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munin (1.1.7)
* Allow floating point values in warning/critical limits.
* Bugfix in munin-html, when using groups/host names with more than one dot.
* Updated RPM package creation with regards to the 1.2 series.
* Created RPM package creation for SuSE with regards to the 1.2 series.
* Added --stdout-option to all programs (SF#1073148).
* Log updates of nonexisting fields better (SF#1073172).
* Force plugin linux/apt to use C locale (SF#1072470).
munin (1.1.6)
* Failsafe entry for @@PYTHON@@.
* Bugfix in munin-limits (it didn't work properly).
* Added separate makefile target to take care of SNMP-only items.
munin (1.1.5)
- Munin main package:
* Treat long field names properly. Sadly, this will lead to data loss
for fields that earlier had their field names truncated. :-(
* Small interface improvements in the HTML output.
* Changes of min and max values now causes corresponding changes in
the RRD files.
* Added new option "graph_sums" which creates summarised graphs.
* Munin-update adapts to field type changes (loss-free conversion from
* Added new config option "local_address", to specify which local address
outgoing connections (from munin-update) should be used.
* Added "comparison" views, to view a whole hostgroup at once.
* Bugfix in munin-limits.
* Draw min/max ranges in all graphs with only one visible field.
* Replaced notification system. Munin can now send warning/critical
messages to whatever process/file that is needed.
* Removed the munin-nagios program, as it is no longer needed.
* Use column headers for min/max/cur/avg if label is too long.
* Minor template modifications, so the output HTML validates correctly
* Added new field option "line", which draws HRULEs.
- Munin-node:
* The node now changes dir to /, to make sure it's in a directory
readable by all users.
* Added per-plugin timeouts, contributed by Chan Wilson (SF#881044).
- Plugins
* SNMP plugin "df" properly strips the label and serial number from
Windows drive labels.
* SNMP plugins now honour the "host" environment variable if they can't
deduce the hostname from $0.
* Use @@PERL@@ in all perl shebang lines.
* Added new SNMP plugins for sensors, reading info from System-Informant on
Windows boxes.
* New wildcard plugin generic/ping_ to graph ping times.
* Replace "rpc" field with "total" in NFS and NFSD plugins.
* Added new plugin linux/apt_all, contributed by xavier.
* Added new plugins generic/courier_mta*, contributed by Rune N.
* Plugin generic/acpi now autodetects even if the acpi version does not
contain the acpi_available program.
* Added plugin linux/irqstast, showing individual interrupt rates.
* Fixed typo in linux/fw_forwarded_local (Deb#275535).
* Fixed typo in linux/fw_packets (Deb#275537).
* Added SNMP plugins for temperature and fan info provided by the
Fujitsu Siemens ServerView agents.
* Adapt linux/apt plugin to work properly with Debian testing/unstable
(patch from Rune N. Skillingstad).
* Added new plugin generic/apc_nis to monitor APC UPS, contributed by
* Made graph_title a parameter for generic/exim_mailqueue (patch by Torstein
T. Svendsen, SF#1060834).
* Fixed typo in generic/sendmail_mailstats (patch by Lupe Christoph,
* Applied patch from Torstein T. Svendsen to generic/exim_mailstats, to
handle logfiles with timestamps in the name (SF#1055214).
* Applied patch from Nicolas Stransky to generic/hddtemp, to fetch temp more
elegantly (SF#1052845).
* Added new plugin linux/hddtemp_smartctl, made by Peter Gervai
* Fixed linux/if_(err_) braindamage affecting hosts with vlans or
multi-digit interface numbers.
* Added wildcard plugin generic/smart_, contributed by Nicolas Stransky.
* Added plugin generic/loggrep for generic log grepping.
* Fixed bug in generic/sendmail_mailqueue, when queue is empty.
* Fixed bug in generic/hddtemp2, patch by arturaz (SF#1037002).
* Added new plugin linux/forks, to graph forks per second.
* The linux/iostat plugin now ignores devices without traffic (Deb#267195).
* Changed a lot of plugins so they use DERIVE instead of COUNTER.
* Upped generic/ntp_ to auto family.
* Upped generic/sendmail_mailstats and generic/sendmail_mailtraffic to
auto family.
* Fixed linux/sensors_ plugin to report warning and critical values
for temperatures and voltages if 'sensors' reports them.
- Installation
* Changed variable name of ARCH to OSTYPE, to avoid name crash on newer
FreeBSDs (SF#1068238).
