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Introducing Munin 1.4.0!
The most important features:
* Better scalability through:
- Multigraph plugins: One plugin, many graphs.
This makes it possible to graph switches (and other things) efficiently
In our test environment graphing one 16 port switch went from over 30
seconds to 3 seconds (please see snmp__if_multi and multigraph_tester
plugins for examples).
- Parallelized munin-graph (tunable number of processes)
- Nesting of groups to any depth:
"Conglomerate;US;New_York;Manhattan;6th-floor;" if you wish
- Slightly better templates
* Better security through TLS (SSL) session encryption and
certificates to authenticate masters and slaves.
* munindoc command to show plugin documentation. A majority of the
plugins are documented now - no need to read the code - in most cases ;-)
* New fab look on HTML pages, new graph colours with better contrast
* Better SNMP support: SNMP version 1, 2c and 3, all modes of authentication
are supported (but autoconfiguration of SNMP 3 is not quite there yet).
(only applies to "most" SNMP plugins: those that have been ported to
use Munin::Plugin::SNMP, some remain unported)
* "includedir" in munin.conf includes all files in that directory in the
* More than 100 new plugins since the 1.2 series
- Among them are a set of jmx based Java plugins to monitor JVMs.
- A new and better MySQL plugin patterned on the Cacti MySQL plugin
- PgSQL plugins based on generic Munin::Plugin::Pgsql module
- Asterisk plugins
- Netapp plugin
- And much more
* Slightly better "not Linux" support:
- More Solaris plugins. Solaris plugin names have been aligned with
the other platforms.
- Core programs should play nice on all flavours of AIX
- Nominal OS X ("darwin") support. (need someone to make a .img for us :-)
- Some HP-UX plugins have been contributed
- Good bunch of NetBSD plugins have been contributed
- Still support for FreeBSD :-)
- And many many other fixes
* Ever better documentation everywhere, not least our web/wiki pages
* More bugfixes, both in the core code and plugins, than you can shake
a stick at
* Plugins can specify colours and printf format
* Works well with RRD 1.3
* The project site has an exciting new url:
Other things you may want to know:
* munin-update and munin-node (and family) have been refactored and are
much nicer to hack now.
* CGI graphing remains "in BETA" but we now have a FASTCGI script too.
* You can find Munin 1.4.0 as source tar ball at sourceforge
* Available in Mandriva Linux Cooker
* Debian Experimental, expected to appear in Debian Unstable later.
* Expected in EPEL (Extra Packages for (Red Hat) Enterprise Linux) within
not too long.
* Will also appear in Ubuntu later.
If you are a packager please contact us and we'll list your
support/repository/whatever on our Wiki.
Full details in
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