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munin-2.0.3, 2012-07-24
A quite raw output of 'git shortlog' :
Christian Ruppert:
nginx_{request,status}: include Munin::Plugin to fix version identifier.
Christoph Biedl:
fix bug that disabled gfx CGI caching
Dan McGee:
Force usage of the DM5 Date::Manip backend
Don't remove when invoking build-common target
Expand list of filesystems excluded in Linux df_inode plugin
Daniel Kahn Gillmor:
slony_lag_: allow >1 subscribers
Diego Elio Petteno:
ifx_concurrent_sessions_: allow ps and pgrep to be in /bin as well as /usr/bin
build: only move adv files if building on HP-UX.
build: install TTF files as non-executables
config: respect LIBDIR override.
build: only install Java plugin files if JCVALID=yes
df: exclude cgroup_root filesystem type as well.
Add build-doc-stamp to .gitignore.
master: bring back checks for graph_strategy set to cron.
Jeremy Olexa:
config: make sure to translate correctly for C-locale only
Steve Schnepp:
fix munin-graph typo in opening $graph_fh
port multigraph_complex to pure POSIX shell
doc: add "supersampling" plugins
doc: adding supersampling section
doc: changing markup
use cgiurl_graph config in dynazoom.html
use environment var for rrdcached
revert to the same naming than 1.4.x
makefile: added a comment on LANG
node: only use basename for $0
Makefile: move default rule to be the 1st one
directly compile to output dir
git: ignore more build assets
Stig Sandbeck Mathisen:
Add documentation for writing a munin plugin.
Correct reStructuredText syntax warnings
Remove references we do not have targets for yet
Document the munin node
Add information about authorized_key hardening
restructure documentation, work in progress
Whitespace cleanup in the doc tree
Add munin-cgi-graph manpage
Add munin-cgi-html man page
Order the man pages alphabetically
Use correct reference
Set a max depth for the table of contents
Rename the graph aggregation directory appropriately
Write proper man pages, and ensure "make man" creates them
Add better description on the main index pages
Add a directory reference page
Remove plugin/aggregate, we have a replacement in examples/graph/aggregate
Clean up table of contents in reference/
Add "how to use plugins" page
Add munin-check man page
Add markup and links for the supersampling doc
munin-2.0.2, 2012-06-29
Summary :
* munin-graph can be called again from cron
* workaround "root" field name bug
* initial doc/ subdir. will be munin book
* emits percent in log about errors
* various bugfix
munin-2.0.1, 2012-06-10
Well, first bugfix release.
SCM has moved from svn to git.
Commits by luke, mwest, steve.schnepp, ssm
Summary :
* remove .storable files if they are unreadable.
* change version strings to match git workflow
* fix perms on state dir (D: closes #675593)
* swallow stderr in cmd and ssh transport
* remove the graph field in munin timings plugin
Major enhancements to munin-async :
* rename of the process names, it is now munin-async(d).
* implement automatic cleanup
* implement metadata, for the spool to be self-descriptive
munin-2.0.0, r4900, 2012-05-30
It is 2.0-rc7, code wise. Only edited the mandatory doc files
(Changelog, UPGRADING, ...)
Here is a very short summary :
* CGI graphing is the way to go as munin-graph is no more
* Native SSH transport
* Native IPv6 transport
* Full rrdcached support
* Graph zooming
* Arbitrary precision down to 1 sec (needs 2.0 plugins)
* Asynchronous polling support (still experimental)
Full summary is in Announce-2.0 and the detailed changelog is below,
scattered in the various pre-2.0 versions.
munin 2.0-rc7, r4882, 2012-05-23
Commits by kenyon, steve.schnepp, ssm
Summary :
* Fix regex when $serv has some "-" in it (like dm-2). Closes #1218
* munin-node: sets $PATH to a secure value. (Closes #863 and #1128)
* munin-cgi-graph: Add & to the list of "good" chars, since it is used in $ENV{QUERY_STRING} (D: Closes #674148)
* munin-limits: fix for UNKNOWN on DERIVE (Closes #1203, #1221)
* munin-limits: fix --host option
* munin-limits: fix on hosts with multiple levels of domains
munin 2.0-rc6, r4839, 2012-05-07
Commits by kenyon, knan, matthias, runesk, steve.schnepp, ssm
Summary :
* hddtemp_smartctl: just use the device name as the labels
* Update our website address in various files
* Add explicit license for all plugins. (D: Closes #670428)
Many bugfixes in munin-cgi-graph :
* If url parameters are not valid, send HTTP 404 instead of 500
* Remove the use of tempfiles. (D: Closes #668778)
* Move the generation of png via cgi under /var/lib/munin/cgi-tmp/ (D: Closes #668536)
* Don't cache URL with parameters anymore, and don't keep uncached URLs (D: Closes #668667)
* Validate the url chars. (D: Closes #668666)
* Add a max setting for cgi image size. (D: Closes #670811)
munin 2.0-rc5, r4795, 2012-04-11
Commits by kenyon, steve.schnepp
Summary :
* Adding the current action to the command line. Useful for debugging.
* Adding a new URL param full_size_mode to enable predictible IMG sizes
* Enable sparklines with the url param "only_graph"
* Start RRD just before first update. To avoid a very costly 1st update.
* Emit the hosts in a sorted order, instead of somewhat random.
* Do not emit png list if file handle is not defined. (D: Closes #666759)
* Add old option of --force-root, but with a new name. more explicit (D: Closes #601371)
* We dont generate the png list when using cgi html.
* Remove warning when asking "list" w/o a hostname (U: Closes #907952)
* Many bug fixes (Closes #967, #1210) (D: Closes #583189, #568511, #475078, #666759)
munin 2.0-rc4, r4770, 2012-03-24
Commits by holger
Summary :
* Fix important typo
munin 2.0-rc3, r4760, 2012-03-23
Commits by kenyon, steve.schnepp
Summary :
* Fix issue that CGI HTML doesn't refresh itself
* Fixed plugins to use the default draw style
* Also remove \r when reading config/fetch output. (works around bad behavior from munin-node-win32)
* Various plugins fixes (closes #798, #663965, #595697, #648891)
munin 2.0-rc2, r4709, 2012-03-09
Commits by kenyon, steve.schnepp
Summary :
* Import rrdmove into contrib/ as rrdcopy
* Revert the Munin::Common fix as it disturbs the deb build
* Various plugins fixes by kenyon
munin 2.0-rc1, r4638, 2012-02-07
Commits by kenyon, steve.schnepp
Summary :
* Fix Munin::Common (closes #1036)
* Document the fact that Munin needs at least Log4Perl 1.18 (closes #969)
* Colors can now also be specified by an index of the palette (closes #1186)
* Some plugins don't follow LC_ALL spec, so setting LANG=C also. (closes #1014)
* Rewrite of fw_conntrack and fw_forwarded_local (closes #843, #725)
* Various fixes & typos
munin 2.0-beta7, r4600, 2012-01-21
Commits by kenyon, mha, tv, holger, steve.schnepp
Summary :
* Spoolfetch uses _node_read_fast() now : 3MiB is now read in 2 s instead of 7 min.
* Fix for the images when browsing in 'categories' view to be clickable.
* Fixing the png generation, in order to have 1px per RRA sample. (closes #1184)
* Fix for nested nodes
* single_value is wrong for some multigraph, disabling it for now
* new plugin : (haproxy_ng multigraph plugin for haproxy)
munin 2.0-beta6, r4544, 2012-01-14
Commits by kenyon, mha, holger, steve.schnepp
Summary :
* Rewrote the timeout handling code. The default node timeout is now 1 min.
* Various bugfixes since 2.0b5
munin 2.0-beta5, r4508, 2011-12-7
Commits by knuthaug, ssm, bldewolf, tv, kenyon, janl, ligne, kristian, holger, steve.schnepp
Summary :
* Resurrecting munin-graph in a quite raw form
* Set max_process default to 16
* Small performance improvements
* Memory leak fixes (use weak reference for upper nodes)
* Spoolfetch enabled nodes may send nothing.
* Various code cleanups
* Various bugfixes since 2.0b3
munin 2.0-beta4, r4306, 2011-8-2
Commit by steve.schnepp
Summary :
* fix issue with cgi html
munin 2.0-beta3, r4256:4298, 2011-8-1
Commits by janl, ligne, steve.schnepp
Summary :
* HTML/CSS enhancements
* munin-async-* enhancements
* IPv6 enabled munin-node
* Small munin-html performance improvements
* Small plugins improvements
* Various bugfixes since 2.0b2
munin 2.0-beta2, r4199:4252, 2011-7-3
Commits by bldewolf, steve.schnepp
Summary :
* Full integration of Munin with rrdcached
* Fixed multigraph to be able to have multiple levels
* Using Storable instead of a binary DB
* Create a node.d.debug subdir
* Various other bugfixes since 2.0b1
munin 2.0-beta1, r4124:4199, 2011-5-29
Commits by bldewolf, feiner.tom, jo, jorne, kristian, ligne, mha, runesk, ssm, steve.schnepp
Summary :
* Avoid memory leaks in munin-cgi
* Enabling the generation of RRD with a different step size (eg: 10s instead of 5 min)
* Various other bugfixes since 2.0a2
munin 2.0-alpha2, r3856:4124, 2011-1-19
Commits by bldewolf, feiner.tom, janl, knan, ligne, mha, ssm, steve.schnepp, lupe, jorne
Summary :
* Huge performance boost
* munin-graph is over, cgi graphing only from now on
* Enabling CGI HTML with an reworked UI
* use a binary DB to store spoolfetch timestamps (fixes growing file bug in 2.0a1)
* documentation cleanup
Enhancements :
* Better node side timeout error message allowing things to be found out if needed
* Properly label the bgbouncer queries-per-second graph.
* Properly return undef when the SNMP client returns noSuchObject instead of setting an error.
* munin-node: Insert a reset_timeout() call to enable the master to get in a word in edgeways after a slow plugin has executed
* munin-html: Start using fork to save some wall-clock time. Option --fork us now active and max_html_jobs is recognized by munin-html as the maximum number of paralell processes.
* Actually recognize max_html_jobs as a config parameter
* Add the publication part
* Clean up Perl warnings due to use of undefined variables in two functions in
* looking at the Net::SNMP doco, -username cannot be '' (it must be between 1 and 32 characters).
* The time of munin-graph is over, cgi from now on
* since pollers are now being respawned if they fall over, the shutdown-spooler signal handlers need to be removed before starting any poller up.
* Cleanup of munin-cgi-graph:
- Make it log right
- Make it fast (now <0.1s pr graph on reasonable hardware)
- Remove $config deep copy, it is too expensive, we need to fix
expand_specials instead.
- BUG: Broke --pinpoint processing
* Munin::Master::Utils:
- Replace some often used REs with string matches for speed. Helped
speed up munin-cgi-graph quite a bit. Introduced munin_dumpconfig
to help debug the expand_specials issue
- Introduce munin_find_node_by_fqn to do faster lookups of things
to graph.
* Munin::Master::GraphOld:
- Restructure a bit to avoid double loading of $config (in
cooperation with munin-cgi-graph) and make it possible to pass
some graphing options (--only-fqn for example) in some new places.
- Propper logging the right way
- NOTE: All code relating to host and service filtering and looping
should be removed soonish - we're only using the FQN to find our
work now.
* Replacing 'echo -n', which is implementation-defined - with printf, which is posix
* munin-update: Add local URI scheme to enable running async collector directly on the master as this may somehow enable push-to master. Closes #981, thanks to jorne
* ALWAYS dumps the RRD cmd used when an error occurs when RRD::graphing
* Add some extra HTTP Response Headers
* JMX refactoring by Joachim Sauer
* add some external tools to ease a Storable datafile
* Enabled multigraph capabilities for the munin-async-server
* Re-work filtering in linux df plugin to be much more flexible.
* Force lpstat to C locale instead of EN_us.
Various bugfix (not exhaustive) :
* ${graph_period} substitution should happens in graph_title & fieldname (closes #881, thx stavros)
* bugfix for mkpath on 5.8.8 (closes #992) -- thx Matthew Kent
* fixes #991 (munin-update constantly thinks config has changed), thx mkent
* Better checks for undefs in munin-limits (#973)
* IPMI plugin now graphs power usage as well (#954)
* Fix swap usage numbers in the sunos memory plugin (#696)
* Make exim_mailstats plugin behave properly after initialisation (#985)
* Fixed a bug where all services in a category were colored when a service had a warning or critical state
* Clean up field names in the bonding_err_ plugin on linux (#962)
* Cosmetic cleanups in snmp__if_multi plugin (#1008)
* The snmp__if_multi plugin now makes proper use of 64bit counters if available (#1006)
* The linux plugin selinux_avcstat now uses integers instead of floating points (#1005)
* freebsd/coretemp - rrd doesn't do celsius/fahrenheit
* Fix autoconf in the nfs_client plugin for linux nodes (#1015).
* Fix issues with plugin names with - in them.
* Make linux df plugin not die when it encounters a mountpoint it can't access (#940)
* snmp__df - avoid division by zero
* gets it working for net-snmp snmpd on a ubuntu 10.04 lts desktop with fuse mounts
* Fix up Solaris's if_ plugin.
* Low max_processes leads to hosts being skipped (closes #990) -- thx Matthew Kent
* Make the mysql_ plugin better at parsing innodb output (#956)
* Change call to mkpath to call to Utils module, resolving an issue with old perl (ticket #992)
* snort_* : merge fix from branch 1.4 to trunk
New plugins :
* add plugin : snmp__df_ram plugin
* add plugin : PostgreSQL 9.0+ streaming replication lag
* add plugin : linux/proc - for graphing information about groups of processes.
Removed plugins :
No one was disappointed :-)
munin 2.0-alpha1, r3400:3856, 2010-7-14
Commits by bldewolf, feiner.tom, janl, knan, ligne, mha, ssm, steve.schnepp
* Enhanced CGI (CGI::Fast, direct call to, cgitmpdir)
* Ability to zoom in or out graphs
* fixed comparison pages in CGI mode as (closes #831)
* hostname checks are case in-sensitive now : every hostname is converted to
lowercase before use (closes #450)
* Implementation of dirtyconfig (fixes #836), upgraded df plugin as an example.
* custom format, per field/plugin, for graph_data_size
* Add update_rate with optional "aligned" suboption to align RRD updates
to granularity (avoids fractional for integer gauges)
* SSH native transport (closes #842)
* handle the last line of multiline options (fixes #855)
* modify how varnish_ autoconf checks for the varnishstat executable. (closes
* use STDERR if cgi cannot open logfile (closes #874)
* Add comments to the extremely long regexes in the sensors plugin.
Many thanks to Noga Gazit for the patch adding the comments! (attached in
debian bug
* Fix sensors plugin parsing of Voltage, which needs to allow for whitespace
at the begnining of the line. Debian bug:
Thanks to Arthur Liu for the patch!
* load $config once when using FastCGI, use Storable::dclone to deepclone the
$config, in order to make .sum work again (see #894) (thx Jani M.)
