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Alternative Munin 2.x templates based on Twitter Bootstrap 3.
From February 2015 the Munstrap template has been added to the munin-monitoring/contrib repo. Please use that location in future.



Clone the munin-monitoring/contrib repo to a temporary location:

cd /opt
git clone

Replace the Munin stock template with Munstrap (the -b options makes a backup of the official template for rolling back):

cd /etc/munin
cp -rb /opt/contrib/templates/munstrap/templates .
cp -rb /opt/contrib/templates/munstrap/static .

Clean the old generated files:

rm -rf /var/www/munin/*

Take a coffee and wait some minutes for the html generation by Munin.


Get the last changes from Munstrap:

cd /opt/munstrap
git pull

Replace the old munstrap version with the new one:

cd /etc/munin
rm -rf templates static
cp -r /opt/contrib/templates/munstrap/templates .
cp -r /opt/contrib/templates/munstrap/static .

Revert to Official Munin Template

cd /etc/munin
rm -rf templates static
mv templates~ templates
mv static~ static


View of a specific node: Node view

Zoom feature: Zoom view