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Merge pull request #493 from OlegPS/esxcli_env_

Added plugin (esxcli_env_) to monitor ESXi host temperature or power via esxcli
latest commit c43dc4b9a2
Steve Schnepp steveschnepp authored
amr follow file naming convention here
amule - have some dirs
apache Fix typo
apt Edit links to the main git repo
arangodb rg: first attempt of munin plugin to monitor ArangoDB database
aris Added GPL2 License in Header
asterisk asterisk_inuse: fix plugin to use asterisk command from PATH and fix …
audit - have some dirs
backuppc Update backuppc plugin, fix issues with hostnames with dot(s) (.)
bacula - have some dirs
beboxsync * Updating array to pull appropriate bandwidth values from BeBox (Th…
bind9 canonicalize keys with _ instead of dots
bitcoin Merge pull request #437 from deveth0/patch-5
boinc boinc_projs: avoid using snmp references.
cacti - have some dirs
celery Renamed plugins to their actual names
ceph in plugin ceph-osd-info, if retrieving the data fails, retry up to 10…
chassis - have some dirs
chat Update tinychat_users_
cherokee Bug fix
condor - have some dirs
cpan - have some dirs
currentcost - have some dirs
cyrus Simple bash fixes to make comparision clearer.
db2 db2_cnx: +x
disk Fix indentation
djabberd Add djabberd plugin.
dovecot always use plain $PATH
drbd - have some dirs
drupal Fixed env section of manual(doc)
dspam Found another problem with variable handling, when it contains a dash
dvb Create 2wcomdsr_
dxtv - have some dirs
ejabberd Add open_files capability to ejabberd_resources_
fax - have some dirs
firebird - have some dirs
forums Update smf_stats
ftp More housekeeping.
funkytown - have some dirs
games move game plugin to game directory
gearman Gearmand workers count and jobs queue
geowebcache - have some dirs
glance Allow possibility to show tenant name instead of tenant id in graph
glassfish fix "value" output
google google/snmp__gsa_docs: expand the GSA abbreviation on the first usage
gpu _mem should use FB memory used, only
gunicorn Adding a generic entry for all gnunicorn params
hadoop don't collect/send redundant data to munin
haproxy Merge pull request #352 from allanparsons/master
harddisks Script to monitor the power state of hard drives
healthcheck - have some dirs
heimdal - have some dirs
hp HP Monitoring plugin for temperature via the hplog command
http Merge branch 'pr/378'
ipvs Fix typo
java Remove jmx2munin.
jchkmail_counters_ Create jchkmail_counters_ plugin
jenkins adding first version of the plugin for the Jenkins CI Server
joomla - have some dirs
kamailio Add Readme to kamailio plugin
keystone Fix import problem when keystone is not present
licensing incorporate rewrite provided by TSUCHIYA Masatoshi <>
lighttpd Allow also digest auth mechanism.
logins - have some dirs
lustre - have some dirs
mail Added a category to mailman-queue-check
memcached Minor bugfixes
minecraft Indention
moblock - have some dirs
mod_jk - have some dirs
mogilefs - have some dirs
mongodb coerce lockTime to float type
monit - have some dirs
mpd New plugin: mpdstats_.
mssql - have some dirs
munin - have some dirs
mysql cosmetic
mythtv - have some dirs
nagios remove duplicate nagios multigraph
network adding first version of the plugin for Mac OS Server VPN Daemon
newznab - Updated categories
nfs-freebsd Use /usr/bin/env bash in shebang for portability
nginx Fixed wrong path to munin-node config file in doc
noaaport - have some dirs
nova nova: Fix graph label
nutcracker int conversion
openfire adding first version of the plugin for the Openfire XMPP (Jabber) Server
openvpn openvpn/openvpn_multi: re-add configuration documentation
openvz Added openvz_ support for laverage and status
oracle - have some dirs
ossec - have some dirs
other added i2p
passenger - have some dirs
percona Added documentation
php Add unix socket support, change some indent / format.
postfix Munin postfix plugins for multiple postfixes
postgresql p/postgres_tuplesratio: ratio of live/dead tuples
power5 - have some dirs
powermta - have some dirs
printer printer-ink-levels-by-percent: remove as superseded by snmp__print_su…
processes fix bug
prosody Fix Prosody Registered Users
puppet document the plugin
qpid Add licence and more description
qpsmtpd - have some dirs
rabbitmq update to newer version
rackspace Add RackSpace monitoring plugins
radiator - have some dirs
reddit_karma /bin/sh is way better.
redis Merge pull request #435 from rafaltrojniak/master
relayd fix backup value usage that broke when using clean values
requesttracker add the Accept-Encoding header to the wget call
riak New riak plugin for get/put 95th percentile time
rpi p/cpu_freq_1sec: adding a description
rsync - have some dirs
rtorrent Add IP/Port
s3 Fix line endings to Unix.
sabnzbd Created SABNZBd graph plugins voor Speed and Data left.
samba I don't like to depend on the exit value of the last cmd
san snmp__brocade_ifs: rename and update code to use the new name.
scalix - have some dirs
security - have some dirs
senderscore senderscore: fix doc
sensors Configuration for local ipmi monitoring
services - have some dirs
sge Update sge_queue_xml_
sickbeard Add plugins for Sick-Beard
slony - have some dirs
smstools - have some dirs
snmp Plugin to monitor temperatures of Synology systems via SNMP
solr Comment cleanup
sourceds - have some dirs
sphinx Avoid negative queries count on Sphinx restart
spotweb As you wish
squeezebox - have some dirs
squid Changed the location of their own plug-ins
ssl Support SNI in the certificate checking
streaming Updated packetship plugin to support multiple pumps.
swift Updated swift plugins
syslog plugins/syslog_ng_stats: comment formating
system Merge branch 'pull/469'
tarsnap Add 'tarsnap' plugin.
teamspeak Remove debug output from ts3v2
thin Fixed element sorting on config call
time ntp_pool_score: fix negative values
tomcat tomcat access plugin
trafic_ro - have some dirs
tv - have some dirs
ubuntu candidateOrigin has been removed. Replace with
ultramonkey - have some dirs
unicorn assigned but unused variable
ups Create eatonups_
uwsgi Plugin to monitor uWSGI Average Memory Usage, Number of Process & Tot…
varnish Add configuration, documentation, and autoconf
vdr was renamed
virtualization Merge pull request #493 from OlegPS/esxcli_env_
voip - have some dirs
voldemort Add plugin for Voldemort NoSQL data store to pull throughput and call…
weather temperature_: fix for F units
websphere - have some dirs
wiki Fix mediawiki_api when called with admins arg
wowza Update plugins/wowza/wowza-media-server
wuala - have some dirs
xastir Moved contents of README into plugin as comments
xbnbt - have some dirs
yacy - have some dirs
zeo - have some dirs
zfs Add support for ZFS On Linux
zimbra Update plugins/zimbra/zimbra-mailboxsizes
zope Extract tarballs committed to git as plugins.
dhcpd-pools New plugin dhcpd-pools for ISC dhcpd
sendmail_mailq Create sendmail_mailq plugin
vhost_requests_ Initial commit of this total requests by status code for virtual hosts.
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