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This is a pre-release checklist for the maintainer.
* is there any "FIX" in: ChangeLog, INSTALL, Announce?
* Is .htaccess installed?
* rm -f /etc/munin/plugins/*
Does munin-node-configure -d show any autoconf errors?
Does munin-node-configure --debug run nicely or do we get perl errors?
* Update plugins/
1. cd plugins
2. Figure out which r the previous tag was at and do this (r910 was
1.3.2 and r1234 is head)
svn --verbose log -r910:1234 | fgrep node.d | grep -w A |
cut -d/ -f 4- | sed 's/^node\.d\.//'
3. Check if the listed plugins are still present (or moved):
svn --verbose log -r910:1234 | fgrep node.d | grep -w A |
cut -d/ -f 4- | sed s'/(.*//' | xargs ls -ld >/dev/null
* Update ChangeLog
* cd ..; svn cp svn:// \
* Update RELEASE in the tag
* make tar
* Broadcast the good news:
1. make a sha256sum : sha256sum munin-version.tar.gz > munin-version.tar.gz.sha256sum
and sign it using gpg.
2. Upload the tar.gz on
3. Create a news on sf annoucing it
4. Update our front page
5. Create a new release on
6. Send an email to the ML
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