New website for the munin project, not live yet
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Munin's new website is built using Jekyll. Here are some side notes for contributors/curious:

Pages: vs pages/index.html

For real basic pages, we use a file. It allows to write its content in Markdown. For more complex pages - the download page for example, the content is directly written in HTML.

In both cases, we use the permalink option to set its public address:

permalink: /download/

Writing pages

Here are some rules to writing pages:

  • Titles should go from <h2> to <h6>. The <h1> tag is reserved to page title and header logo.
  • Do not start your page with # My page title. Page titles are already displayed by the markdown-page template.
  • Assets (images or other related files) must be put in /assets/{page_name}/

Table of Content

To insert a TOC at the top of a page, just use the following snippet:

{:toc .pull-right}

301 Redirects

To avoid a lot of 404 errors due to external links, we have to setup some 301 redirect rules. They are all set in the .htaccess file at the root of this project.