* Added variable PYTHON, as we now have our first Python plugin.
munin (1.1.4)
* Better error handling when fetching data from RRD files.
* Fixed bug in munin-graph when choosing colours (Deb#267185).
* Added plugin linux/df_abs
* Sanitise incoming fieldnames a bit better.
* Small layout improvements.
* Added new options "graph_height" and "graph_width", to beter control size.
* Added support for SNMP probing.
* SNMP plugin "if" now accepts PPP interfaces as well as ethernet
* SNMP plugin "df" now understands Windows SNMP daemon.
munin (1.1.3)
* Applied patch from Jacques Caruso to make HTML output standards
* Munin-graph: fixed bug when combining graph_order aliases with
"normal" fields, as reported by Jacques Caruso.
* Plugin bugfixes from Jacques Caruso, in linux/iostat_ios and
* Munin-nagios: Only state number of OKs when something is in warning or
critical state.
* Munin-graph: Added 'graph_sources' option. This is (in effect) the same as
graph_order, but with a default of 'graph no'.
* Applied patch from Matthieu Lochegnies to munin-graph, and fixed the
same problem elsewhere in the code (Deb#250982, SF#924561).
* Force LANG/LC_ALL=C in generic/hddtemp2, to remove problems in parsing of
hddtemp output (Deb#253497).
* Force LANG/LC_ALL=C in linux/sensors_, to remove problems in parsing of
sensors output (SF#972749, SF#972748, Deb#255312).
* linux/sensors_temp now understand temp lines without hyst or max settings
* Made linux/sensors_volt work with negative voltages (Deb#256734).
* Made generic/hddtemp2 understand environment variables with quotes
* Added plugin generic/uptime contributed by Nicolas Salles (SF#998665).
* Added plugin generic/hddtempd contributed by Stein Magnus Jodal
munin (1.1.2)
* The server programs now open the log file at an earlier point.
* Munin-limits added to distro.
* Warnings and criticals now show up in nodeview and overview.
* Makefile no longer stopping when complaining about htmldoc errors
* Added contributed plugin generic/cupsys_pages, contributed by Rune N.
* Minor documentation bugfix.
* Added automatic "graph no" to negative field when using negatives.
* Added options to munin-graph to skip locking and stats generation.
* Added --cron option to munin-graph. This is used internally for
special case checking when run from cron.
* Added dist-directory for Solaris packages.
* Created munin-cgi-graph, which creates dynamic graphs.
* Added munin.conf option "graph_strategy (cgi|cron)" which defaults to
* Bugfix in cdef calculations.
munin (1.1.1)
* Added a table in the service view page, with information about each
* Added plugin options "graph_info" and "<field>.info", which can be used
to describe the graph/fields in the above mentioned table.
* Bugfix in the linux/df_inode plugin, regarding filesystems withouth
* Added warning and critical statuses to the info table in the service view.
* Added "info"-fields to linux/cpu and linux/load plugins, to demonstrate
how it works.
* Linux/ip_ wildcard plugin contributed by Mathy Vanvoorden (SF#954851).
* Added a definition file (definitions.html) to the server distribution.
* Use "sed 1d" instead of "tail +2" in df plugins (patch by Olivier
* Tuned cdef-code to make it work properly after clean-up.
* Added "graph_category" option, to categorise plugins.
* Set categories to most of the plugins.
munin (1.1.0)
* Bug regarding logo namechange from logo.gif to logo.png, when installing.
* Allow/deny in munin-node can now be configured per plugin, in addition
to "globally" for the whole node.
* "Upped" som plugins from contrib/manual to manual or auto.
* Code cleanups.
munin (1.0.0pre4)
* Munin-update now properly ignores node with "update no".
* The generic/apache_* plugins now have defined max values.
* New plugins generic/{sendmail*,amavis,apc_envunit} contributed by Xavier
* Turned off scaling of values for cpu-graphs (no more nano-percentages).
* New plugin linux/iostat_ios to graph the number of I/O operations.
Contributed by Per A. Buer.
* Added user configuration for generic/postfix* (SF#895680).
* Fixed links in HTML templates (Deb#236792).
* Fixed broken autoconf in apache-* plugins (Deb#236144).
* Fixed bug in mysql-plugins (Deb#233762).
* Fixed a problem in the node when running as a non-root user and
using sudo to run the plugins (Deb#236694).
* Clarified the vlabels in the apache-plugins (Deb#238594).
