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Initial Configuration



Decide which plugins to use. The munin node runs all plugins present in CONFDIR/plugins/ (usually /etc/munin/plugins).

The quick auto-plug-and-play solution:

munin-node-configure --shell --families=contrib,auto | sh -x

See :ref:`plugin-use` for more details.


The munin node listens on all interfaces by default, but has a restrictive access list. You need to add your master's IP address.

The "cidr_allow", "cidr_deny", "allow" and "deny" statements are used.

cidr_allow uses the following syntax (the /32 is not implicit, so for a single host, you need to add it):


allow uses regular expression matching against the client IP address.

allow '^127.'
allow '^$'

For specific information about the syntax, see Net::Server. Please keep in mind that cidr_allow is a recent addition, and may not be available on all systems.


Start the node agent (as root) SBINDIR/munin-node. Restart it if it was already started. The node only discovers new plugins when it is restarted.

You probably want to use an init-script instead and you might find a good one under build/dists or in the build/resources directory (maybe you need to edit the init script, check the given paths in the script you might use).


Add some nodes

Add some nodes to CONFDIR/munin.conf

address 2001:db8:🇩🇪caf:bad