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PyPMMN is a pure python port of pmmn. It will also look for a subdirectory by a command-line parameter!


PyPMMN does not have any requirements other than the python standard library. For compatibility, it's targeted for Python 2.4 and up.

Known Issues

  • The stdin mode does not work correctly. Consider using the original pmmn instead.
  • It's not multithreaded. Only one connection is handled at a time. But given the nature of munin, this should not be an issue.


The python way

Download the folder and run:

python setup.py install

This will install pypmmn.py into your system's bin folder. Commonly, this is /usr/local/bin.

And of course, you can use virtual environments too!


Download the folder and copy both files pypmmn/pypmmn.py and pypmmn/daemon.py to a location of your choice and ensure pypmmn.py is executable.


All command-line parameters are documented. Simply run:

pypmmn.py --help

to get more information.


pypmmn.py -l /path/to/log-dir -d /path/to/plugins -p 4949

Daemon mode

In daemon mode, it's very helpful to specify a log folder. It gives you a means to inspect what's happening. In the case you specified a log folder, pypmmn will also create a file called pypmmn.pid containing the PID of the daemon for convenience.