* Remove iso-8859-1 degree character from the example output from sensors,
as it is ran with LC_ALL=C
* prevent a spike in the graph after Amavis is restarted. Thanks to claudius
for the patch. (closes #889)
* set Net::Server's syslog_ident parameter, so log lines have 'munin-node' as
the process name, rather than the significantly less useful 'net_server'.
closes #789
* fix warnings when running under certain versions of perl, caused by
exporting an undefined variable to the environment. thanks to Aleksandar
Lazic (al4711) for the patch. (closes #896)
* fix bug where snmp__netstat plugin can massively undercount the number of
* add a $Munin::Plugin::SNMP::DEBUG variable, which is an alias for
$Munin::Plugin::DEBUG, so that SNMP plugins can automatically have debugging
turned on when MUNIN_DEBUG environment variable is enabled.
* update snmp__rdp_users plugin to use M::P::SNMP, and document it.
* node.d/df* minor spring cleaning
* processes plugin - implement autoconf
* Add --pidebug to munin-node-configure. If PIDEBUG isn't defined,
Node/ complains about uninitialized values.
* Fix TLS, resolving several bugs.
* Uptime should not scale, as it makes it hard to read after 1000 days of
uptime. Thanks to Wakko Warner for noticing this (
* strip the carriage return on the end of the capabilities list, if it exists.
needed when debugging using telnet. closes #902.
* Add plugins to monitor prepared transactions in PostgreSQL
* Add a authors file for the buggers that use svn-git
* add an experimental test script, that checks the POD sections embedded in plugins (as used by munindoc).
* remove dependency on perl-5.10. (munin tries to be 5.8 only)
* fixes on mysql_isam_space_
* extend M::N::SNMPConfig to support SNMPv3 scanning.
* munin-async-[client|server]. A proxy for async polling of the localhost's munin-node
* defer JCVALID evaluation to runtime, since $(JC) can be redefined later in a
specific Makefile.config. The core Makefile.config serving as a
Makefile.default in this case.
* delete some obsolete tests.
* Remove Bashism - Thanks to Raphael Geissert for pointing this out (
* Adding a pure debugging munin-node
* enable vectorized multiple-time updates
* upgraded README to new website
* get rid of unused variables, and needless initialisations.
* first draft of a perlcritic policy.
* Always start RRD 10 years ago to be able to spoolfetch in them. Otherwise we can only rewrite 10s of history.
* more tests for m-n-c internals.
* start to turn Munin::Node::Service into a "proper" class, rather than a bunch of static methods.
* Include the name of the database in the graph title for PostgreSQL
wildcard graphs.
* start to migrate munin-run to instance-based M::N::Service
* update munin-node to use a M::N::Service instance.
* add $Id$ keywords where missing.
* allow # characters to be included in config files, as long as they're preceded by a backslash
* avoid spamming the logfile with debug messages.
* create a directory for storing spool files.
* spoolfetch support for M::N::Server.
* $logfile was being redefined, causing problems during autoconf.
thanks to Lupe Christoph for the patch. fixes #930.
* Addition of munin-sched
munin 1.4.4, r3276,3379, 2010-2-26
* Localization problem in 1.4.1 (closes #781)
* Sort plugin configuration file order. This ensures some predictability
regarding where a configuration setting comes from when multiple files
specify the same configuration variables.
For details, see debian bug
* munin-cgi-graph*: cgi semaphore fix, hopefully cures #834
* Munin/Master/ sum+colour fix (closes #731)
plugin to connect to a separate munin-node (or other daemon speaking the
munin-node protocol) and fetch values from there.
* munin-update: Fix config line continuation hadling
* Add patch from munin ticket #828, to suppress "occasional" unknown states
to avoid alerts. Thanks to Steve Wilson for the patch!
* proxy_plugin: New proxy plugin, that makes it possible for a single Munin
* jmx/Uptime: decimal days, not integer - closes #815
* nvidia_: fix suggest
* linux/vserver*: fix autoconf exit codes
* linux/ip_: RE fix to be able to match IPv6 addresses
* linux/selinux_avcstat: New plugin from Lars Strand showing selinux stats
Taken from Muninexchange. Thanks to Lars!
* linux/lpar_cpu: A plugin to measure IBM PPC hardware virtualization logical
partition CPU usage (made for the platform once called OpenPower)
* varnish_: backend_unhealthy is a DERIVE value, note that canonical upstream
is the varnish project
* Add simfs" to linux df* plugins ignore list
* linux/buddyinfo multigraph plugin by Gábor Gombás
* Remediate patches from Gentoo that never came upstream.
Prevents possible output on stderr in plugin linux/iostat_ios and corrects
linux/fw_forwarded_local to handle a missing /proc/net/ip_conntrack
linux/fw_forwarded_local: need to dereference the _conntrack_file variable
* linux/diskstats: Upstream update, closes #838 #835 #837
* linux/ip_: Better matching of IPv6 addresses. Use a single awk command
instead of a mix of awk and grep.
* mysql_: fix graph_base error (Closes #840) Patch from Gábor Gombás
* mysql_: plugin suggests wrong values (closes #857)
* linux/selinux_avcstat - exit 0 on autoconf
* linux/tcp: Add contributed plugin from Tim Small
* linux/df_abs: multiple filesystem excludes do not work in df_abs
Thanks to Daniel Reichelt for the patch!
* snort*: Add documentation and minor updates
* multips_memory: correct printing out raw fieldname,
instead of clean_fieldname, documentation updates
* linux/df_abs: Added configuration option to df_abs to Enable/Disable the
graph total (The default is on). Thanks to Daniel Reichelt for the patch,
submitted at - adapted, tested
and documented by Tom Feiner
* snmp__if_multi: Add env.ifTypeOnly filtering, fix multiple buglets
* mailman: Corrected incorrect use of $MUNIN_PLUGSTATE in mailman plugin
* amavis: Change amavis mktempfile function to run with backticks instead of
$(command) as it doesnt work correctly piping to sed
* exim_mailstats: exim_mailstats doesnt count Completed properly.
Thanks to Wakko Warner for noticing this in
* Deprecated tomcat plugins: Fix in to work properly when only one connector
is availabe
* postfix_mailstats: Fix shell->perl syntax in perl plugin
* apt: update description with a pointer to apt_all
* jmx/GCCount - fix negative counts on jvm restart (closes #852)
* ping_: fix obvious typo (closes #854)
munin 1.4.3, r3232:3274, 2009-12-30
* linux/diskstats: New multigraph plugin to replace diskstat_ - more
tidy and more efficient. Thanks to Michael Renner for the
deveopment of this and porting to multigraph
* linux/cpuspeed: Specify "average" for the speed, switch to printf to
get numbers printed in full, E notation looses significant digits
and there are whispers of a bug in the E notation handling in
* Make munin-update --nofork not die when nodes are unavailable. Closes #800.
* hddtemp_smartctl: Multiple enhancements:
- document how to set type_ for sata drives
- document need to run as a user with device access
- Support some debugging
- detect if smartctl fails
- detect if no recognized temperature output is present
* lpstat: Warn if the predefined $lpstat executable is not executable,
Make lpstat path configurable and search for it in likely places if
it's not set. Patch from Lupe - thanks! Closes #826.
* dhcpd3: Only emit .max if the .max is valid. Document a bug from
the trac - adresses but doe not close #829. Patches for a complete
fix welcome.
* More specific test for watermark feature (1.2.13 required)
* Make 0755 default permissions for $DBDIR and make consistent in
Makefile and munin-check
* Fix issue where far too many mails would be sent by munin-limits
(fixes #795)
* munin_stats: Fix a typo in the "no"-message that made
munin-node-configure reject it.
* linux/yum: Enhance statefile error message. Update to use M::C::Defaults
* linux/vserver_*: Add autoconfiguration (patch from #811 submitted by
proppy, closes ticket).
* munin-update: Make true check into defined check to avoid dereferencing undefs
* Munin::Plugin:
- Better documentation of new default state file name.
- In need_multigraph, if run from a tty with "config" or no arguments
advice to use munin-run and exit.
* mailman: User contributed patch to make plugin work better the first
time. Also replaced "exit $n" with "die" with good error messages.
Untested but perl says syntax ok.
* hddtemp_smartctl: Added chomp, as it won't work with a newline at
the end. Thanks to Ingvar Hagelund for pointing this out
* munin-update: Suppress warning "Error reading includedir directory"
in case the includedir is empty (which is the case in new
installations. This caused cron to send these messages all the time
* Munin::Master::GraphOld: warn_min/warn_max typo fix
munin 1.4.2, r3167:3231, 2009-12-16
* Munin::Plugin::Pgslq: Clean the fieldnames before returning them, so
we don't generate invalid data with for example a dash in the
database name.
* jmx_: Add authentication support, fix exceptions in various memory
related parts, refactor connection negotiation to one central
connection class, add default connection info for jmx_, so we
actually are a bit autoconfy
* munin_update: Update to work correctly with 1.4, document and enhance a bit
* munin_stats: Provide better graph_info and set some warning and
critical levels at 4 minutes and 4m45s
* Improove colors contrast in jmx plugins which have Max area, to make
them more readable + fix some indentation
* ntp_offset: make info into graph_info
* Munin-(node|run): Make group name resolution lazy, enhance error
messages and reinstate the group foo,(bar) syntax
* munin-(node|run): Set umask to 0002 so that state files are group writable
INSTALLERS: chmod g+w on the files in your state directory
(/var/opt/munin/plugin-state in a default install)
* multips_memory: New plugin graphing the sum of the memory usage of
different processes matched by regular expression.
* Perl modules should not have x bit set: Remove on *
* munin-update: Make I/O timeout fatal to terminate
munin-update<->munin-node communication otherwise the two parties
falls out of phase (or we need to introduce a RESET command or close
and reopen node connection, but I don't want to do that, esp. not
now). Handle the fallout of making it fatal.
* linux/load and linux/cpu: Correct warning/critical documentation
* postgres_querylength_: Fix query that can never have worked...
* Switch fonts to DejaVuSans og DejaVuSansMono. Vera is now obsoleted
by DejaVu in most contexts.
INSTALLERS: On platforms with RRD 1.3 the fonts need not be removed
and no paths need to be installed as long as the DejaVuSans font
family is installed.
* Reorder somewhat to get lines on top of areas
* Patch from blueyed to make munin-*cgi-graph work
* snmp__if_multi: Only set .max if the interface speed has been obtained
* mysql_: always exit 0 on autoconf
* dhcpd3: re-fix deprecated non-0 exit on autoconf
* add freeradius plugins from Alan DeKok and adapt better for munin-trunk
* linux/df_inode: Small pod correction and add debugfs to df_inode exclude list
* linux/df: Added debugfs to exclude list
* Apache plugins: Exit with proper error of LWP::UserAgent not
found. This can happen if someone configured the plugin manually, or
if the plugin is installed when LWP::Useragent is installed and
passes autoconf, but sometime later LWP::Useragent is
removed. Without this patch the error message is confusing: Cant
locate object method "new" via package "LWP::UserAgent" This also
keeps autoconf output sane even if LWP::Useragent is not available
* linux/ip_: Actually support ipv6. Munin does actually handle : in
plugin names right
* make rpm does not work and won't work. Remove makefile target and
spec file. Might be added back later.
* There are no new autoconfiguring plugins in this release.
munin (1.4.1, r3116:3166, 2009-12-04)
* munin-node: Introduce a select loop to read from plugin
output/errors and avoid locking up
* munin-node: Plugins that time out must not be added to service list
* Looked into making sunos/memory use kstat but that's a hack of more
than 30 minutes, so document dependence on top instead
* hddtemp_smartctl: make it quiet on systems that lack smartctl
* sunos/iostat plugin now works
* linux/load: Correct documentation on how to set warning levels
* sunos/load: Set more graph_ things, including graph_scale no to
avoid "milliload"
* Update exim_mailqueue plugin to use exiqgrep instead of exim, closing #780
* sunos/df*: Add handling of /cdrom and /media mount points (ignore them)
* M::M::Utils: Remove the "*BUG*", it is wrong and worrisome
* linux/df*: Reinstate the warning and critical levels. Document how
to set them.
* munin-graph: Correct ordering problem in command-line.
AREA|LINE/STACK sequences must not be interrupted by HRULEs and
such (broke graphing of old cpu plugins)
* munin-graph: warning lines without range endpoint gets better detection.
* linux/df: Reinstate the default filesystem filling limits. Document how to
set them.
* linux/if:
* Munin::Plugin: Support default values for warning and critical levels.
* munin-*cgi-graph: Untaint the whole hostname, not only the first
occurance of something unholy
* Munin-*cgi-graph: Let "." be legal in hostnames.
* munin-graph: Recognize "max_graph_jobs" in the configuration instead
of logging errors
* Also add munin_cgi_graph_jobs to the legal keywords
* make tar now produces munin-$VERSION instead of using underline between
* linux/if_: This change prevents the linux if_ plugin, when run as
non-root, from leaking stderr output from ethtool to the log.
* postfix_mailstats: MUNIN_PLUGSTATE is an environment
variable. Thanks to pkhamre for reporting this.
* linux/fw_forwarded_local: check for readability with test rather than cat.
* Fixes to Announce-1.4.0
munin (1.4.0, r3033:3115, 2009-11-27)
* Give the docs a once-over and update ChangeLog
* Update plugins.history
* Mention Aleksey Studnev in jmx_ doc
* Merge patch from debian bug where
netstat plugin counts \"active connections rejected because of time
stamp\" as active connections, because of a lax regex
* amavis plugin: Minor pod fix
* Add snmp__print_(pages|supplies) printer plugins
* jmx_: nitpicks
* Fix #739: Perl error message only appears when there are no plugins
on any nodes, so check that and LOGCROAK in a helpful way
* munin-update: Change LOGCROAK to WARN for munin includedir missing
or empty
* Munin-node-configure --snmp: modify host enumeration code so
hostnames that are passed in aren't indiscriminately converted to
IPs. only works with plain hostnames, not CIDR.
* Remove Log::Log4perl TRACE level use since that requires a too new
* Munin::Plugin::SNMP: Added support for env.timeout for SNMP sessions
* Add and extend the UPGRADING doc
* Remove reliance on the very newest Getopt::Long version, update docs
* linux/files_: fix slightly odd usage of awk. the warning and
critical thresholds are static, so they can just be echoed along
with the rest of the config.
* Postgres plugins: Correct pod from Munin::Plugins::Pgsql =>
Munin::Plugin::Pgsql (singular plugin, instead of plural)
* Munin::Plugin::Pgsql: Correct plugin configuration
documentation section
* Correct the generic crontab install command
* Typo fixes in docs
* Munin-node: Provide a different statefile for each master. Helps
prevent plugins that rely on their state-file from reporting
incorrect data when used on a plugin that is polled by multiple
masters. It uses the master's IP address, so it won't work if they
are both behind the same NAT gateway, for example.
set_state_name() in Munin::Plugin is also modified to behave in a
similar manner.