* Patched temp and voltage parts of linux-pugin sensors_* with better
regexp (Deb#245289, SF#906868).
* Changed default ARCH variable in Makefile.config, to support
older tr-s (SF#898814).
* Make "graph_scale no" affect y-axis as well as numbers below the graph
* New SNMP plugins: df, if_err, processes, fc_if (fibre-channel), fc_if_err,
users, load.
* Cleaned up Solaris plugins (SF#944389, ++)
* New logo by Bianca Pfingsten, sponsored by Mediahaus Biering Grafischer
Betrieb GmbH. (Thanks :-)
* Made solaris plugin fs_df work without GNU df (SF#944389).
* New solaris plugin temperature, by Richard van den Berg.
* Two new linux firewall plugins; fw_packets (by S. Banerian),
fw_conntrack (by Nicolai Langfeldt), and fw_forwarded_local (by Xavier).
* Modified sunos/cpu, linux/cpu and freebsd/cpu to take "scaleto100"-
* Added patch to contrib-plugin linux/nfsd, to graph rpc count (Alexandre
* Added plugin linux/nfs_client, contributed by Alexandre Dupouy.
* Added plugin ipac-ng, contributed by Arturas Slajus.
* Added plugin hddtemp2, contributred by Andrew Radke, modified by Lupe
* Added Folding@home plugin, contributed by Xavier.
* Fixed problem with sunos/memory, when memory was reported in gigabytes
* New plugin (pm3users) and a bunch of patches from Jacques Caruso.
munin (1.0.0pre3)
* Munin-graph had a perl 5.005_03 compatabilty problem, which slipped
through to version pre2.
* Added mkdir to install-man target. (SF#888545)
* Added better logging of plugin failures in the node. (SF#881045)
* Make install: Fix problems with systems that do not have getent.
* Remove dependency on pgrep (use process groups instead). (SF#881049)
* Documentation updates.
* Make the iostat plugin work properly.
* Munin-graph now escapes ':' in labels properly.
* Fixed bug in munin-graph where it caused a flood of cron-mail.
* Linux/iostat now shows only disks also on machines without devfs.
* Generic/apache-plugins have been modified to properly to report the
correct autoconf value. Also, bugfixes in _processes and _volume.
* Added new wildcard plugin linux/sensors_ that replaces the i2c plugins
* Made client timeouts configurable (not per plugin).
* Improved timeout-handling in node (Deb#224480).
munin (1.0.0pre2)
* Plugin mysql_queries bugfix from Dagfinn I. Mannsåker (SF#876443,
* FreeBSD-plugin load bugfix from Robert Lindgren (SF#865928).
* Fixed Node/run bug when changing groups.
* Added support for multiple groups to run the plugin as.
* Added support for optional groups.
* Munin-html: Added support for domain_order.
* Fixed pod typos patched by Lupe Christoph (SF#884092)
* Made Munin compatible with perl 5.005_03 (patch by Lupe Christoph)
* Removed sunos/io_-plugin (SF#882357)
* Bugfix, apache_processes now takes port numbers into account. (SF#882263)
* Changed wildcard plugin ps_ so it can use "env.regex" in plugin-conf.d/
* Made plugins apache_* compatible with older versions of LWP::UserAgent
* Bugfix in plugin mysql_queries - insertions were no longer graphed.
* Disabled plugins df and df_inode on Solaris (SF#882274).
* Make vmstat plugin more portable (SF#882352).
* Moved generic netstat to linux-dir, as it is too spesific. Added Solaris
version of the plugin as well. (SF#882354)
* Fixed bad debug output (forgotten linebreaks) in munin-node-configure
* Generic plugins now use printf instead of echo -n, as this is more
portable (SF#885564)
* Added a new plugin generic/multips to count several procs in one graph.
* More timeouts in munin-update (Deb#222674).
* Added max value to generic/vmstat plugin (Deb#225489).
* Bugfix in install-doc Makefile target (SF#884074).
* Code tidying in munin-graph (SF#884625).
* Added generic plugins ntp_ and ntp_states to manual family (SF#887000).
* Bugfix; munin-html wrote bad html, as reported by Adam Heath. (Deb#230322)
* Rewrite of linux/iostat by Mike Fedyk (Deb##223373,224113).
* Linux/cpu now graphs all values on a 2.6 kernel (Deb#227946).
* Added new plugins linux/nfsd and acpi, contributed by Alexandre Dupouy.
munin (1.0.0pre1)
* Renamed from LRRD to Munin.
lrrd (0.9.9r6)
* Added BSDish install-sh to make the installation work
on both BSD and SysV variants (SF#840744).
