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* Update UPGRADING and Changelog for 1.4.2

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1 parent 7842fdb commit ad51c25ce97b42e695ed2b1d8c6680c58cb0ed53 Nicolai Langfeldt committed Dec 16, 2009
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@@ -10,8 +10,20 @@ Some stats on 1.4.0 (relative to 1.3.4)
uploaded to sourceforge in february 2005.
-munin (1.4.2, r3167:..., 2009-12-14)
+munin (1.4.2, r3167:3231, 2009-12-16)
+* Munin::Plugin::Pgslq: Clean the fieldnames before returning them, so
+ we don't generate invalid data with for example a dash in the
+ database name.
+* jmx_: Add authentication support, fix exceptions in various memory
+ related parts, refactor connection negotiation to one central
+ connection class, add default connection info for jmx_, so we
+ actually are a bit autoconfy
+* munin_update: Update to work correctly with 1.4, document and enhance a bit
+* munin_stats: Provide better graph_info and set some warning and
+ critical levels at 4 minutes and 4m45s
+* Improove colors contrast in jmx plugins which have Max area, to make
+ them more readable + fix some indentation
* ntp_offset: make info into graph_info
* Munin-(node|run): Make group name resolution lazy, enhance error
messages and reinstate the group foo,(bar) syntax
@@ -32,6 +44,11 @@ munin (1.4.2, r3167:..., 2009-12-14)
* postgres_querylength_: Fix query that can never have worked...
* Switch fonts to DejaVuSans og DejaVuSansMono. Vera is now obsoleted
by DejaVu in most contexts.
+ INSTALLERS: On platforms with RRD 1.3 the fonts need not be removed
+ and no paths need to be installed as long as the DejaVuSans font
+ family is installed.
* Reorder somewhat to get lines on top of areas
* Patch from blueyed to make munin-*cgi-graph work
* snmp__if_multi: Only set .max if the interface speed has been obtained
@@ -74,3 +74,31 @@ rename the plugins, but that will be a uphill battle, they'll be
renamed back when you upgrade the next time). Note that the plugins
will change names as you upgrade and auto-configure your nodes, not
when you upgrade the munin-master.
+Users of Munin 1.2 in combination with NMSes
+There are two issues that have been reported.
+Users of Munin in combination with Nagios have reported that because
+some graphs have changed their "graph_title" setting this
+dis-associates the tests from the right nagios checks.
+Also some plugins do not have default warning and critical levels set
+any more (e.g. "load") because the opinions on what is "normal" load
+differs widely. This means that the plugins will not send warning and
+critical events to contacts any more. The warning and critical levels
+should be settable for all of these plugins, please use the command
+"munindoc <plugin>" on the host where the plugin is installed to see
+how to set these levels.
+Too audit the differences in warning and critical levels you can make
+a copy of the munin file called "datafile" before upgrading (or get
+one from backup), and use egrep to get a listing of the settings prior
+to update:
+ egrep '(warning|critical)' datafile.old
+and again on the post-upgrade datafile to compare the lists so you can
+specify the ones you need.

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