Additionally exports $MUNIN_STATEFILE into each plugin' environment,
so that all plugins can partake thereof. Should be useful to
plugins written in languages other than Perl.
* Update 1.4 documentation
* Munin::Plugin: fix $Munin::Plugin::DEBUG. it wasn't being set
(lexical variable $DEBUG was being set in its place). change from
"use vars" to "our" for all the externally-accessible variables, to
make it clearer what is going on. + fix indentation
* munin-limits: Check if $children is undef before using it as a array
reference. Fixes #762
* snmp__if_multi: Call "need_multigraph" function to avoid working
under the wrong circumstances
* dhcpd3 plugin: Critical and warning limits added. Some cleanup and
minor fixes.
* Munin::Plugin: straight port of the multigraph assertion sub from
* netbsd/sensors_: according to
<>, graph_vtitle
has been superseded by graph_vlabel.
* a few more tests for Munin::Common::Config.
* linux/fw_(packets|conntrack): check for readability not existence
bail properly if /proc/net/snmp cannot be opened.
* Fix #758: Enhance and fix error propagation, fix exception handling,
fix sub-process waiting/reaping, and finaly print old config data
for failed nodes in a working way (probably worked before, but I
broke it when I retooled how old_service_configs is read)
* Munin::Master::ProcessManager: Correct the join command, which
resulted in not printing the firewalled host - now it does :)
* Returning iostst* to family auto, and moving diskstat_ to manual,
until we have multigraph support added to diskstat leaving diskstat
in auto without multigraph creates 3 graphs per disk, and on multi
disk machines this makes the main html quite heavy
* Uncomment includedir /etc/munin/munin-conf.d in, and
make sure Makefile creates the directory at install time
* add some tests for Munin::Common::Config.
* Munin::Common::Config: populate the valid keyword hash directly,
rather than through an intermediate array.
* linux/diskstat_: Remove fake_munin_plugin, as we know we include
Munin::Plugin , no need to fake it :)
* munin-node.conf: only specify setsid once in the config file
* squid_traffic: hit_kbytes_out needs to be converted to bits, as with
the other data series. fixes Munin ticket #761 and Debian bug
557385 <>.
thanks to Samuel Leon <> for the patch.
* Prepare announcement of 1.4.0
munin (1.4.0-beta, r2982:3032, 2009-11-21)
* ejabberd_: Fix some documentation and other problems, move to
generic plugin directory (not Linux specific software)
* No .t files in the TAGS file!
* munin-update: Make rrd files even if the DS label evaluates to false
in perl (e.g., foo.label 0)
* bind9: Parse query logs with view information. Closes #661
* linux/ip_: Avoid matching x.x.x.2 with x.x.x.24. Fix is "obviously"
correct and has only been syntax checked
* linux/ip_: Document that we won't support rule matching on the "any"
firewall framework
* linux/cps_ (LVS) plugin fixed by incurporating patch in #636. Not
tested beyond a syntax/autoconf test
* bind9_rndc: Parse BIND 9.6 stats output.
* exim_mailqueue: Add documentation about user required to run plugin and
modidy AWK script as the default action is to print the whole line, which
was done...
* Various fixees to various plugins
* sunos/iostat: New plugin showhing I/O thruput on Solaris
* exim_mailstats: count the number of received, rejected and completed
emails using regexes rather than substr(). fix for ticket #698.
also suppress stderr when fetching the log_file_path, remove some
unnecessary code, improve error when the logfile is unreadable, and
tidy up here and there.
* dev_scripts/install: add install-plugins-prime to the targets run
during a standard install. makes working on plugins rather easier,
since a full, slow, salted-earth reinstall isn't required.
* postfix_mailstats: remove processing of rotated logfiles, as decided
in ticket #631. also includes a bit of tidying, and descriptive
error messages when bailing rather than relying exclusively on exit
status. i don't have a postfix server to hand, so this is not
exactly well tested...
* Plugin execution: remove undefined elements from the plugin command
passed to exec. this fixes the underlying problem the yum plugin
was encountering earlier.
* linux/yum: change yum plugin so it ignores defined-but-empty
arguments. makes fetch work again.
* munin-graph: Re-introduce line continuation in the rrdtool graph
command debug output
* Make munin_graph immune to redundance in graph_order field
* M::M::Config: Enhance a error message to include input line number
* linux/fw_conntrack: Let there be a total.value even if the input is empty
* linux/diskstat_: Document problem with multiple masters
* overview template: Remove COMPARE links as we will not be able to make them
correct in any reasonable timeframe. The datastructure we have now does
not support that O:-)
* munin.conf.pod: Removed the list of example required parameters
configurations from munin.conf man page, as they are not required
anymore, instead moved them to the explanation section for each
parameter, showing the default
* linux/iostat: Changed to manual, as they are replaced by the new
diskstat_ plugin by Michael Renner
* linux/threads: make a little less racy (and a tiny bit more
efficient to boot). it's still not perfect, because even now
there's a gap between the shell expanding the glob and grep getting
round to reading the files, but at least it complains less.
* log anything that plugins print to stderr. also sends a brief
message back to the server explaining what went wrong. fix for
ticket #582.
* munin-graph: Stop trying to copy cdef when aliasing fields in
graph_order -- 1.2 doesn't do that.
* Changing munin.conf.pod, munin-cron.pod to Adjusting Makefile accordingly. Closes #753
* munin-node: Do "next" on weird filenames not "return" so that we
read all plugin config files
* favicon for all templates. Refactored the finding of the root path
and css name in the process. Added tests for get_root_path
* modify how nested timeouts are handled, as discussed with janl.
this fixes the bug whereby a connection to munin-node would be
unexpectedly terminated if a plugin took more than 10 seconds to
run, regardless of whether this was allowed by the plugin
* Catch problems if someone forgot a "address <IP>" or "update no" -
and make it plain in the error message.
* Use_node_name should default to "no". Closes #757
* Clearify munin_set_var_loc error message so we know what value is
set illegaly
* munin-node: Improve error reporting during startup by sort of
merging it with _run_service(). move the eval to the very top of
the event loop so as to avoid interfering with the session timeout.
* linux/fw_conntrack: Now works in 2.6, closes #532, thanks :-)
* Added ejabberd contrib plugin, moved from debian patches
munin (1.4.0-alpha2, r2899:2981, 2009-11-13)
* set obsoleted tomcat_* plugins to family=manual
* smart_ - fix autoconf yes and suggest empty
* openvpn and misc ntp_* plugins: fix some nonzero autoconfs
* mysql_: fix autoconf for missing Cache::Cache
* zimbra_: fix autoconf when missing perl modules
* Fix brokem munin-cgi-graph, which was : missing : --list-images param
for munin-graph, a missing chomp($file), and a wrong path to the
generated png. Also fix HTMLOld passing an array ref instead of an array
* a bit more debug output for the node server -- note which node each
plugin is associated with, and whether it requires multigraph.
* report when plugins are being ignored due to errors when they were
being configured. not very detailed, but better than nothing. also
delete them from the list of plugins, so they're not included in the list.
* Munin-node: fix logic in _suggested_links():
+ never return any suggested links when the plugin shouldn't be installed.
+ correctly handle SNMP plugins whose only wildcard parameter is the host.
(thanks to janl for spotting this was broken.)
* Add proof of concept snort plugins
* snmp__if_multi: Update to acutuall implementation of multigraph and some
further testing and corrections
* INSTALL: Update w.r.t. support for SNMP v3
* munin.conf: Correct "includedir" example
* postfix_mailqueue: Fix autoconf for the negative case, pretty sure it
still works for the positive case O:-)
* Fix various autoconf problems with slapd and ifx plugins
* mysql_* plugins: Now obsoleted by new mysql_ plugin. Set family=manual
* Asterisk_* plugins: None of these support autoconf so remove magicmarker
* HTML: Border on graphs in critical and warning state for nodeview.
Comparison views (hopefully) to follow
* M::M::Utils: End the pod section with =cut, so that the last line,
# vim: syntax=perl ts=8 wont slip into the man page
* M::M::ProcessManager: documentation typo fix
* bind9_rndc: reinstate @@PERL@@ substitution marker, which broke in r2958
* Get the BIND logfile's size before rndc is run, rather than taking a
guess at where it might have been. Fix for #746, thanks to guillomovitch
for the patch.
* Clean up a typo, add use strict, use warnings to all 3 apache_* plugins,
add an info explanation for apache_accesses
* HTML: munin-serviceview: add column header on 6th column in legend table
* M::M::HTMLOld: removes underscore from top navigation element describing
the plugin name for the service page emission. you know for the visual
* HTML: added variable to set the text for the dropdown for each of the
template emitting functions.
* Refactoring templates into partials (with include) to avod a lot of
duplication. There is some left. Better look on the legend table for
service-biew and dropdown with 'other' links with config
value. Default is 1 at the moment. Makefile adds install steps for
new partial folder
* M::M::UpdateWorker: Typo--;
* linux/df_inode: vfat doesn't have any inodes either.
* More documentation of plugins
* Graphs: Fix cur: values for .stack and .sum.
* Graphs: ADDNAN in expand_specials cdefs
* Remove .label requirement on .stack fields.
* Changed munin_stats to check for
$Munin::Common::Defaults::MUNIN_LIBDIR/munin-update existance +
executable in order to autoconf it as previously it checked for the
existance of the munin master logs, which did not exist in a clean
installation. Also added a check + extinfo message in case any of the
log files are not readable
* Fix copying of subhashes (#%#parent was broken in old version). Fixed
various issues in a couple of programs.
* M::M::ProcessManager: clarify what the numbers at the end of the log
message mean.
* M::P::SNMP: for some reason, Net::SNMP doesn't consider 'No Such
Object' to be a real error. Handle better in get_single.
* linux/ip_: Use env.hostname to replace ip-number in graph_title.
* pm3users_ : we can do colour now
* ipmi_sensor_ - fix autoconf for missing ipmitool
* M::M::Config: Handle continued lines (ending in \)
* M::M::GraphOld: Comment out utime call that interferes with rrd's
--lazy option
* M::M::Node: A missing .label isn't as fatal as all that. Insert a
value and supply .extinfo to explain more
* Make the linux/diskstat_ plugin work better w/o root access,
document a bit better
* Remove obsolete nagios specific munin-limits commands from crontabs all over.
* M::M::Update: Load datafile relative to the configured dbdir, not
the default dbdir
* squeezebox_: Various enhancements
* M::M::Node: More specific location of the missing label from the config output
* M::M::LimitsOld: Forgot to actually make this into a exporter
module. Thanks to Kevin Fenzi for pointing this out
* mysql_ plugin: Update vlabels for concistency
* Give the BIND plugins a graph_category as pointed out in email by Rado Rovny
* Update mysql_ plugin from upstream
* Get rid of from the installation (closes #742)
* INSTALL: More modules, and a section on using CPAN-shell
* Implement dropdown boxes for peers when there are more than
"dropdownlimit" number of peers. Implemented for all views except
overview, which is a special kind of, ehm, view. Also removes
underscores from names for graph peers to clean them up a bit
munin (1.4.0-alpha, r1560:2898, 2009-11-06)
* squeezebox_: Changes to support several players
* smart_: Exit 0 on autoconf as the doctor ordered
* Make munin-graph recognize --help
* Quite a bit of work on error messages and log messages
* munin_stats plugin: Accept logdir setting from plugin-conf.d
* processes and linux/proc_pri plugins: Add vlabel
* Handle domain_order as group_order.
* Sort peers properly (fixes #577)
* Fix handling of group_order and node_order (partial fix for #579)
* Munin-update: soften up the protocol error handling a bit
* Make munin-html tolerate --nofork - even if it has no effect. Document.
* mysql_ plugin: Fix "suggest" bug
* Add multigraph_tester plugin to test (and show off) multigraph features
* Add extinfo_tester plugin for developer aid
* Make use_node_name work again (fixes #739)
* One single instance of "includedir" in munin.conf is now obeyed to
implement a "drop directory" for munin-master configuration.
Example in munin.conf
* Add python-plugin OO framework as python-plugin
* Make M::M::Logger a bit more subtle about warnings when the logs are not
open (so that they appear somewhere instead of nowhere)
* Update plugin configuration for varnish_
* Make notifications work again
* munin.conf: Set HTML and CGI dir consistently
* Added new mysql_ by Kjell-Magne Øierud plugin, document origin, and
sentence the others to exile (family=contrib)
* Fix "make/make install" problems, document the other
* Change <img> framing a bit to allow coloured frames (once the templates are updated)
* Add multigraph support to all programs in the munin-suite
* mysql_innodb plugin: The "new way" of detecting InnoDB free space was changed
in 5.1.24, add a case to compare correctly.
* linux/bonding_err_: it's a counter not a gauge
* Perltidy quite a bit
* Retire fieldname.warn and fieldname.crit. The documentation has been
saying .warning and .critical for a number of years. Mass fix plugins
* Service view: Add hopefuly helpful explanatory text about
warn/crit/unknown states in the graph-info field.
* Get the HTML templates and CSS validating.
* Updated templates and CSS with stylish new elements, fonts and such.
Thanks to Knut Haugen.
* Switch to Log4perl on the master side. Node still has to use
old logging to avoid node-installation-dependency-hell.
* Ever more corrections to INSTALL
* Basic modularisation of munin-limits
* Move favicon.ico to templates, some of us need the HTMLDIR to be fully
re-generatable from the templates directory (in order to be FHS complaint)
* Commented some templates to make them easier to read and understand
* munin.conf: include cgiurl_graph example
* memcached_: New wildcard plugin
* Refactoring of munin-update, munin-node and munin-node-configure
by Kjell-Mangne Øierud and Matthew Boyle. Actuall tests for testing
the programs were added too!
* templates:
* html templates: The timestamp can't really be ISO8601 with the support
of portable strftime % formats so remove the T, and cover the
eventuallity that strftime does not support %z
* Make templates @@ free - less processing - change Makefile and
M::M::HTMLOld accordingly
* Put INFO and DEBUG statements into the locking code to make it debugable
* Fix bashisms in : function is useless
* Introduced some actuall debugging output to munin-html
* Cleaned up logging in munin-html and M::M::Utils
* munin-master: make getopt::long dependency explicit at build-time
* linux/df*: Ubuntu Karmic uses "none" as device a lot, so handle that
* HACKING.pod: Revert "Note to do 'make build' before trying the install
* testplugin: Testplugin for various failure modes - developer support
* Sanitise plugin names
* Fix the fieldname sanitiser a bit
* Better error message for empty plugin list (links to wiki)
* If ntp_offset can read no values from ntpq, replace values with 'U'
to avoid master confusion.
* New plugin for Squeezebox Duo: squeezebox_
* Add plugin for connected PostgreSQL users.