* Plugin linux/iostat modified. Now runs on 2.6, and now "mirrors" i/o like
eth* et al. (Deb#224113, Deb#223373)
* Lrrd-client: Don't try to change uid/gid if not running as root.
* Lrrd-graph: Only log graphing errors (== less cron-mail).
* Plugin linux/memory has been improved greatly by Mike Fedyk (Deb#223346)
* Some plugins fail more gracefully when using uninstalled perl modules.
* Lrrd-client-configure now prints the reason for suggesting to not use
a plugin, as long as the plugins gives one.
* Lrrd-client: Do a fake clean of the environment because of the taint
* Lrrd-client: added configuration option "ignore_file", which takes regex
for files to ignore (e.g. rpmnew/save) (Deb#224265).
* New plugin: Alexandre Dupouy contributed "hddtemp".
* New plugin: Nicolai Langfeldt contributed "bind9".
* Lrrd-server: dots supported in plugin names.
* New plugin: snmp wildcard plugin for interface graphing.
lrrd (0.9.9r5)
* lrrd-nagios: enable/disable notifications.
* Plugin: mysq_isam_space_ bugfix when printing "value".
* lrrd-client/lrrd-run: Two bugfixes.
* Change \1 to $1 to make lrrd-update shut up.
* lrrd-update: Fix bug with timeout handling of children.
lrrd (0.9.9r4)
* Plugin: changes from Mike Fedyk (Deb#222838, Deb#222841).
* lrrd-cron: Check if files are executable before runinng (Deb#221691).
* lrrd-update: Added max_processes variable.
* lrrd-update: No more zombies.
* lrrd-update: Better handling of dying children and timeouts. (Deb#222674)
lrrd (0.9.9r3)
* New plugins (contrib): postfix_mailqueue and named contributed
by Nicolai Langfeldt.
* New plugins (contrib): postfix_mailstats and postfix_mailvolume.
* make sure only legal configuration lines are written to
* lrrd-html: Minor bugfixes (fixes by Chan Wilson).
* lrrd-graph: Bugfix when aliasing fields (reported by Chan Wilson).
lrrd (0.9.9r2)
* minor bugfix - no noise about "extinfo".
* lrrd-graph: A couple of minor bugfixes.
lrrd (0.9.9)
* New plugin: sybase_space. Keeps track of sybase database space usage.
* New plugin: psu_ wildcard plugin, by Andras Korn (Deb#214210)
* Lrrd-client: addressed uid/gid-issues from Deb#214277
* Lrrd-update: client port number now configurable (Deb#214114)
* Squid-plugins: now rewritten to use new config format (Deb#214186)
* Lrrd-update: each node now has its own lockfile.
* Squid-plugins: Modified them to autoconf. Prettier graphs. Now auto.
* Lrrd-client: Don't mess with environment. Not my problem.
* Lrrd-client: host_name can now be set in the plugin configuration.
* Lrrd-client: plugin configuration format changed slightly.
* Lrrd-client: added parameter (conffile and cli) to turn paranoia on/off.
Default is now off. (Deb#214186, Deb#216401)
* New plugin for linux: entropy, graphs available entropy.
* Lrrd-client-configure: Remove "use" of Config::General (Deb#216176)
* SunOS-plugins: Enhancement submitted by Lupe Christoph. (SF#825937)
* SunOS-portability: Various bugfixes reported by Lupe Cristoph.
(SF#825909, SF#825911, SF#825926, SF#825936, SF#826670, SF#826356)
* FreeBSD-plugins: Bugfixing patches by Lupe Cristoph applied. (SF#826352,
* Lrrd-server: New format for server.conf.
* Mysql-plugins: Make mysqladmin/mysqlshow locations configurable.
* Plugins: New plugins by Lupe Cristoph (SF#834529, SF#826002, SF#835208)
* Lrrd-server: Only require installed Config::General if using old config
* Mysql-queries-plugin: rewritten by Per A. Buer.
* Lrrd-nagios: Be nice to Nagios, don't DOS it with thousands of services.
* Lrrd-client-configure: Check what to do with new plugins when upgrading.
* Plugins: contributions by Finn-Arne Johansen (SF#839210, SF#839212,
SF#839209, SF#842703, SF#845692)
* Lrrd-update: More graceful handling of dead hosts. (SF#841345)
* Plugins: graph_noscale redefined to graph_scale.
