILineReader;
class ITokenSource;
// Base class for a generic recursive descent parser.
class Parser
Parser(ITokenSource & tokens, IErrorReporter & errorReporter)
: mTokens(tokens),
virtual ~Parser() {}
// Gets whether or not the token source for this parser is infinite.
bool IsInfinite() const;
// Gets the Token the parser is currently looking at.
const Token & Current() { return *mRead[0]; }
// Returns true if the current Token is the given type.
bool LookAhead(TokenType type);
// Returns true if the current and next Tokens is the given types (in
// order).
bool LookAhead(TokenType current, TokenType next);
// Returns true if the tokens are the given types, in order.
bool LookAhead(TokenType first, TokenType second, TokenType third);
// Consumes the current Token and returns true if it is the given type,
// otherwise returns false.
bool Match(TokenType type);
// Verifies the current Token if it matches the expected type, and
// reports an error if it doesn't. Does not consume the token either
// way.
void Expect(TokenType expected, const char * errorMessage);
// Consumes the current Token and advances the Parser.
Ref<Token> Consume();
// Consumes the current Token if it matches the expected type.
// Otherwise reports the given error message and returns a null Ref.
Ref<Token> Consume(TokenType expected, const char * errorMessage);
// Reports the given error message relevant to the current token.
void Error(const char * message);
// Gets whether or not any errors have been reported.
bool HadError() const { return mHadError; }
void FillLookAhead(int count);
ITokenSource & mTokens;
// The 2 here is the maximum number of lookahead tokens.
Queue<Ref<Token>, 2> mRead;
IErrorReporter & mErrorReporter;
bool mHadError;