* Cosmetic changes in munin-cron script to make it more failure obvious
and and clearify the ordering
* Minimal modularization of munin-html, munin-graph and munin-limits - now
half suited to include in munin-fastcgi-graph if we want to
* Turns out that the // (and //=) operator is new to perl so remove all use
* Add plugin for PostgreSQL tuple access count
* Add plugin for Slony (PostgreSQL replication) node lag time
* Add plugins for PostgreSQL scans (squential vs index)
* Support connecting to non-default database in pg plugins
* Support multiple parameters to pg plugins, using colon to separate
* Document max_graph_jobs and max_cgi_graph_jobs (see also the wiki).
* Made munin-graph paralell (defaulting to 6 forked processes).
Adapted from 1.2 patch by Kjetil Homme. Many many thanks!
* check whether javac works before using it, skip java plugins if not
* pgsql: Properly apply filters to config query as well for wildcard plugins,
so we don't generate lots of nan fields in the graphs.
* munin-html: Do not try to calculate png size, use geometry of the file
in the filesystem instead. This will cause a propagation delay -
image sizes _may_ be wrong, until munin-html runs again.
* munin-graph: set m/a time of png to last modification time of the
corresponding rrd file (since reverted)
* Adapt patch in #3 to current munin-cgi-graph for non-fastcgi. Closes #3.
Thanks to blueyed
* Adapt patch in #3 to current munin-cgi-graph to obtain munin-fastcgi-graph
* Install munin-fastcgi-graph
* munin-update and family: Do not accpet hostnames outside [^-A-Za-z0-9].
Issue helpful error message if someone bumps into this.
* Munin-node-configure: always do "exit 0" even when saying "no" because
it _is_ a normal exit and we do read the stdout.
Mass fix of plugins in trunk.
* linux/cpuspeed: Documentation fixes and slight error-message enhancements
* Changed the Max memory for the jmx_ plugins to default to a light color
(just like apache_processes free slots graph) as currently Max got a dark
blue color, making it hard to read graphs
* Compile the java files with -target 1.5 and -source 1.5 so they will work
correctly on sun-java-1.5 and on (without this, when compiled using
openjdk/sun-1.6-jdk, they refuse to run on 1.5 jre
* New vserver plugins adapted from Debian
* New asterisk plugins adapted from Debian
* ipmi_sensor_: Applied patch from so that
the graph scale always starts from zero
* Add ipmi_sensor_ wildcard plugin from Debian branch, and POD it
* Massive PODing of plugins for use with munindoc by Stig Sandbeck Mathisen
Many thanks!
* New plugin: from debian, and POD it gently
* Added the ability to customize the install location for the jmx java
library. As most distributions wont want it in the default munin libdir
* munin-node-configure needs pass the list of plugin names through to
apply_wildcards() too. part of #718. thanks to knan for the report.
* Munin-node: Clean up man-pages, and try and standardise common information
across all three applications.
* Report errors against plugins with inconsistent/unexpected magic markers.
* Java plugins written by FIX. Adapted for inclusion in munin by Erik
Bolsø, Tom Feiner and Ilya Kikoin. THANKS!
* Applied patch by Katriel Traum for snmp__memory that converts the plugin
to use Munin::Plugin::SNMP, and does some clean-ups
* New plugin: nomadix_users_. Monitors a kind of enterprise wifi
* snmp__if_multi: Updated with some known bugs/enhancement needs as well
as better author/copyright info
* linux/ip_: Better support for IPv6. Patch by Rune Skillingstad, thanks!
Closes #563.
* linux/if_* plugins: Even more virtual lan support. Patch by Rune
Skillingstad. Thanks. Closes #562.
* amavis: Fix use of $MUNIN_MKTEMP as pr. #502. Should probably provide
a working function in or a better MUNIN_MKTEMP
* apache_* plugins: Better error messages for diffetent kinds of LWP
errors (for example missing Crypt::SSLeay). Patch by Tom Feiner,
thanks! Closes Debian #542477 and Munin #710
* ntp_ plugin: Provide error-message in english if plugin invoked
without recognized hostname in symlink
* hddtemp_smartctl: Use --nocheck=standby if supported by smartctl.
Thanks for patch from marxarelli. Closes #715
* note bug in amavis plugin in doc
* linux/port_: Fix to allow more than 9999 connections. Patch from
Olav Kolbu, thanks! Closes #583
* sendmail_mqilqueue: Correct queue count on sendmail with
HOST_STATUS/hoststat enabled. Thanks to andy for this. Closes #630
* exim_mailqueue plugin now supports showing frozen messages and uses
prettier colours. Thanks to micha for the patch that was adapted!
Closes #107.
* munin-node-configure: Some re-wording of the manual page, and remove
some obsolete dependencies on the --shell option.
* Port munin_stats plugin to use the logtail functionality from
Munin::Plugin. Fixes #527. Thanks to janl for indirectly reminding me
that I'd never got round to committing this :-)
* postfix_mailqueue: use postconf to find default spool path. Update
documentation and correct author (to "unknown").
* Munin-node-configure: document M::N::SNMPConfig properly.
* zimbra_: fix lucene_cachehit race condition with zmstat writer
* Add new fail2ban plugin
* munin-check: Updated copyright to Matthias Schmitz
* Linux: ip_conntrack_max at new location in newer kernels.
* Add zimbra_ (groupware) plugin
* Added linux/diskstat_ plugin, from Michael Renner
* Added logging for denied connection in munin-node. Closes #714
* linux/sensros_: Fix error when no sensors execuatble is installed.
Merge from
* Merge fix for from - The
config output by the apc_nis plugin includes: line_volt.max 200 Where
the normal mains voltage is higher (most of the world), this has the
effect of excluding the quantity from the generated graphs. The value
should be increased to at least 300.
* tomcat_: all new plugin from, deprecate tomcat_*
* linux/iostat: Added stdout/stderr redirection, merge from debian bug
* allow for : in plugin names to support IPv6, Merge from debian bug
* Fixed typo in Munin::Plugin documentation, merged from debian bug:
* linux/if_*: Added support for msh interfaces
* linux: Changed and to have nagios compatible graph
title, nagios doesnt like special chars in graph titles. (The same
patch from debian bug
* add minimal ruby infrastructure
* Added NetApp plugins from Guillaume Blairon
* Add mysql_innodb plugin
* Fix (now old) tomcat plugins
* freebsd/df*, include nullfs in filesystem list. Patch from Cezary Morga.
* linux/if_*: Fix vlan support
* Make boolean parsing a bit more robust (case insensitive)
* Fix cap protocol on server and node
* - is also allowed in host names
* Remove datafield length limit of 19 characters (the understanding of
this limit was based on obsolete documentation)
* Document Munin::Master::Logger better
* Make Munin::Master::Utils capable of logging
* Make the pg plugins work properly when DBD::Pg is not present
(by saying they can't work).
* Add slapd_* (OpenLDAP) plugins by Bjørn Ruberg
* Add PGSQL plugin framework by Magnus Hagander, and some plugins
* linux/iostat_ios: check if $ARGV[0] is defined to avoid "use of
uninitialized value" warnings. Thanks for the report to nicklock!
(Ticket #640)
* postfix_mailstats: Don't fall back to a logfile we have already
determined not to exist. Thanks to Ulrik Haugen (Deb:#532876)!
* freebsd/netstat: Match reset$ instead of reset. Closes #708 with
regards to trunk.
* Add "make tags" target to make navigation easier.
* linux/port_: Fix #500 better as suggested by Kolbu. Thanks!
* linux/if_*: Recognize venet|veth interfaces in suggest code. Thanks to
"blueyed" for patch! Closes #591
* Patch to allow master side overrides to work much better. Thanks for
patch from "mg"! Closes #588
* plugins/hddtemp_smartctl: Apply autoconf patch from "qha" that only
autoconfigures the plugin if the first drive is autodetectable - or
configured. Thanks!
* linux/cpuspeed: reversed Hz and % in one case, exclude "cpuidle",
only graph cpu[0-9]*
* Documentation: mod_expiry => mod_expires
* linux/cpu: As per a mailing list thread, change Linux cpu plugin to
not set max for any fields because recent kernels are inaccurate to
the point where a single field can edge just slightly over the
calculated max if it is using all of the processor time (for example,
the idle state can trigger this). Without removing the max, the
affected fields have gaps, creating confusing graphs.
* Fix some brainos in apc_envunit_ plugin, make it more like autoconf'igurable
* Fix sunos/df* plugins quite a bit
* Document print_warning better
* Add a generic crontab for the munin user
* Fixed longstanding bug in munin-node-configure which reversed list of
installed and new wildcard names for wildcard plugins - this has made
auto-reconfiguration of whildcard plugins impossible, and downright
dangerous if you used the --remove-also option
* Fix sunos if_ and if_err_ to suggest correct interface names
* Rename sunos if_errcoll_ to if_err_ to get in line with the other
* The "setseid" keyword in munin-node.conf should be spelled "setsid" in
order to be understood by Net::Server. Since log_file is also set,
setsid is redundant, but it is now correctly redundant instead of
just ignored as garbage :)
* Update allow/deny examples in Net::Server can use
CIDR if Net::CIDR is installed. Keep "allow" as default, so as not to
need additional dependencies on the default install.
* linux/df: make tmpfs'es indexed by mountpoint rather than device.
* Do "list $node" rather than "list $fetchdomain" when collecting node data.
(closes #699).
* Make ./getversion work on Solaris 10 and other systems with old-style
/bin/sh (closes #700)
* Remove special_(sum|stack) from allowed keywords list
* Make graph_args --title "Foo bar" work as expected (closes #683)
* Remove depreciated options special_stack and special_sum (replaced by
stack and sum ages ago)
* Make "make install" behave slightly better and document problem with NFS
* Add varnish_ plugin. Canonical version is to be found in varnish_ repo
at all times.
* Detect rejects from postfix/cleanup, and not just rejects from postfix/smtpd
Thanks to Cedric Knight for patch.
* sendmail_*: Suppress error output from which(1) when the mailstats binary
is missing.
* Add missing documentation and config file option (see #567).
* munindoc has been left out after r2126, which is wrong.
* Fix bashisms in several plugins thanks to Raphael Geissert for the bug
and the patch. (Closes Debian bug #530147)
* Various if_ plugins: fix typo found by Peter Schwindt, Debian #523765
* synced redhat specfile to upstream so make rpm works again
* Updated redhat's Makefile.config to be in sync with dist
* ISO8859-1 specific (C) symbol removed
* Corrected typo that left out man page for munin-update.
* Fixed regression where MUNIN_* variables would not be exported
* smart_: Fix brainfart wrt PLUGSTATE vs. STATEDIR and nico's email address
* New version of smart_ plugin
* Moved perl build functionality to Module::Build.
* Sanitise fieldnames
* Added the no-fixes test. Fixed failing test
* Fixed Perl::Critic issues
* More robust and consistent use of boolean configuration options
* Removed deprecated configuration option: use_default_name
* Removed unused cli option from docs
* Unshift DEFs instead of pushing to fix a CDEF argument-ordering issue
* Fix scope-issue+typo with $STATS
* Use /opt as default target and move Makefile.config-dist to Makefile.config
* Make [plugin] user-name evaluation lazy so that configuration for
unused plugins will not cause error messages.
* Added capability negotiation to munin-update
* Added tls README
* Add a general man page hub for munin as requested in
* Add -w to munin-limits and fix warnings
* Moved plugins to a separate folder
* Moved docs into doc/
* Add env.upsname and env.upsc settings to the nut_* node plugins
* Added python oo plugin class by Morten Siebuhr as a contribution
* nvidia_ plugin: Adapt some more to mainline plugin niceties
* Applied patch from #669. Make munin-run use Munin::Node::Defaults.
Thanks to Matthew Boyle <> for the patch
* Fixed getversion to handle git-svn usage
* linux/quota_usage: Use clean_fieldname as needed. Bug discovered by ert256
Closes #645.
* linux/sensors: Recognize negative temperatures. Fix by cnu. Thanks!
Closes #647
* http_loadtime uses pipes and mktemp. Patch by ekohl. Thanks!
* hddtemp_smartctl: Only check if device is standby for sd? and hd?
devices (it fails on raid devices). Patch by anonymous trac user. Thanks!
* munin-graph: warn -> warning in two places - that will make graphs more
usefull - we hope - as noted by
* Fix warn lines where warn is given as range (foo:bar). Patch by Thanks!
* Fix get_[gu]id to correctly recognize numbers and strings. Patch by
ligne. Thanks!
* Ignore Emacs and Joe temporary files
* Protect graph rendering by semaphore too - as suggested by Snide in a
patch. Closes #657.
* More typo fixes from linge. Closes #659, #658. Thanks!
* Apply patch from #660, fix typos in error messages in munin-node. Many
thanks to ligne
* postfix_mailstats: More explicit error messages. Patch by kuriyama. Thanks!
* munin-cgi-graph: Check returnvalue of sem* functions in the correct manner
* apache_processes: Graph free process slots, and provide explicit colours
to make it prettier. Patch by TTimo - thanks a lot!
* linux/df_abs: need bash to compute correctly
* Fix #619 - error in comment
* Move munin-node-configure-snmp to @@LIBDIR@@ - it should not be called
* Align snmp__if_ and snmp__if_err_ and remove filter on what kinds of
interfaces they catch.
* snmp__if_multi: Structure the multigraph namespace somewhat and add
some helpfull comments for the future programmer.
* snmp__if_multi: A first multigraph plugin - now we just have to make
munin understand it...
* Port snmp__if_err_ to Munin::Plugin::SNMP - it still needs aligning with
snmp__if_ so that interface names will match and so on.
* Port snmp__swap to Munin::Plugin::SNMP - also change base to 1024
as this is memory which is accounted for in powers of 2
* Port snmp__winload to Munin::Plugin::SNMP
* Transplant get_by_regex to Munin::Plugin::SNMP and change
snmp__netstat to match
* Port snmp__netstat to Munin::Plugin::SNMP
* node.d/smart_ documentation contributed by Gabriele Pohl. Thanks!
* Extend SNMP plugin documentation with a "MIB INFORMATION" header.
* Start a separate program to test Munin::Plugin functions
* snmp__if_ plugin can now use 64 bit byte counters if they are available.
Added extensive texts in documentation and graph_info about the problems
with 32 bit counters and made it explicit if 64 bit counters are
* Add option --pidebug for plugin debugging to munin-run and munin-node.
Exports setting through the environment variable MUNIN_DEBUG. Also
introduce these in the usage texts. Far from all plugins support this
* Make Munin::Plugin::scaleNumber and use it in snmp__if_ plugin
* Port snmp__if_ to Munin::Plugin::SNMP, document, and refine
* Fix a typo in Munin::Plugin::SNMP - now verified with authenticated SNMPv3
* Extend Munin::Plugin::SNMP to support SNMP v3
* Install Munin::Plugin::SNMP, a general generic interface for taking away
the boring bits in SNMP plugins. Many thanks for Ilmari for his work
on this module.
* Port snmp__uptime to use Munin::Plugin::SNMP and document it nicely.
* Do not kluge lines with rrd 1.3 - the lines in 1.3 are nice and precise
* Apply RRD 1.3 patch from 1.2 series - Many thanks to matthias!
