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Thanks to our move to git, dists/ is now obsolete.
Each distributions has now its own git repository.
There inner structure is up to them, but we can see 2 pattern emerging :
1. Fork of official repository
This is the simplest thing to do. Just fork the official munin repo, and add your distribution specific things.
It enables a very effective way of sending distro-originated patches upstream. It used to be awkward to use when we where using svn, but the move to git made it a breeze.
2. Standalone repository
Some distributions just create a new repo, containing only what's specific to them. It usually takes the form of some build instructions and several patch files.
It enables a very simple separation of what's coming from upstream and what's ditro originated. It also was the only practical way prior to the git move.
Some of these specifics were usually integrated here, in dists/*.
3. Urls reference.
Please note that we don't know about every distrib. If yours favorite one is missing, just send a patch to add it here.
Order here is alphabetic, to remain neutral :-)
* Debian
Different releases are tracked via different branches.
type: fork
www: http://
* FreeBSD
* Gentoo
* Redhat and Fedora
RHEL and Fedora are hosted directly on
type: specific
git: git://
* Ubuntu
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