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#!/usr/bin/perl -w
=head1 munin-every-services-all-boxes-build-html
This is a contributed program and is not installed by default or
tested in the release process. Install it in @@LIBDIR@@.
This script will generate a page, by services, with all hosts
included. handy if you want to watch memory usage on all of your
=head1 installation
add in munin-cron:
find @@HTMLDIR@@ -name "*.png" | @@LIBDIR@@/munin-every-services-all-boxes-build-html
[ -x @@LIBDIR@@/munin-html ] && nice find @@HTMLDIR@@ -mtime -30 -name "*.png" | @@LIBDIR@@/munin-every-services-all-boxes-build-html $@;
optional for find : -mtime -30 ; will ignore old files
mkdir @@LIBDIR@@/every-services-all-boxes
chown @@USER@@.@@GROUP@@ @@HTMLDIR@@/every-services-all-boxes
in @@CONFDIR@@/templates/munin-overview.tmpl:
<div class="box">
<a href=every-services-all-boxes>every services on all boxes</a>
=head1 TODO
use the proprer template system in munin, and munin-html to generate
the page, not just guessing it from the files
=head1 License
=head1 Authors / credits
8D Technologies
use strict;
my $munin_www='@@HTMLDIR@@';
my %host;
my %plugin;
my %domain;
my $htmlpluginfileindex="$munin_www/every-services-all-boxes/index.html";
open (IPF,">$htmlpluginfileindex") || die "cant open $htmlpluginfileindex : $!";
print IPF "<html><head><title>every services for all boxes</title></head><body><table>\n";
while (<>)
if (m|$munin_www/([\.\w]+)/([\.-\w]+)-([\.\w]+)-(\w+).png|)
my @prefered_plugins=("memory","swap","hddtemp_smartctl","sensors_temp");
foreach (@prefered_plugins,sort keys %plugin)
my $plugin=$_;
my $htmlpluginfile="$munin_www/every-services-all-boxes/munin-$plugin-all-boxes.html";
open (PF,">$htmlpluginfile") || die "cant open $htmlpluginfile : $!";
print PF "<html><head><title>$plugin all boxes</title></head><body><table>\n";
#print "plugin : $_\n";
print IPF qq|<a href="munin-$plugin-all-boxes.html">$plugin</a><br>|;
foreach (keys %domain)
#print "domain : $_\n";
my $domain=$_;
foreach (sort keys %host)
my $host=$_;
if ($host{$_} eq $domain)
#print "host in domain : $host\n";
# test existence here
if ( -f "$munin_www/$domain/$host-$plugin-week.png" )
print PF qq|<tr><td colspan=2><center> <a href="../$domain/$host.html">$host</a> <a href="../$domain/$host-$plugin.html">$plugin</a></center></tr></td>\n|;
print PF "<tr>\n";
print PF qq|<td><a href="../$domain/$host-$plugin.html"><img src="../$domain/$host-$plugin-day.png" alt="$plugin"/></a></td>\n|;
print PF qq|<td><a href="../$domain/$host-$plugin.html"><img src="../$domain/$host-$plugin-week.png" alt="$plugin"/></a></td>\n|;
print PF "</tr>\n";
print PF "<table></body></html>\n";
close PF;
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