* Start using Log::Log4perl
* Add test-case plugins in conjunction with munin-gather work
(note: munin-gather is not completed and is semi abandoned at the time
of 1.4.0 release)
* dhcp3 plugin: Document and credit to Rune N. Skillingstad
* Remove --force-root. It's silly and causes naught but problems.
Added text in the root error message about how to su to munin.
* Add a script to compute n'th percentile. Needs some munin-update
extentions to work.
* munin_get_loc: Fix premature exit - patch by Joe Damato
* This may fix the double legend headers bug
* Clearify the autoconf "no" from linux/swap
* Remove max field from samba config - patch by Kozik
* linux/iostat: Introduce environment variable SHOW_NUMBERED to show
sda<n> in environments where this is wanted
* Update postfix_mailqueue plugin to pull warning/critical values from
the environment.
* linux/iostat_ios reformed to use seconds (avoiding milli-milli-seconds),
added graph_info and munin-doc documentation
* Introduce SSPOOLDIR for munin-gather's use
* Slightly update docs of apache plugins
* Add haproxy_ plugin contributed by Jimmy Olsen
* Add found nginx plugins - after some cosmetic work
* Fixup debug output in munin-limits (Brian De Wolf)
* Add pipe and pipe_command in keyword list in (Brian De Wolf)
* Fill message structure in munin-limits correctly (Brian De Wolf)
* Enhanced DEBUG consistency in munin-graph (Patch by Brian De Wolf, thanks)
* freebsd/netstat: Correct absolute path to netstat program
* freebsd/memory and vmstat: hardcode absolute paths for awk, bc,
netstat, ps and vmstat
* Lets munin-run print out its usage if its called without a plugin
parameter. This avoids a lot of "Use of uninitialized value $ARGV[0]
in regexp compilation at /usr/sbin/munin-run line .." messages and
closes Debian #416478
* linux/df: let make insert the right configuration directory in the
* Make fix for OS X 10.5 by George Barnett - thanks
* Received hpux df plugins with munindoc - thanks again
* hp-ux: Added df plugins based on the bdf command - contributed by
Chris Gardner
* linux/iostat_ios: Bugfix by Philipp Niemann to get it working. Thanks!
* Node/ Patch by Philipp Niemann to limit field names to 19
characters (removed as of release of 1.4 as munin actually handles this)
* Munin-html: Patch to relative path calculation for graph borrowing by
Phillip Niemann.
* Makefile: Correctly locate magic markers - patch by Philipp Niemann
* Munin-html: Added borrowing of whole groups, through group_order.
* Fix up the thresholds functions
* munin-check: ignore lost+found directories
* Added new option "group_order" to order groups/graphs at any level.
* sh-mode, not shell-mode for
* Update FSF address in copyright notices
* Added plugin to graph haproxy backend usage.
* Munin::Plugin support for max value settings, patch by Brian De Wolf.
Thanks a lot!
* munin-check: Replace "munin" by "@@USER@@", patch from Pedro Melo, thanks
* freebsd/systat, new plugin showing interrupts and context switches
* freebsd/iostat: New plugin
* node.d/dhcpd3: Parse "include" statements, patch by Walter Huf
* smart_: Update Nico Stranskys email address
* SuSE cron.d/munin mentioned munin-nagios, a obsoleted part of munin.
* Clearify the purpose of DESTDIR
* plugin qmail-qstat now uses a single pipe to generate all output
* new plugin: qmailqstat contributed by Nils Breunese
* Add an eval to $DF to expand the string to arguments.
* And a changelog for 1.3.4 too
* Update RELEASE and plugins.history for 1.3.4
munin (1.3.4, r1277:1560, 8/3/2008)
* New acpi thermal_zone plugin
* Bugfix linux/if_ plugin (--path=>-p, quoting, ethtool output tolerance)
* linux/cpuspeed: $(< ) isn't in POSIX it seems
* linux/cpu: "steal" is yet another value in /proc/stat on newer kernels.
* We must have a cron job for munin-limits
* Added detection of setr* at build time. The OSes without these functions
will work anyway (AIX, Darwin)
* Added some darwin(osx) plugins.
* Better handling of # in plugins and munin.conf (it can now be escaped).
Solves #38.
* Fix bug in node.d/ntp_ where jitter is plotted with the wrong values.
Fixes #520.
* Bugfix in an error message, as well as added low-level reason
for dieing. Solves #468. Detaint pid before kill(). Fixes #508.
* munin-limits: Added support for "unknown" Resloves #29, #43.
* munin-update: Fixed timeout bug (timeout not working where intended).
Closes #168.
* freebsd/if_: Disable DNS lookups which are not used (fixes #509)
* Documentation clearification as requested in #462
* List requirements at start of install document
* full SSL support (#490, #489, #8). Many thanks to Brian De. Wolf for
this patch!
* As pr #510 make df plugins sensitive to warning and critical environment
variables. Also Solaris plugins issued ".warn" which is just wrong.
Two plugins used awk in the inner loop, these were not fixed.
* munin-node.conf: Add documentation of host directive
* linux/ip_: Fix #439, support ipv6 in linux (not tested, I have no IPv6)
* postfix_mailvolume: Fix #473 - config did too much work
* linux/netstat: Address #493 - SuSE feature regarding special class
of rejections based on timestamps. We do not count them, but will no
longer be confused by them.
* snmp__cpuload: Fix #506, what to do when no load value is returned?
* ping_: If invoked as ping6_ uses ping6 for pinging
* surfboard: Fixes and typos.
* linux/port_: Fix #500, report zero open ports as 0 not blank
* Integrate a load of snmp_ plugins from Lars Strand
* snmp__if_: Fix #453, snmp__if_ now supports SNMPv3 and heavy
authentication. Also always use $name to name the interface.
* hddtemp_smartctl: now works with recent kernels and 3ware controllers
* apt_all: apt_all lacked some graph metadata, fixes #478
* ircu: more robust and more useful (fixes #517, thanks to Zhenech)
* Clearify apache-cgi foo
* linux/irqstats: Fix unitialized message (#497)
* munin-cgi-graph: Path error in unlocking (#507),
- SysV semaphore locking, thanks to Fox for patch (closes #499)
* loggrep: Support foreign hostnames
* INSTALL: Fix filename typo in INSTALL (closes #513)
* Add postgresql plugins from #63, muninexchange and
- make the support for servernames, port and so on uniform
* ntp plugins: Make ntp_ plugin manual, it is no longer recommended,
the new ntp_offset is
- Interprete magical ip-numbers used by ntpd for local
clocks - stops spurious DNS lookups of these (closes #150)
* It appears that some versions of Net::SSLeay needs a "" in
print_errs("") calls (closes #154)
* Add munin_stats plugin written by Rodolphe Quiedeville - and patch to
munin-limits to provide timing information by same. Closes #485.
Problem: plugin can take more than 10 seconds to run with long log
files, needs to use log-tail and a state file
* Make netstat plugins --logarithmic, and autoconfigure
* Make iostat* plugins autoconfigure
* Make netstat from darwin generic and elliminate identical plugins
from other BSD OSes
* Add postgres_commits_ and postgres_queries_ contributed by Moses
Moore based on work done by Vajtsz and others
* exim_mailstats did not have human readable error messages, it tried
signaling by coded exit statuses
* ntp_*: Implement option to supress showing delay graph (suggested by
Håvard Eidnes, fixes #350)
* Generic processes plugin submitted by Lars Stand. Thanks!! (#441)
* Fix typo in munin-limits (oks -> ok) closes debian #387283
* Enhanced doc of cgi mode in munin.conf - closes debian #307963
* linux/interrupts: Replace sed|egrep|awk pipeline with a single awk script
* linux/cpuspeed: Report the average frequency, Use the default line style.
* hddtemp_smartctl: Fixes to avoid disk-spin-up (fixes 137)
* linux/interrupts: Remove & to fix a new pango problem ("&" is illegal
entity). Fixes #537
* linux/nfsd4: Add nfs4 server plugin
* Postgres plugins: Make graph_category consistent (fixes #534)
* linux/ip_: ip_ plugin: add support for alternate chain names
* munin_graph: Set category to manual, munin_stats superseeds them
* Postgres plugins enhanced by Tim Retout - thanks (closes #541)
(Use standard pgsql env variables for DB connection - fixes #544)
* colour_tester: Plugin to experiment with the colour palette
* hddtemp_smartctl: Insert comment about SCSI vs. SATA on hddtemp plugin
* Multiple documentation updates from Brian de. Wolf
* Debian packaging: Set correct log file for the postfix_mailvolume plugin
(Debian bug #461302)
* linux/df: Update list of file systems we don't want to graph.
(Debian bug #385291)
* munin-cron: Filter "attempt to put segment in horiz list twice" better,
closes #538
* munin-update: Negative magnitude broken in scientific format
interpretation (thanks Matthias)
* New functions in Munin::Plugin (state retention, tail functions)
* Some preparations for same in
* munin-limits: Remove unused code for opening the wrong log file.
closes #553 and debian #385358
* munin-limits: Fix redirect handling. Fixes #552 and debian #385358
* Quoting fixes in postgres plugins - fixes #546 - thanks to diocles
* snmp__if*: Probe switches for interface alias and use it if one is
assigned - fixes #551 - thanks to bart for patch
* hp-ux: Start of HP-UX plugins from Raph Grothe
* Fix perl warning relating to strangely empty environment value
* HP-UX munin-node init.d script and rc.config.d file by Ralph Grothe
* munin-node: Added a newline on TLS logging
* Added tls_ca_certificate to @legal
* squid_objectsize: New plugin to show mean object size in Squid.
Useful for tuning the caching size. Thanks to Bjørn
* Munin-master programs: Remove locks as we're done with them.
Removes ambiguity around left over lock files.
* Introducing the munindoc command and example documentation
* Munin::Plugin - fix doc and testcase, test better
* irqstats: Now work with 2.6.24 kernels (fixes debian #463721), also
make "MIS" and "ERR" interrupts be reported on SMP systems
* Sensors plugin for nvidia graphics cards
* munin_stats: Slight change to remove this error: "Useless use of a
constant in void context at /etc/munin/plugins/munin_stats line 35."
* munin-graph: Add "Munin $VERSION" watermark to graphs - everyone
uses munin but not everyone knows
* Fixed locking bug, lock was not created, and previously
there was no error message
* Introduced "palette" keyword for configuration along with the named
palettes "old" and "default". The names should be self descriptive
* Munin-master programs Stronger warnings about about running as root.
Standardized across all server components
* Copyright on main programs now extended to 2008.
* Add Informix plugin for concurrent session counting contributed by
Ralph Grothe
* Introduce apache configuration to control html and graph expiry.
Document in INSTALL, and remove old example now obsoleted by doc
* Fix graph expiery in munin-cgi-graph as well
* Munin-graph: Hum, that expiery thing has been fixed quite often.
Go with the one I liked the best
* freebsd/if_*: FreeBSD if_ and if_errcoll_ from downstream maintainer.
Removes more interfaces
* hddtemp_smartctl: Recognize ATA disks on FreeBSD (patch from downstream)
* New FreeBSD plugin: coretemp, graphs Intel Core (and newer) temperature
measured by MSR
* Munin-update: Disable tls by default - fixes #452
* munindoc'ify apache plugins, document how to do basic authentication
* freebsd/dev_cpu_: Add freebsd plugin for cpu-temp and speed
(requires Core Duo or newer CPUs)
* Document users plugin a bit
* linux/sensors: Fix regexp, there may be _no_ space after :
* Remove comma from quoted word list
* munin-check: add the script munin-check for checking permissions of
the munin-dirs - Thanks Matthias!
* Implement multilevel-groups.
* Enabled plugins to send values on the form <epoch>:<value>
(enabeling backdating of data)
* Rename munin_set_var -> munin_set for consistency purposes.
* Fetch services directly after config, to make use of OS caches.
* Bugfix: .graph was ignored in some cases in munin-html, ending in
trying to show nonexistent graphs.
* postfix_mailvolume: multiple fixes for problems found in sibling
exim_mailstats plugin:
- Use english to communicate errors (not exit statuses)
- Discontinue use of rotated log files to elliminate associated bugs
- Give reasons for not autoconfiguring plugin
* munin-limits: Open log on demand.
* Fix false red/yellow markers in html output.
* Munin::Plugin: Security fix, do not open symlinks for writing
* postfix_mailvolume: Fix bug introduced in previous cleanup to stop
startup spike.
* munin_graph: Changed munin_graph plugin to graph total time used by
munin-graph, since we don't draw graphs grouped by domain anymore.
* Correct graph_category on some plugins
* style.css: Fixes too wide link issue.
* Add getversion command to add SVN revision to unversioned svn checkouts
* Remove redundant munin_graph plugin - see munin_stats
* linux/if_ plugin: Clearify the 32 bit issue with fast interfaces
* linux/irqstats plugin: Incorporate magic markers in pod
* node.d/multips plugin: Document, use clean_fieldname to remove bugs,
add usefull .info information about processes watched.
* Various fixes to amavis plugin
* Fix wrong chmod for plugin-state directory
munin (1.3.3, r910-r1236)
It's very likely that the entries for 1.3.3 contain some duplicates.
In part because it's been going on for more than a year, in part
because a large part has been constructed from the svn commit log.
* linux/cpuspeed: Report the average frequency.
* linux/interrupts: replace sed|egrep|awk pipeline with a single awk
* Linux plugins: Use @@GOODSH@@ (posix-shell) there too
* linux/vlan: Better autoconf messages
* Solaris plugins: bring them @@GOODSH@@ and some elementary civilization
* sunos memory: Make autoconf'able
* Bring the goodness og @@GOODSH@@ to the generic plugins
* node.d/df and df_inode plugins: Rewrite like the last 20 years of shell
enhancments happened
* munin monitoring plugins: Make them auto-installing
* ntp_ and ntp_states plugins: Insert graph_category, make them "auto"
and invent category "time" as well
* ntp_kernel_* plugins: Not ntpdc's were created equal, autodetect better
* munin-cgi-graph: Patch to limit number of concurrent rrdgraph processes
* munin-html: Do not generate height/width attributes when in cgi mode
* munin-html: Log runtime - like with munin-graph etc.
* users plugin: Make vehicle for *STACK draw types
* munin-graph: Support draw types AREASTACK and LINESTACK which is not
sensitive to order like LINE/STACK and AREA/STACK
* INSTALL: Document what to do first when working with a svn checkout
* munin-graph: Simplify colour processing
* Makefile: Remove build before rebuilding it
* users plugin: Further fixing. Make testbed for field.colour and
* munin-graph/ Support graph_printf
* users plugin: Move to platform independent directory
* users plugin: change familiy to auto, make generic
* linux/memory: Further adjustments w.r.t. correct handling of vmalloc_used
* Fix typo "contigious"
* munin-node-simple: Fix @@ variable typos
* SunOS df plugins: use @@GOODSH@@
* Define GOODSH and BASH in Makefile.config to be used by shell plugins
* exim_* plugins: Problems with "which exim" on Solaris corrected
* Put "host" thing in munin-node.conf template config
* munin-node docs: Mention two most importand Net::Server config options.
