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multicpu1sec p/multicpu1sec-c: always exit(0) when successful
auth Don't hardcode plugin state file location in auth plugin, use env var…
blockhosts - have some dirs
cpu-usage-by-process Fixes #470: emits warning: "bad ps syntax, perhaps a bogus
cpu_ p/cpu_: fix test for guest_nice emptyness
cpu_by_process fix cpu_by_process time parser
cpu_linux_multi typofixes -
cpubyuser p/cpubyuser: get stats from top instead of ps
dar_cpuusage - have some dirs
dar_memusage Enhanced used memory calculation for values displayed in G
dar_swap - have some dirs
dar_uptime - have some dirs
dar_vmstat - have some dirs
debsecan Update plugins/system/debsecan
freeboxuptime system/freeboxuptime: move to the system category
hugepages hugepages: fixes from Mrten in issue #308
ibmfan - have some dirs
iostat-cputps-average Use /bin/bash as interpreter, and switch to UNIX line breaks
irq Changed the location of their own plug-ins
kmemsum - have some dirs
load_extended typofixes -
membyuser These plugins should be executable.
memory_by_process These plugins should be executable.
openbsd-memory - have some dirs
openbsd-swap - have some dirs
pagefaults_by_process Adjusting vlabel and using ARGV key 0 instead of 1 for config pass
proc_memory_status - have some dirs
raminfo Use eval around hard-to-find perl modules
read_serial_temperature - have some dirs
solaris-memstat Save with UNIX line breaks
swapspace-info Use eval around hard-to-find perl modules
system_users - have some dirs
top-free-memory - have some dirs
top-memory typofixes -
total_by_process_ Improve the left-side label of the graph.
uptime_bsd whitespace cleanup
vpsmem - have some dirs
zones_cpu Fixed bug which only displays the first 5 zones
zones_mem whitespace cleanup
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