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ChangeLog: 2.0.9

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+munin-2.0.9, 2012-12-05
+Small bugfix-only release.
+- Many minor fixes
+Detailed Changelog
+Daniel Black:
+ node: allow ipv6 localhost in sample conf
+Diego Elio Petteno:
+ common: fix TLS options settings.
+ master: fix config test, add missing configuration options and update defaults.
+ master: fix and rename htmlold test to test HTMLConfig instead.
+ master: remove test for function that has been deleted.
+ master: check for timeout before checking for failure to connect.
+ master: remove one more test that requires a big rewrite to make sense.
+ master: fix tests so that they actually pass for master.
+ node: fix export_service_environment test.
+ node: add a temporary default spooldir to the proxyspooler test.
+ master: make sure to always consider limits, for when always_send is configured.
+ master: fix test when executing from a release tarball.
+Magnus Hagander:
+ Fix PostgreSQL plugins to work with development versions
+Marc Schutz:
+ New regexes for virus/spam count in amavis plugin.
+Sebastian Noack:
+ Fixed broken exit codes in ejabberd plugin.
+ Fixed order of arguments for 'ejabberdctl status-num-host' in ejabberd plugin.
+Steve Schnepp:
+ master: remove date manip warning in cgi graph
+ contrib: rename the net::server patch
+ master: connect to AAAA and A address
+Stig Sandbeck Mathisen:
+ Remove documentation disclaimer
+ plugins: do not use the "read w/o variable" bashism.
munin-2.0.8, 2012-11-08

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