* Linux df* plugins: Configurable filesystem-type exclution. cds by defaut
* Utility functions for shell plugins
* Munin::Plugin: Utility functions for perl plugins
* Sample plugins: Convert to use and Munin::Plugin
* Makefile: Install utility files
* Munin-run/node: Put most @@ config params from install time into
plugin environment. This means that plugins can access
* df* plugins on all architectures: Make fieldnames comply to charset
* Makefile: Install platform-specific plugins after generic plugins so
that the former override the latter ones
* Munin-graph: Installed kluge for rrd 1.2 to make lines narrower to
compensate for crayon-effect.
* Munin-update: Add code to interpret Scientific notation (3E-20) for
RRD so plugins don't have to
* Bring SunOS df plugin names into line with other platforms
* Make SunOS df plugins auto/autoconf
* Linux/memory plugin: Remove warning on overcommit
* Partial audit of correct magicmarkers in generic and linux plugins
* Multiple plugins: Correct autoconf/suggest action slightly
* lpstat: New plugin for print queue depths
* Munin-node-configure: Make more robust, make it present plugin
errors and exit with error if there are any. Write testcases and
node-monkeywrench target in Makefile to test the error handling.
* munin-run: Make --debug messages consistent wrt STDERR/STDOUT and
prefix with # to make them obvious to users and munin-node-configure
* Makefile: Create plugin state directory with correct ownership and
* port_ plugin did not use @@PLUGSTATE@@ for plugin state
* ipmi plugin: Incorrect handeling of 'autoconf' method
* YUM plugin did not autoconf correctly
* install-node-plugins now installs all plugins in the distribution -
no matter if they existed already - how else do we get bugfixed
plugins installed?
* Inform about ruthless installation practices in INSTALL document
* Add maintainer version of Makefile.config - and stop it from being
distributed as the actual Makefile.config by accident
* Add favicon.ico file and install
* Add other convinience features for the maintainer to Makefile
* linux/fw_forwarded_local: Removed arbitrary max settings (trac #149)
* Contributed plugins for netbsd
* New ntpdc based ntp plugins to show kernel params
* New plugin: Multiping shows multiple ping results in one graph (trac #109)
* munin-node: Fix depreciated environment setting messages (trac #377)
* Document what graph_strategy cgi does (wiki docs, trac #98)
* Add a possibly helpful readme file to dists/sunos
* Contrib: (updated) hack to generate pages of each-service-on-every-host
* Fix uninitialized value problem in lock reading code.
* linux/irqstats plugin: Fix bug related to different /proc/interupts
format on Sparc hardware (trac #436)
* Added init script for Solaris in resources directory
* Add uptime plugin for solaris (trac #419)
* Squid plugins: Add timeout to http connection call
* Correct years of (C) in snmp__winmem
* nutups_: new plugin for ups checking through "nut".
* munin-html: Split on /\s+/ instead of / / to ensure more robust handling
of user input
* Fix rrd 1.2 font size problem causing line wrap (#104)
* Fold in contributed hack to generate single service comparative pages
* Node: Clear up some operator presidence causing problems in perl 5.8.7
* Update copyright years and put copyright info into the new README file
* Install a .htaccess file by default and document it
* Move surfboard plugin, not Linux specific. I suspect this plugin is
redundant and snmp__if_ can do the same job
* Bugfix to support notify_alias at service level
* Put configuration-file snippets into resource directory and use install
@@ substitutions in them
* Makefile: Better dependencies
* Add digitemp and yum plugins
* Make munin-node-configure-snmp die gracefully with a potentially useful
error message if Net::SNMP->session() fails. Patch helpfully provided by
Cyril Bouthors <>, thanks!
* New AIX load plugin
* Plugins from Lars Strand: linux/threads linux/proc_pri
* New version of linux/if_ plugin that also handles mii-tool dependent
interfaces and handles absence of tools better.
* linux/memory: warn -> warning
* postfix/mailstats: sort keys instead of keys, prettyer that way
* Windows SNMP plugins: Memory and cpuload plugins seems pretty broken
reinstate other versions.
* New SNMP lugins: snmp__rdp_users and snmp__winload
* Change global headers limit to 16 or longer labels - 20 was too much
even with rrd 1.0
* linux/memory: Saner values on 64 bit machines - ticket #119
* SNMP based uptime grapher - ticket #141
* Linux/load: Make warn/crit levels configurable by environment (ticket #44)
* Aix plugins: Better graph_categories
* New plugin: qmailscan by David Obando, lists viruses found by name
* New plugins: freebsd/uptime, linux/quota_usage, snmp: cmc_tc_sensor
r1054 | janl | 2006-08-25 01:31:44 +0200 (fre, 25 aug 2006) | 2 lines
* Linux/apt: Better counting: Debian #314610, Munin #92
* New plugins for Tomcat from runesk
* Applied patch to allow _aggregated graph
* spamstats plugin: Check if logfile exists before reading
* Delete obsolete plugins: i2c*
* ACPI plugin is linux specific
* linux/cpu: Various fixes relating to 1000Hz machines, closing #228.
* Applied field.colour patch by, ticket #54
* New plugin: IPMI plugin added
* apc_envunit_ plugin: Remove hard coded defaults that overrode
* freebsd/vmstat: Avoid calling sysctl through $PATH. That variable is
changed on process restart.
* Get rid of undefined variable warnings in mailscanner - patch by (trac #227)
* cups plugin: No @ in field names (#66, #70)
* sendmail_mailqueue plugins: Follow symlinks (#102)
* hddtemp_smartctl: different attribute ID for temperature (#81)
* ps_ plugin: Counted grep as well as the process
* New plugin: cpuspeed for linux.
* Linux/multips: wrong category of multips (#103)
* Munin-node/run: Set LC_ALL to C to avoid locale changes to program output
* Linux/cpu plugin: Scale to >10 CPUs (trac #37)
* Linux/df: Rewritten df plugins in perl. The old plugins were extremely
slow on busy system due to massive forking
* sendmail_mqueue: (#65) wrong seek call
* munin-update: (#39) incorrect error handling when opening STATS handle
* New plugin: Linux/nfs4_client: should be folded with nfs_client when we
get multigraph
* node/munin-run: Inserted missing \n
* linux/nfs_client: Fixed input processing inefficiency
* linux/nfsd: Ditto
* linux/fw_forwarded_local: Ditto
* ps_ plugin: pgrep? /usr/bin/pgrep!
* sendmail_mailqueue plugin: Replaced a $mspqueue too many
* Synced most rpm specfile changes from Fedora package into unstable tree
* A RedHat specific sendmail plugin config file
* Add testing framework and some tests for munin-run.
* Updated to final 1.2.4 version [merged change r98r984 from
* Change copyright notice in programs to mention the GNU *General*
Public License, Expand on "no warranty". Mention COPYING and
Extend copyright to 2005.
* Fix generic/mysql_isam_space_ to pass user-specified mysqlshow
options first.
* Fix generic/ntp_ to report seconds instead of milliseconds.
* Fix handling of 'update no' on services in munin-update.
* Log warning about nodes without addresses in munin-update.
* SNMP plugins no longer report host_name when checking localhost.
* Remade the horizontal logo
* Added two svg versions of the logo: original and horizontal
* Merged debian packaging changes from 1.2
[changes r615:920 from /branches/1.2-stable/dists/debian and
r855:891 from /branches/debian/sarge/dists/debian]
* Added support for summing values from log lines.
* Correct munin-limits pod.
* Tuned logging.
* Added support for huge rrd files.
* Changed paths in Makefile wrt move from cvs to svn.
* Make it possible to run plugins with group root.
* Plugins: "exists $ARGV[0]" does not work with perl < 5.6.0. use
"defined $ARGV[0]".
* Dists: Brought dists.freebsd in line with the FreeBSD ports.
* Dists: Merged changes from Debian Etch package. See
* Server: filter a trivial error message from RRDtool (Deb#326061)
* Server: A patch from trunk that makes munin-limits eat stdout/err from the option in munin.conf. (Deb#301196)
* Server: Fix thinko in category_order in
* Node: Prevent list command from polluting the node list.
* Plugins: Fix tempfile creation by using the best method available on a
given platform. (amavis, courier_, perdition)
* Plugins: Fix to support the Linux cciss driver in the iostat plugin.
* Plugins: squid_requests: Put the CDEF back that computes misses.
* Plugins: postfix_mailvolume: Fix bad exit code test for `which postconf`.
* Plugins: hddtemp_smartctl: Fix bugs on Solaris. Revert back to using -A
(attributes) rather than -a (all). That can be specified through the
args_$dev mechanism. THIS CAN BREAK EXISTING SETUPS!
* Plugins: samba: Make location of smbstatus program configurable.
Streamline computation of foo.value. Correct typos and a thinko. Add
configurable "ignoreipcshare". Make awk program a lot more complicated to
deal with variations of smbstatus output. Quote error message with
* Plugins: smart_: Allow to query several drives on the same 3ware card.
Correct a bug when '-i' was not listed in smartargs. Don't fail if
no value was obtained for hard drive model. Minor enhancements and
minor bug fixes from Nicolas STRANSKY <>. smartctl exit
code is a value composed of bits. Allow more than one to be turned on
simultaneously by using the exit code itself rather than the log2 of it.
* Plugins: perdition: Add missing backquote on mktempfile line. Support
IMAPS and POP3S protocols.
* Plugins (FreeBSD): if_, if_errcoll_: Shift field numbers in awk for
interfaces that have no MAC address.
* Plugins (Solaris): fs_df, fs_inodes: Allow '-' in mountpoints.
* Plugins (Solaris): processes: Replaced numerous calls to various programs
with a single awk program.
* Plugins (Solaris): netstat: "exists $ARGV[0]" does not work with perl <
5.6.0. use "defined $ARGV[0]".
* Plugins (Solaris): memory: Rewrite the value computation as a single nawk
program. Support scale factor "K" (gives values < 1).
* Plugins (Linux): port_: Correct offset error in TCP6 code.
* Plugins (Linux): if_: Simplify awk program greatly, suggested by
Nicolai Langfeldt <>
* Plugins: Added plugin generic/digitemp_.
* Plugins: Added plugin linux/yum.
* Node: use Sys::Hostname::hostname()+gethostbyname() instead of
Net::Domain::hostfqdn() in order to determine the fully-qualified host
name of the host. The latter appears to be brain-damaged, see
<> for background (Deb#307462, Trac#89).
munin (1.3.2)
* Main/node: Implemented TLS support.
* Main: fix the file vs. pipe check in munin-limits.
* Main: place the munin-limits lock file in rundir, not dbdir.
* Main: Yet another rewrite of munin-limits open call (SF#1115434).
* Main: Make sure all rrd-tunes are correct after an upgrade (Deb#296454,
* Main: Better handling of broken connections (Deb#298108).
* Main: HTML cleanup (Deb#296676).
* Main: Re-enable width/height attributes to img tags.
* Main: Escape regexps more properly (Deb#296575).
* Main: Correct expires-headers in CGI output (SF#1159742).
* Main: Redirect stdout/stderr from munin-limits contact commands, to the
munin-limits log file (Deb#301196).
* Node: munin-node didn't treat default_plugin_user properly (Deb#295366).
* Node: munin-node-configure now properly respect user plugins.
* Plugins: sort drives in generic/hddtemp_smartcl (SF#1174847).
* Plugins: linux/if* now treats ra* interfaces as wireless.
* Plugins: minor bugfix in generic/bind9.
* Plugins: generic/sendmail_mailqueue handles bigger queues (fix by Mickey
* Plugins: Made contrib-plugins generic/amavis and generic/mailstats more
* Plugins: Minor bugfix in linux/if_, with info fields.
* Plugins: Added warning note in linux/if_ output.
* Plugins: generic/smart_ exit value no longer triggers criticals.
* Plugins: linux/df* now ignores bind mounts.
* Plugins: Added plugin generic/snmp__cpuload.
* Plugins: generic/amavis now has configurable logfile location (Deb#296533).
* Plugins: linux/irqstats should no longer fail on some systems (Deb#296452).
* Plugins: modified graph_args of generic/apache_processes, to work around
an rrdtool bug (Deb#296528).
* Plugins: All plugins using logtail now properly detect its format
* Plugins: sunos/memory repaired (SF#1143610).
* Plugins: Made linux/if_ work with more versions of iwlist (SF#1150954).
* Plugins: generic/mailman now handles regular mailman (Deb#297904).
* Plugins: New contrib plugin generic/mbmon_ from Arne Schwabe.
* Plugins: Made linux/df work properly with tmpfs and devmapper (Deb#298442).
* Plugins: Thanks to Stephen Gran, generic/exim_mailstats now graphs rejects
* Plugins: Only run 'exim -bpr' once in generic/exim_mailqueue_alt,
and use only awk to process the data.
* Plugins: Make linux/sensors_ handle multiline output better (Deb#300690).
* Plugins: generic/postfix_mailstats now treats reject-lines better
* Docs: Added man page for munin-node-configure-snmp.
* Docs: Brushed up the comments in the default munin.conf a bit (Deb#294060).
* Docs: Fixed erronous cgiurl docs (SF#1159722).
* Installation: Create CIGdir if nonexistent.
munin (1.3.1)
* Main: Fix bug with calculation of "Avg:" field when using graph_sums.
* Main: Make munin-limits work properly with perl <5.8 (SF#1109039).
* Main: Bugfix in munin-cgi-graph with hostnames including - (SF#1111510).
* Main: Added category_order, to complete the *_order options.
* Main/Node: Added support for TLS.
* Plugin: linux/users now has proper hashbang.
* Plugin: Bugfix in generic/sendmail_mail* autoconf.
* Plugin: Changed default log for generic/postfix_mailstats from syslog to
mail.log. Downgraded it from auto to manual. (Deb#291720).
* Plugin: Made generic/amavis autodetect logtail format (Deb#284638,
* Plugins: generic/named probes for more log files before giving up
* Plugins: New wildcard plugin generic/courier_ by Micah Anderson
* Plugins: New plugin generic/perdition by Micah Anderson (Deb#291855).
* Plugins: Plugin generic/squid_cache now handles multiple caches
* Plugins: Improved graph_title of generic/postfix_* (Deb#292083).
* Plugins: Turn on graph_scale for generic/postfix_mailvolume.
* Plugins: Make generic/postfix_mailstats catch more formats (Deb#292110).
* Plugins: Added plugin generic/hddtemp_smartctl, made by Lupe Christoph.
Made it the default hddtemp plugin.
* Plugin: Added madwifi support to linux/if_* plugins.
* Installation: Make the single python plugin use @@PYTHON@@ again.
* Docs: Documented minimum requirements for use of graph_sums (SF#1109040).
munin (1.3.0)
* Main: Allow dots in PNG paths (patch by Jacques Caruso).
