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boinc_projs: avoid using snmp references.

There is no reason to feign this is a SNMP plugin; it's just like any
other virtual node.
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1 parent 65a69fb commit 715d059c21d229f6cac5b16d561d4581b6d059b5 @Flameeyes Flameeyes committed Aug 28, 2012
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@@ -354,23 +354,23 @@ F</etc/munin/boinc/bar/gui_rpc_auth.cfg>.
These files are owned and readable by root, readable by group munin and not
readable by others.
There are 2 symbolic links to this plugin created in the munin plugins
-directory (usually F</etc/munin/plugins/>): F<snmp_foo_boincprojs> and
+directory (usually F</etc/munin/plugins/>): F<boincprojs_foo> and
- [snmp_foo_boinc*]
+ [boincprojs_foo]
group munin
env.boinccmd /usr/local/bin/boinccmd foo
env.boincdir /etc/munin/boinc/foo
- [snmp_bar_boinc*]
+ [boincprojs_bar]
group munin
env.boinccmd /usr/local/bin/boinccmd bar
env.boincdir /etc/munin/boinc/bar
-This way the plugin can be used by Munin the same way as the Munin plugins
-utilizng SNMP (although this plugin itself does not use SNMP).
+This way the plugin can be used by Munin as a virtual node, akin to
+SNMP and IPMI plugins.
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