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In order for you to install Munin you must have the following:

Building munin

In order to build munin, you need:

  • A reasonable Perl 5 (Version 5.10 or newer)
  • The Module::Build perl module
  • The perl modules listed in "requires" in Build.PL

Developers / packagers need, in addition to the above

  • The dependencies listed in "test_requires" in Build.PL
  • RRDtool perl bindings

In order to build the documentation, you need:

  • sphinx

Installing RRDtool bindings

The RRDtool perl bindings needed by munin are normally only installed for the system perl. To install munin using a separate perl installation, add the Alien::RRDtool perl module.

Running munin

Munin master

In order to run the munin master, you need:

  • A reasonable perl 5 (Version 5.10 or newer)
  • All the perl modules used when building Munin
  • A web server (optional)

Munin node

The munin node is lighter on the requirements, and need only the following perl modules:

  • Net::Server
  • Net::Server::Fork
  • Time::HiRes
  • Net::SNMP (Optional)

The Munin plugins run by the node have their own needs. Many plugins need libraries or utilities related to what they monitor. Please refer to each plugin.

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