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Protocol for data exchange between daemon and client
Client commands:
- list [node]
Asks client to list all items available for query for
this host. If no host is given, default to host that runs
the munin-node
- nodes
List hosts
- config <query-item>
Asks the client for configuration items.
- fetch <query-item>
Fetches values.
- version
Print versionstring
List simply lists items available for gathering. E.g. load, cpu, memory,
df, et alia.
Config gives the basic configuration for an item. See the file
"README.config" for a full description.
Example outputs:
> config load
< graph_args --title "Load average"
< load.label Load
< .
> config memory
< graph_args --title "Memory usage" --base 1024
< used.label Used
< used.draw AREA
< shared.label Shared
< shared.draw STACK
< buffers.label Buffers
< buffers.draw STACK
< cache.label Cache
< cache.draw STACK
< free.label Free
< free.draw STACK
< swap.label Swap
< swap.draw STACK
Fetch fetches the actual values. Returned data fields:
- <field>.value
Numeric value, or 'U'. Required.
Example outputs:
> fetch load
< load.value 0.42
< .
> fetch memory
< used.value 98422784
< shared.value 1058086912
< buffers.value 2912256
< cache.value 8593408
< free.value 235753472
< swap.value 85053440
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