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# DISCLAIMER - 2.0 is not here yet. But things are slowly falling into place (such as this).
Introducing Munin 2.0!
The most important features:
* Even better scalability through:
- Full CGI integration. It is for graphing as well for html, if needed. It
is also completely compatible with FastCGI, that only compiles once per run.
- Binary state data files. This has enabled a really fast startup and
storing of state files. Quite useful in munin limits that does need to
access to the rrd files.
- Complete integration with rrdcached. Starting with RRD 1.4, there is an
update daemon. It enables batched updates, and therefore reduce the IO
down. Even with 1000+ files to update every 5 min.
- Large performance improvements on almost all munin's components
* Complete IPv6 integration.
- The master only require a new perl module (IO::Socket::INET6)
- The node needs a IPv6-patched Net::Server
* Native SSH transport
- No need to have a hairy setup anymore.
* Graph Zooming
- The UI is still raw, but right to the point.
* New look on HTML pages, new graph colours with better contrast
* IRC ( #munin @ OFTC ) has become a real support channel, mostly aimed at trunk.
* You can find Munin 2.0 as source tar ball at sourceforge
* Debian Experimental. Hopefuly in the next stable release
* Expected in EPEL (Extra Packages for (Red Hat) Enterprise Linux) within
not too long
If you are a packager please contact us and we'll list your
support/repository/whatever on our Wiki.
Full details in