* New plugin surfboard contributed by Andrew Ryder.
lrrd (0.9.8)
* Plugin bugfix: Applied suggestion from Antti Salmela considering
plugins df and df_inode (SF#800984)
* Lrrd-update now forks off one process for each host, doing the data
downloading in parallel.
* Network timeout made configurable via both configuration file, and
command-line parameter. default increased to 180 seconds.
* Command-line option and configuration file option for not forking
* Added command-line option to show log lines on stdout as well.
* Lrrd-update bugfix: Move socket and pidfile to proper place.
* Lrrd-update bugfix: Now handles corrupt datafile properly.
* Plugin bugfix: mysql_isam_space now behaves properly when MySQL is
down. (Applied patch from Nicolas Francois resolving Deb#202637)
* Lrrd-client now runs with perl -T (taint checking).
* Lrrd-html bugfix. (Deb#205999)
* Lrrd-update bugfix, patch from Torstein Svendsen, alarm/sigalrm was
forgotten on a network read. (Deb#209329)
* Lrrd-update bugfix. Move all possible sigalrm-calls into eval-blocks,
to avoid hangs and segfaults. _Really_ fixes bug Deb#209329.
* Lrrd-client now drops privileges when running a plugin. The plugin is
run as user nobody, group nogroup/nobody as default. This can be
overridden in .../client.d/<plugin>.auth.
* Mysql-plugins can now use a config file. (Deb#202643)
* Bugfix in mysq_isam_space_ plugin. (Deb#202639)
* Plugins for FreeBSD 4.8 contributed by Patrick Domack (SF#802895)
* Plugin "swap" on Linux modified so it works on 2.6 as well as 2.4.
* Lrrd-client now uses conf/auth-file in .../lrrd/client-conf.d/. Passes
config options to clients via environment.
* Lrrd-graph bugfix: Cur/Min shown as 0 when using special_*.
* Lrrd-update now has "use_default_name"-option, for use when fetching data
from a client which may change name.
* Lrrd-plugin "memory" ported to perl. (Deb#205019)
* Added "--version" option.
* Added "graph_total" option, for summarising stacks
* Lrrd-graph now understands "graph_noscale true/yes/1", which drops scaling
of Cur/Min/Avg/Max numbers.
* New client program "lrrd-run" to run a plugin as the correct user.
* Lrrd-client minor bugfix; should now get ARGV after HUP.
* Lrrd-client-configure completely rewritten.
lrrd (0.9.7)
* Applied a patch from Don Armstrong which makes the server ignore invalid
* Massive changes in the Makefile to allow for more flexible installs.
* Hardcode as little as possible. Use @@foo@@ in the scripts, which will
be replaced with whatever 'foo' is set to in Makefile.config.
* Added some AIX plugins contributed by Mike Discenza.
* Merged the client and server changelogs into this one.
* Improved vlabel and title in the port_ wildcard plugin.
lrrd (0.9.6)
* First upload to the Debian archive, had to create an .orig.tar.gz.
lrrd (0.9.5-2)
* Bugfix: Resolved running-as-root-issue. (#695163)
* Bugfix: Resolved lrrd-nagios --force issue (#701671)
* Bugfix: Resolved lrrd-nagios --removeok --host issue (#701671)
* Bugfix: Resolved lrrd-html logo.gif and style.css-issue (#693939)
lrrd (0.9.5-1)
* Small bugfixes
* Bugfix: plugins lrrd_* now treats hostnames with dashes correctly
lrrd (0.9.3-2)
* lrrd-nagios now has a longer timeout.
* lrrd-html now creates much prettier html-pages.
* Pod-documentation for /usr/lib/server/lrrd-*, /usr/sbin/lrrd-cron, and
* lrrd-graph now understands <field>_special_sum and _stack.
* lrrd-graph now has extended syntax on graph_order-lines.
* Field type represented in filename of rrd-file.
* All fields in the .rrd-files now have the same name.
* lrrd-graph now reuses colours when there are a lot of fields.
* lrrd-nagios now reuses send_nsca handles.
* lrrd-update can now handle .extinfo-fields.
* lrrd-nagios can now handle .extinfo-fields.
* Bugfixes, continuing Tore's movment of files
* Parameterization of lrrd-*
* Installation script for tarball.
lrrd (0.9.3-1)
* New configtype
* Timeouts on server
lrrd (0.9.2-4)
* Added new node- and service-level option "update", which will replace
* Added new field-level option "graph", which will replace "skipdraw".