* Main: Properly size table below graphs in service-view.
* Main: Fix bug which lead to some graphs failing with STACK error.
* Main: Added limit message option "strtrunc".
* Main: "contacts" can now be set to "none".
* Main: Bugfix with graphs using both "graph_sums" and data aliases.
* Main: Tables in service-view now sorted according to graph_order.
* Main: Tables in service-view now containt the correct "Type" when using
data aliases.
* Plugins: generic/sendmail_mail{stats,traffic} updated.
* Plugins: Made generic/samba more portable (fixes by Nicolas Stransky).
* Plugins: Fixed typo in generic/loggrep breaking implicit labeling.
* Plugins: Bugfix in generic/amavis.
munin (1.1.9)
* Main: Optimised munin-cgi-graph a bit.
* Main: Internal name (for use in munin.conf) added to the table in
service view.
* Main: Added option cgiurl_graph.
* Main: Bugfix when using long labels and CGI graphing.
* Node: Fix bug when encountering strange environment (Deb#285173).
* Node: Remove hardcoding of default user/group to run the plugin as
* Packaging: Expand man-page macros properly on man-page generation
* Plugin: Added plugin generic/dhcpd3, created by Rune N. Skillingstad.
* Plugin: Patch generic/bind9 to report "unnamed" as "other" (Nicolas
* Plugin: linux/apt* has been forced to LANG=C, to get predictable output.
* Plugin: Removed hardcoded host_name in linux/cps_.
* Plugin: Added plugin linux/users, created by Michael Kaiser.
* Plugin: Cleaned up generic/samba a bit (SF#1087961).
munin (1.1.8)
* Munin-limits: Log less noise.
* Munin-limits: Notify correctly in all situations.
* Munin-graph: Treat CDEFs in fields with long names properly.
* Munin-graph: Log an illegal STACK in the first field better (SF#1081903).
* Munin-run: Now behaves properly when running invalid plugins (SF#1074242).
* Munin-node: host_name in plugin-conf.d now overrides plugin output.
* Munin-graph: Added "graph_period" option, to make "graph_sums" usable.
* Munin-update: Fix bug when setting min to 0.
* Munin-node-configure: Fix bug with underscore in wildcard plugins.
* Plugin: New version of generic/smart_ by plugin creator (Nicolas
Stransky) (SF#1072459).
* Plugin: generic/uptime was re-classified as linux/uptime (SF#1074576).
* Plugin: Renamed generic/folding@home to generic/foldingathome (SF#1074241).
* Plugin: Modify generic/ping_ so it's compatible with Solaris ping
* Plugin: Fixed broken autoconf in generic/sendmail_mailtraffic (SF#1074528).
* Plugin: Patched sunos/cpu to work on Solaris 9 (SF#1077899).
* Plugin: Major improvements to sunos/io_ops,bytes,busy, by Lupe Christoph
* Plugin: Portability enhancementes to sunos/fs_df (SF#1077903).
* Plugin: linux/fw_forwarded_local now initialises properly (Deb#284673).
* Plugin: Added more sensible autoconf to generic/sybase_space.
* Plugin: Added more sensible autoconf to generic/munin_graph,munin_update.
* Plugin: Added two new plugins contributed by Jacques Caruso,
generic/exim_mailqueue_alt and generic/mailscanner.
* Plugin: New version of generic/pm3users_ by plugin creator Jacques Caruso.
* Plugin: generic/bind9 now handles syslog format as well (by xavier).
* Plugin: Two new contrib plugins generic/foldingathome_*, by xavier.
* Plugin: generic/named a bit more portable (by Will Froning).
* Plugin: Sort fields in df*-plugins alphabetically.
* Plugin: Added plugin generic/bind9_rndc, by Facq Laurent.
* Plugin: Two network ups tool plugins (generic/nut_*) contributed by xavier.
* Plugin: Added plugin generic/mhttping by Greg Connor.
* Plugin: linux/cps_ plugin now groks high numbers.
munin (1.1.7)
* Allow floating point values in warning/critical limits.
* Bugfix in munin-html, when using groups/host names with more than one dot.
* Updated RPM package creation with regards to the 1.2 series.
* Created RPM package creation for SuSE with regards to the 1.2 series.
* Added --stdout-option to all programs (SF#1073148).
* Log updates of nonexisting fields better (SF#1073172).
* Force plugin linux/apt to use C locale (SF#1072470).
munin (1.1.6)
* Failsafe entry for @@PYTHON@@.
* Bugfix in munin-limits (it didn't work properly).
* Added separate makefile target to take care of SNMP-only items.
munin (1.1.5)
- Munin main package:
* Treat long field names properly. Sadly, this will lead to data loss
for fields that earlier had their field names truncated. :-(
* Small interface improvements in the HTML output.
* Changes of min and max values now causes corresponding changes in
the RRD files.
* Added new option "graph_sums" which creates summarised graphs.
* Munin-update adapts to field type changes (loss-free conversion from
* Added new config option "local_address", to specify which local address
outgoing connections (from munin-update) should be used.
* Added "comparison" views, to view a whole hostgroup at once.
* Bugfix in munin-limits.
* Draw min/max ranges in all graphs with only one visible field.
* Replaced notification system. Munin can now send warning/critical
messages to whatever process/file that is needed.
* Removed the munin-nagios program, as it is no longer needed.
* Use column headers for min/max/cur/avg if label is too long.
* Minor template modifications, so the output HTML validates correctly
* Added new field option "line", which draws HRULEs.
- Munin-node:
* The node now changes dir to /, to make sure it's in a directory
readable by all users.
* Added per-plugin timeouts, contributed by Chan Wilson (SF#881044).
- Plugins
* SNMP plugin "df" properly strips the label and serial number from
Windows drive labels.
* SNMP plugins now honour the "host" environment variable if they can't
deduce the hostname from $0.
* Use @@PERL@@ in all perl shebang lines.
* Added new SNMP plugins for sensors, reading info from System-Informant on
Windows boxes.
* New wildcard plugin generic/ping_ to graph ping times.
* Replace "rpc" field with "total" in NFS and NFSD plugins.
* Added new plugin linux/apt_all, contributed by xavier.
* Added new plugins generic/courier_mta*, contributed by Rune N.
* Plugin generic/acpi now autodetects even if the acpi version does not
contain the acpi_available program.
* Added plugin linux/irqstast, showing individual interrupt rates.
* Fixed typo in linux/fw_forwarded_local (Deb#275535).
* Fixed typo in linux/fw_packets (Deb#275537).
* Added SNMP plugins for temperature and fan info provided by the
Fujitsu Siemens ServerView agents.
* Adapt linux/apt plugin to work properly with Debian testing/unstable
(patch from Rune N. Skillingstad).
* Added new plugin generic/apc_nis to monitor APC UPS, contributed by
* Made graph_title a parameter for generic/exim_mailqueue (patch by Torstein
T. Svendsen, SF#1060834).
* Fixed typo in generic/sendmail_mailstats (patch by Lupe Christoph,
* Applied patch from Torstein T. Svendsen to generic/exim_mailstats, to
handle logfiles with timestamps in the name (SF#1055214).
* Applied patch from Nicolas Stransky to generic/hddtemp, to fetch temp more
elegantly (SF#1052845).
* Added new plugin linux/hddtemp_smartctl, made by Peter Gervai
* Fixed linux/if_(err_) braindamage affecting hosts with vlans or
multi-digit interface numbers.
* Added wildcard plugin generic/smart_, contributed by Nicolas Stransky.
* Added plugin generic/loggrep for generic log grepping.
* Fixed bug in generic/sendmail_mailqueue, when queue is empty.
* Fixed bug in generic/hddtemp2, patch by arturaz (SF#1037002).
* Added new plugin linux/forks, to graph forks per second.
* The linux/iostat plugin now ignores devices without traffic (Deb#267195).
* Changed a lot of plugins so they use DERIVE instead of COUNTER.
* Upped generic/ntp_ to auto family.
* Upped generic/sendmail_mailstats and generic/sendmail_mailtraffic to
auto family.
* Fixed linux/sensors_ plugin to report warning and critical values
for temperatures and voltages if 'sensors' reports them.
- Installation
* Changed variable name of ARCH to OSTYPE, to avoid name crash on newer
FreeBSDs (SF#1068238).
* Added variable PYTHON, as we now have our first Python plugin.
munin (1.1.4)
* Better error handling when fetching data from RRD files.
* Fixed bug in munin-graph when choosing colours (Deb#267185).
* Added plugin linux/df_abs
* Sanitise incoming fieldnames a bit better.
* Small layout improvements.
* Added new options "graph_height" and "graph_width", to beter control size.
* Added support for SNMP probing.
* SNMP plugin "if" now accepts PPP interfaces as well as ethernet
* SNMP plugin "df" now understands Windows SNMP daemon.
munin (1.1.3)
* Applied patch from Jacques Caruso to make HTML output standards
* Munin-graph: fixed bug when combining graph_order aliases with
"normal" fields, as reported by Jacques Caruso.
* Plugin bugfixes from Jacques Caruso, in linux/iostat_ios and
* Munin-nagios: Only state number of OKs when something is in warning or
critical state.
* Munin-graph: Added 'graph_sources' option. This is (in effect) the same as
graph_order, but with a default of 'graph no'.
* Applied patch from Matthieu Lochegnies to munin-graph, and fixed the
same problem elsewhere in the code (Deb#250982, SF#924561).
* Force LANG/LC_ALL=C in generic/hddtemp2, to remove problems in parsing of
hddtemp output (Deb#253497).
* Force LANG/LC_ALL=C in linux/sensors_, to remove problems in parsing of
sensors output (SF#972749, SF#972748, Deb#255312).
* linux/sensors_temp now understand temp lines without hyst or max settings
* Made linux/sensors_volt work with negative voltages (Deb#256734).
* Made generic/hddtemp2 understand environment variables with quotes
* Added plugin generic/uptime contributed by Nicolas Salles (SF#998665).
* Added plugin generic/hddtempd contributed by Stein Magnus Jodal
munin (1.1.2)
* The server programs now open the log file at an earlier point.
* Munin-limits added to distro.
* Warnings and criticals now show up in nodeview and overview.
* Makefile no longer stopping when complaining about htmldoc errors
* Added contributed plugin generic/cupsys_pages, contributed by Rune N.
* Minor documentation bugfix.
* Added automatic "graph no" to negative field when using negatives.
* Added options to munin-graph to skip locking and stats generation.
* Added --cron option to munin-graph. This is used internally for
special case checking when run from cron.
* Added dist-directory for Solaris packages.
* Created munin-cgi-graph, which creates dynamic graphs.
* Added munin.conf option "graph_strategy (cgi|cron)" which defaults to
* Bugfix in cdef calculations.
munin (1.1.1)
* Added a table in the service view page, with information about each
* Added plugin options "graph_info" and "<field>.info", which can be used
to describe the graph/fields in the above mentioned table.
* Bugfix in the linux/df_inode plugin, regarding filesystems withouth
* Added warning and critical statuses to the info table in the service view.
* Added "info"-fields to linux/cpu and linux/load plugins, to demonstrate
how it works.
* Linux/ip_ wildcard plugin contributed by Mathy Vanvoorden (SF#954851).
* Added a definition file (definitions.html) to the server distribution.
* Use "sed 1d" instead of "tail +2" in df plugins (patch by Olivier
* Tuned cdef-code to make it work properly after clean-up.
* Added "graph_category" option, to categorise plugins.
* Set categories to most of the plugins.
munin (1.1.0)
* Bug regarding logo namechange from logo.gif to logo.png, when installing.
* Allow/deny in munin-node can now be configured per plugin, in addition
to "globally" for the whole node.
* "Upped" som plugins from contrib/manual to manual or auto.
* Code cleanups.
munin (1.0.0pre4)
* Munin-update now properly ignores node with "update no".
* The generic/apache_* plugins now have defined max values.
* New plugins generic/{sendmail*,amavis,apc_envunit} contributed by Xavier
* Turned off scaling of values for cpu-graphs (no more nano-percentages).
* New plugin linux/iostat_ios to graph the number of I/O operations.
Contributed by Per A. Buer.
* Added user configuration for generic/postfix* (SF#895680).
* Fixed links in HTML templates (Deb#236792).
* Fixed broken autoconf in apache-* plugins (Deb#236144).
* Fixed bug in mysql-plugins (Deb#233762).
* Fixed a problem in the node when running as a non-root user and
using sudo to run the plugins (Deb#236694).
* Clarified the vlabels in the apache-plugins (Deb#238594).
* Patched temp and voltage parts of linux-pugin sensors_* with better
regexp (Deb#245289, SF#906868).
* Changed default ARCH variable in Makefile.config, to support
older tr-s (SF#898814).
* Make "graph_scale no" affect y-axis as well as numbers below the graph
* New SNMP plugins: df, if_err, processes, fc_if (fibre-channel), fc_if_err,
users, load.
* Cleaned up Solaris plugins (SF#944389, ++)
* New logo by Bianca Pfingsten, sponsored by Mediahaus Biering Grafischer
Betrieb GmbH. (Thanks :-)
* Made solaris plugin fs_df work without GNU df (SF#944389).
* New solaris plugin temperature, by Richard van den Berg.
* Two new linux firewall plugins; fw_packets (by S. Banerian),
fw_conntrack (by Nicolai Langfeldt), and fw_forwarded_local (by Xavier).
* Modified sunos/cpu, linux/cpu and freebsd/cpu to take "scaleto100"-
* Added patch to contrib-plugin linux/nfsd, to graph rpc count (Alexandre
* Added plugin linux/nfs_client, contributed by Alexandre Dupouy.
* Added plugin ipac-ng, contributed by Arturas Slajus.
* Added plugin hddtemp2, contributred by Andrew Radke, modified by Lupe
* Added Folding@home plugin, contributed by Xavier.
* Fixed problem with sunos/memory, when memory was reported in gigabytes
* New plugin (pm3users) and a bunch of patches from Jacques Caruso.
munin (1.0.0pre3)
* Munin-graph had a perl 5.005_03 compatabilty problem, which slipped
through to version pre2.
* Added mkdir to install-man target. (SF#888545)
* Added better logging of plugin failures in the node. (SF#881045)
* Make install: Fix problems with systems that do not have getent.
* Remove dependency on pgrep (use process groups instead). (SF#881049)
* Documentation updates.
* Make the iostat plugin work properly.
* Munin-graph now escapes ':' in labels properly.
* Fixed bug in munin-graph where it caused a flood of cron-mail.
* Linux/iostat now shows only disks also on machines without devfs.
* Generic/apache-plugins have been modified to properly to report the
correct autoconf value. Also, bugfixes in _processes and _volume.
* Added new wildcard plugin linux/sensors_ that replaces the i2c plugins
* Made client timeouts configurable (not per plugin).
* Improved timeout-handling in node (Deb#224480).
munin (1.0.0pre2)
* Plugin mysql_queries bugfix from Dagfinn I. Mannsåker (SF#876443,
* FreeBSD-plugin load bugfix from Robert Lindgren (SF#865928).
