Added a new tool similar to pypmmn #79

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I need to get a munin node running on a unix machine where I don't want to touch the perl installation too much. Also, I have no internet connection on that machine and getting CPAN to play ball was near impossible.

googling around, I found pmmn. Unfortunately it dates back to 2008, and it does not yet support socket connections. After a bit more digging, I decided to write a pure python port (my perl-foo with sockets is not strong enough).

This pull request embodies the results of my efforts. It is a pure python (tested on python2.4, 2.6 and 2.7) port of pmmn with socket support. It can also be run as a proper unix daemon directly.

I will be using this tool in testing from now on. I am not sure how long I will be able to support it. This only depends on how much longer those Unix boxen will linger in our basements. So I made an effort to make the code easily readable and maintainable crossingfingers.

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@ssm ssm merged commit 1253b1d into munin-monitoring:master Apr 6, 2012
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