* Some plugins now have config-files: exim_mail*
* ps-plugin made faster (use pgrep instead of ps).
* Bugfix in 'iostat'-plugin.
* Added 'suggest' and 'autoconf'-parameters to the plugins.
* Removed startup check for lrrd-client on '<plugin> config'-output.
* "apt"-plugin rewritten for perl. It now uses .extinfo-fields.
* Install script for tarball.
* lrrd-client now understands --config --help --debug (then latter for
later use).
* Created pod-documentation for lrrd-client and client.conf.
lrrd (0.9.2-3)
* Bugfix; lrrd-nagios didn't treat 0-limits properly.
lrrd (0.9.2-2)
* Added graph_vlabel-option.
* lrrd-nagios: bugfix when specifying only a minimum warning or critical
* Proper timeouting also done when 'config'-command issued.
* Some clients now use 'graph_vlabel'-option.
* Comment changes in some plugins
* Bugfix in plugin: 'iostat config'
lrrd (0.9.2-1)
* Lazy-option to lrrd-graph.
Graphs will only be drawn when needed.
* Cleaned up the timeout code a bit.
lrrd (0.9.1-5)
* Attempt to set exim-variables in the exim_mail*-plugins at install-time,
in an attempt to avoid timeouts on high-load systems.
* Properly reap plugins that timeout (and their children).
lrrd (0.9.1-4)
* Bugfix. Numbers with decimals (e.g. load) and "U" are now allowed.
* Fixed bug in cronjob for apt
lrrd (0.9.1-3)
* Fixed small bug in lrrd-graph that caused some glitches in some
* Cronjob for apt
lrrd (0.9.1-2)
* Fixed a bug in lrrd-update that caused rrds not to be updated
* Small bug in apt-client
lrrd (0.9.1-1)
* All networkservices converted from bytes (B) to bits (b)
* More bugfixes
* Added cronjob to go with apt-service
lrrd (0.9-12)
* Bugfixes in templates
* More logging
* More intelligence in lrrd-nagios
* Cronjob to remove .ok files once a day
lrrd (0.9-11)
* Last small fixes with warning and critical-nagiosLast small fixes
with warning and critical-nagios
* Skipped a version to sync with server
* Included warning and critical on som of the services
lrrd (0.9-10)
* Fixed logging and logrotate
lrrd (0.9-9)
* More Nagios Support, now extracted into lrrd-nagios
* Fixed logging + logrotate
lrrd (0.9-8)
* Nagios-support
* Do not depend on libnet-io on woody (included in perl5.6)
lrrd (0.9-7)
* Fixing string under 19 characters
lrrd (0.9-6)
* We have to substr the other way
* Upping version number
lrrd (0.9-5)
* Bugfixes. New configfile
* Bugfixes in df-services added -P for posix standard
lrrd (0.9-4)
* Total rewrite of client
* Bugfixes. Memory service gargled
* Bugfixes. mailstat service gargled
lrrd (0.9-3)
* Adapt to new version of client
* Bugfixes to clients and a new configfile
lrrd (0.9-2)
* Fixed host_name
lrrd (0.9-1)
* The new version
lrrd (0.7-1)
* Total rewrite. Much prettier. Perl er brukt.
* Bugfix in postinst (make_html when upgrading).
* Lots of new lrrd-d-modules. Tuning and fixing.
* Debconf is out. Added searching for old-name config-files.
lrrd (0.6-8)
* Renamed mrtgd til lrrd.
* Daemon now runs lrrd.d-scripts properly.
* Added modules: load memory
lrrd (0.6-7)
* make_graph has proper colours.
* make_html creates a nicer index.html.
* Debconf in use.
* Minor bugfixes: init.d-restart
lrrd (0.6-5)
* make_html makes sure there's an index.html.
* Bugfix. Config-file now read earlier.
lrrd (0.6-4)
* Several bugfixes.
* Cron-entry now uses logfiles.
* Added config-file.
lrrd (0.6-3)
* Added debian-dependencies.
lrrd (0.6-2)
* Added monitoring for apache httpd daemons.
* The daemon now backgrounds itself.
* The init.d-script now "stop"s.
lrrd (0.6-1)
* Slightly tested. Going out.
lrrd (0.5-4)
* Now ready for production environments.
lrrd (0.5-3)
* Quite a few changes. Beginning to get ready for release.
lrrd (0.5-2)
* New test.
lrrd (0.5-1)
* Initial Release.
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