* Fixed Node/run bug when changing groups.
* Added support for multiple groups to run the plugin as.
* Added support for optional groups.
* Munin-html: Added support for domain_order.
* Fixed pod typos patched by Lupe Christoph (SF#884092)
* Made Munin compatible with perl 5.005_03 (patch by Lupe Christoph)
* Removed sunos/io_-plugin (SF#882357)
* Bugfix, apache_processes now takes port numbers into account. (SF#882263)
* Changed wildcard plugin ps_ so it can use "env.regex" in plugin-conf.d/
* Made plugins apache_* compatible with older versions of LWP::UserAgent
* Bugfix in plugin mysql_queries - insertions were no longer graphed.
* Disabled plugins df and df_inode on Solaris (SF#882274).
* Make vmstat plugin more portable (SF#882352).
* Moved generic netstat to linux-dir, as it is too spesific. Added Solaris
version of the plugin as well. (SF#882354)
* Fixed bad debug output (forgotten linebreaks) in munin-node-configure
* Generic plugins now use printf instead of echo -n, as this is more
portable (SF#885564)
* Added a new plugin generic/multips to count several procs in one graph.
* More timeouts in munin-update (Deb#222674).
* Added max value to generic/vmstat plugin (Deb#225489).
* Bugfix in install-doc Makefile target (SF#884074).
* Code tidying in munin-graph (SF#884625).
* Added generic plugins ntp_ and ntp_states to manual family (SF#887000).
* Bugfix; munin-html wrote bad html, as reported by Adam Heath. (Deb#230322)
* Rewrite of linux/iostat by Mike Fedyk (Deb##223373,224113).
* Linux/cpu now graphs all values on a 2.6 kernel (Deb#227946).
* Added new plugins linux/nfsd and acpi, contributed by Alexandre Dupouy.
munin (1.0.0pre1)
* Renamed from LRRD to Munin.
lrrd (0.9.9r6)
* Added BSDish install-sh to make the installation work
on both BSD and SysV variants (SF#840744).
* Plugin linux/iostat modified. Now runs on 2.6, and now "mirrors" i/o like
eth* et al. (Deb#224113, Deb#223373)
* Lrrd-client: Don't try to change uid/gid if not running as root.
* Lrrd-graph: Only log graphing errors (== less cron-mail).
* Plugin linux/memory has been improved greatly by Mike Fedyk (Deb#223346)
* Some plugins fail more gracefully when using uninstalled perl modules.
* Lrrd-client-configure now prints the reason for suggesting to not use
a plugin, as long as the plugins gives one.
* Lrrd-client: Do a fake clean of the environment because of the taint
* Lrrd-client: added configuration option "ignore_file", which takes regex
for files to ignore (e.g. rpmnew/save) (Deb#224265).
* New plugin: Alexandre Dupouy contributed "hddtemp".
* New plugin: Nicolai Langfeldt contributed "bind9".
* Lrrd-server: dots supported in plugin names.
* New plugin: snmp wildcard plugin for interface graphing.
lrrd (0.9.9r5)
* lrrd-nagios: enable/disable notifications.
* Plugin: mysq_isam_space_ bugfix when printing "value".
* lrrd-client/lrrd-run: Two bugfixes.
* Change \1 to $1 to make lrrd-update shut up.
* lrrd-update: Fix bug with timeout handling of children.
lrrd (0.9.9r4)
* Plugin: changes from Mike Fedyk (Deb#222838, Deb#222841).
* lrrd-cron: Check if files are executable before runinng (Deb#221691).
* lrrd-update: Added max_processes variable.
* lrrd-update: No more zombies.
* lrrd-update: Better handling of dying children and timeouts. (Deb#222674)
lrrd (0.9.9r3)
* New plugins (contrib): postfix_mailqueue and named contributed
by Nicolai Langfeldt.
* New plugins (contrib): postfix_mailstats and postfix_mailvolume.
* make sure only legal configuration lines are written to
* lrrd-html: Minor bugfixes (fixes by Chan Wilson).
* lrrd-graph: Bugfix when aliasing fields (reported by Chan Wilson).
lrrd (0.9.9r2)
* minor bugfix - no noise about "extinfo".
* lrrd-graph: A couple of minor bugfixes.
lrrd (0.9.9)
* New plugin: sybase_space. Keeps track of sybase database space usage.
* New plugin: psu_ wildcard plugin, by Andras Korn (Deb#214210)
* Lrrd-client: addressed uid/gid-issues from Deb#214277
* Lrrd-update: client port number now configurable (Deb#214114)
* Squid-plugins: now rewritten to use new config format (Deb#214186)
* Lrrd-update: each node now has its own lockfile.
* Squid-plugins: Modified them to autoconf. Prettier graphs. Now auto.
* Lrrd-client: Don't mess with environment. Not my problem.
* Lrrd-client: host_name can now be set in the plugin configuration.
* Lrrd-client: plugin configuration format changed slightly.
* Lrrd-client: added parameter (conffile and cli) to turn paranoia on/off.
Default is now off. (Deb#214186, Deb#216401)
* New plugin for linux: entropy, graphs available entropy.
* Lrrd-client-configure: Remove "use" of Config::General (Deb#216176)
* SunOS-plugins: Enhancement submitted by Lupe Christoph. (SF#825937)
* SunOS-portability: Various bugfixes reported by Lupe Cristoph.
(SF#825909, SF#825911, SF#825926, SF#825936, SF#826670, SF#826356)
* FreeBSD-plugins: Bugfixing patches by Lupe Cristoph applied. (SF#826352,
* Lrrd-server: New format for server.conf.
* Mysql-plugins: Make mysqladmin/mysqlshow locations configurable.
* Plugins: New plugins by Lupe Cristoph (SF#834529, SF#826002, SF#835208)
* Lrrd-server: Only require installed Config::General if using old config
* Mysql-queries-plugin: rewritten by Per A. Buer.
* Lrrd-nagios: Be nice to Nagios, don't DOS it with thousands of services.
* Lrrd-client-configure: Check what to do with new plugins when upgrading.
* Plugins: contributions by Finn-Arne Johansen (SF#839210, SF#839212,
SF#839209, SF#842703, SF#845692)
* Lrrd-update: More graceful handling of dead hosts. (SF#841345)
* Plugins: graph_noscale redefined to graph_scale.
* New plugin surfboard contributed by Andrew Ryder.
lrrd (0.9.8)
* Plugin bugfix: Applied suggestion from Antti Salmela considering
plugins df and df_inode (SF#800984)
* Lrrd-update now forks off one process for each host, doing the data
downloading in parallel.
* Network timeout made configurable via both configuration file, and
command-line parameter. default increased to 180 seconds.
* Command-line option and configuration file option for not forking
* Added command-line option to show log lines on stdout as well.
* Lrrd-update bugfix: Move socket and pidfile to proper place.
* Lrrd-update bugfix: Now handles corrupt datafile properly.
* Plugin bugfix: mysql_isam_space now behaves properly when MySQL is
down. (Applied patch from Nicolas Francois resolving Deb#202637)
* Lrrd-client now runs with perl -T (taint checking).
* Lrrd-html bugfix. (Deb#205999)
* Lrrd-update bugfix, patch from Torstein Svendsen, alarm/sigalrm was
forgotten on a network read. (Deb#209329)
* Lrrd-update bugfix. Move all possible sigalrm-calls into eval-blocks,
to avoid hangs and segfaults. _Really_ fixes bug Deb#209329.
* Lrrd-client now drops privileges when running a plugin. The plugin is
run as user nobody, group nogroup/nobody as default. This can be
overridden in .../client.d/<plugin>.auth.
* Mysql-plugins can now use a config file. (Deb#202643)
* Bugfix in mysq_isam_space_ plugin. (Deb#202639)
* Plugins for FreeBSD 4.8 contributed by Patrick Domack (SF#802895)
* Plugin "swap" on Linux modified so it works on 2.6 as well as 2.4.
* Lrrd-client now uses conf/auth-file in .../lrrd/client-conf.d/. Passes
config options to clients via environment.
* Lrrd-graph bugfix: Cur/Min shown as 0 when using special_*.
* Lrrd-update now has "use_default_name"-option, for use when fetching data
from a client which may change name.
* Lrrd-plugin "memory" ported to perl. (Deb#205019)
* Added "--version" option.
* Added "graph_total" option, for summarising stacks
* Lrrd-graph now understands "graph_noscale true/yes/1", which drops scaling
of Cur/Min/Avg/Max numbers.
* New client program "lrrd-run" to run a plugin as the correct user.
* Lrrd-client minor bugfix; should now get ARGV after HUP.
* Lrrd-client-configure completely rewritten.
lrrd (0.9.7)
* Applied a patch from Don Armstrong which makes the server ignore invalid
* Massive changes in the Makefile to allow for more flexible installs.
* Hardcode as little as possible. Use @@foo@@ in the scripts, which will
be replaced with whatever 'foo' is set to in Makefile.config.
* Added some AIX plugins contributed by Mike Discenza.
* Merged the client and server changelogs into this one.
* Improved vlabel and title in the port_ wildcard plugin.
lrrd (0.9.6)
* First upload to the Debian archive, had to create an .orig.tar.gz.
lrrd (0.9.5-2)
* Bugfix: Resolved running-as-root-issue. (#695163)
* Bugfix: Resolved lrrd-nagios --force issue (#701671)
* Bugfix: Resolved lrrd-nagios --removeok --host issue (#701671)
* Bugfix: Resolved lrrd-html logo.gif and style.css-issue (#693939)
lrrd (0.9.5-1)
* Small bugfixes
* Bugfix: plugins lrrd_* now treats hostnames with dashes correctly
lrrd (0.9.3-2)
* lrrd-nagios now has a longer timeout.
* lrrd-html now creates much prettier html-pages.
* Pod-documentation for /usr/lib/server/lrrd-*, /usr/sbin/lrrd-cron, and
* lrrd-graph now understands <field>_special_sum and _stack.
* lrrd-graph now has extended syntax on graph_order-lines.
* Field type represented in filename of rrd-file.
* All fields in the .rrd-files now have the same name.
* lrrd-graph now reuses colours when there are a lot of fields.
* lrrd-nagios now reuses send_nsca handles.
* lrrd-update can now handle .extinfo-fields.
* lrrd-nagios can now handle .extinfo-fields.
* Bugfixes, continuing Tore's movment of files
* Parameterization of lrrd-*
* Installation script for tarball.
lrrd (0.9.3-1)
* New configtype
* Timeouts on server
lrrd (0.9.2-4)
* Added new node- and service-level option "update", which will replace
* Added new field-level option "graph", which will replace "skipdraw".
* Some plugins now have config-files: exim_mail*
* ps-plugin made faster (use pgrep instead of ps).
* Bugfix in 'iostat'-plugin.
* Added 'suggest' and 'autoconf'-parameters to the plugins.
* Removed startup check for lrrd-client on '<plugin> config'-output.
* "apt"-plugin rewritten for perl. It now uses .extinfo-fields.
* Install script for tarball.
* lrrd-client now understands --config --help --debug (then latter for
later use).
* Created pod-documentation for lrrd-client and client.conf.
lrrd (0.9.2-3)
* Bugfix; lrrd-nagios didn't treat 0-limits properly.
lrrd (0.9.2-2)
* Added graph_vlabel-option.
* lrrd-nagios: bugfix when specifying only a minimum warning or critical
* Proper timeouting also done when 'config'-command issued.
* Some clients now use 'graph_vlabel'-option.
* Comment changes in some plugins
* Bugfix in plugin: 'iostat config'
lrrd (0.9.2-1)
* Lazy-option to lrrd-graph.
Graphs will only be drawn when needed.
* Cleaned up the timeout code a bit.
lrrd (0.9.1-5)
* Attempt to set exim-variables in the exim_mail*-plugins at install-time,
in an attempt to avoid timeouts on high-load systems.
* Properly reap plugins that timeout (and their children).
lrrd (0.9.1-4)
* Bugfix. Numbers with decimals (e.g. load) and "U" are now allowed.
* Fixed bug in cronjob for apt
lrrd (0.9.1-3)
* Fixed small bug in lrrd-graph that caused some glitches in some
* Cronjob for apt
lrrd (0.9.1-2)
* Fixed a bug in lrrd-update that caused rrds not to be updated
* Small bug in apt-client
lrrd (0.9.1-1)
* All networkservices converted from bytes (B) to bits (b)
* More bugfixes
* Added cronjob to go with apt-service
lrrd (0.9-12)
* Bugfixes in templates
* More logging
* More intelligence in lrrd-nagios
* Cronjob to remove .ok files once a day
lrrd (0.9-11)
* Last small fixes with warning and critical-nagiosLast small fixes
with warning and critical-nagios
* Skipped a version to sync with server
* Included warning and critical on som of the services
lrrd (0.9-10)
* Fixed logging and logrotate
lrrd (0.9-9)
* More Nagios Support, now extracted into lrrd-nagios
* Fixed logging + logrotate
lrrd (0.9-8)
* Nagios-support
* Do not depend on libnet-io on woody (included in perl5.6)
lrrd (0.9-7)
* Fixing string under 19 characters
lrrd (0.9-6)
* We have to substr the other way
* Upping version number
lrrd (0.9-5)
* Bugfixes. New configfile
* Bugfixes in df-services added -P for posix standard
lrrd (0.9-4)
* Total rewrite of client
* Bugfixes. Memory service gargled
* Bugfixes. mailstat service gargled
lrrd (0.9-3)
* Adapt to new version of client
* Bugfixes to clients and a new configfile
lrrd (0.9-2)
* Fixed host_name
lrrd (0.9-1)
* The new version
lrrd (0.7-1)
* Total rewrite. Much prettier. Perl er brukt.
* Bugfix in postinst (make_html when upgrading).
* Lots of new lrrd-d-modules. Tuning and fixing.
* Debconf is out. Added searching for old-name config-files.
lrrd (0.6-8)
* Renamed mrtgd til lrrd.
* Daemon now runs lrrd.d-scripts properly.
* Added modules: load memory
lrrd (0.6-7)
* make_graph has proper colours.
* make_html creates a nicer index.html.
* Debconf in use.
* Minor bugfixes: init.d-restart
lrrd (0.6-5)
* make_html makes sure there's an index.html.
* Bugfix. Config-file now read earlier.
lrrd (0.6-4)
* Several bugfixes.
* Cron-entry now uses logfiles.
* Added config-file.
lrrd (0.6-3)
* Added debian-dependencies.
lrrd (0.6-2)
* Added monitoring for apache httpd daemons.
* The daemon now backgrounds itself.
* The init.d-script now "stop"s.
lrrd (0.6-1)
* Slightly tested. Going out.
lrrd (0.5-4)
* Now ready for production environments.
lrrd (0.5-3)
* Quite a few changes. Beginning to get ready for release.
lrrd (0.5-2)
* New test.
lrrd (0.5-1)
* Initial Release.
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