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doc: state the fact that gfx is cron by default

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@@ -6,6 +6,10 @@ munin-2.0.6, 2012-08-31
+graph cron is the default again.
+This enables simple install either to work out of the box or be upgraded from 1.4.x in a far easier way than with the CGI default.
Only fixes, but many of them.
* fixes for munin-graph (cron + cgi)
* fixes for munin-update
@@ -7,9 +7,10 @@ transition.
The most important change is the CGI requirement.
- * Munin graphs are now generated on-demand by the web server, and the
- "munin-graph" execution has been removed from the munin-cron script.
- Its use is now mostly for debugging purposes.
+ * Munin graphs can now generated on-demand by the web server. It is mandatory
+ for the new zooming feature. The cron "munin-graph" is still the default, as
+ it really ease new install and upgrading for small setups. Going the CGI road
+ is recommended way if you experience performance issues with the cron setup.
* Munin html pages may be generated on-demand by the web server. The
default is still to run "munin-html" from cron after every update.

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