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Release 2.0.4

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Steve Schnepp steveschnepp authored
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-*- text -*-
+munin-2.0.4, 2012-07-30
+* fixes for munin-graph
+* fixes for df_inode plugin
+Detailed Changelone
+Diego Elio Petteno:
+ master: fix relative paths when using cron-based page generation.
+ munin-graph: do not output text meant for CGI.
+ munin-graph: use INFO for further details during execution.
+ munin-graph: use the same default (non-cgi) as the rest of the Master.
+Steve Schnepp:
+ Makefile: add a comment about JCVALID
+Stig Sandbeck Mathisen:
+ Ignore reiserfs in the df_inode plugin
+ Make df_inode plugin more robust.
+ Add missing regular expression anchors
munin-2.0.3, 2012-07-24
A quite raw output of 'git shortlog' :
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