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@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ The most important features:
- Some HP-UX plugins have been contributed
- Good bunch of NetBSD plugins have been contributed
- Still support for FreeBSD :-)
- - And many many others
+ - And many many other fixes
* Ever better documentation everywhere, not least our web/wiki pages
* More bugfixes, both in the core code and plugins, than you can shake
@@ -52,9 +52,10 @@ Other things you may want to know:
* CGI graphing remains "in BETA" but we now have a FASTCGI script too.
-* You can find Munin 1.4.0 as source tar ball at sourceforge (
+* You can find Munin 1.4.0 as source tar ball at sourceforge
+ (
* Available in Mandriva Linux Cooker
-* In Debian Experimental shortly, expected to appear in Debian Unstable
+* Debian Experimental, expected to appear in Debian Unstable later.
* Expected in EPEL (Extra Packages for (Red Hat) Enterprise Linux) within
not too long.
* Will also appear in Ubuntu later.
@@ -63,5 +64,4 @@ If you are a packager please contact us and we'll list your
support/repository/whatever on our Wiki.
Full details in
-http://munin-monitoring/browser/tags/1.4.0/ChangeLog (once we
-have released 1.4.0 FIX)
101 ChangeLog
@@ -1,10 +1,101 @@
-*- text -*-
-Some stats on 1.4.0:
-* Over 1500 changesets
-* More than 100 new plugins
-* Commits from 13 different people (**FIXME** Check again at release)
-* Way too much time since the last major stable release
+Some stats on 1.4.0 (relative to 1.3.4)
+* Over 1500 changesets since we started preparing for 1.4.0-alpha this
+ spring.
+* More than 100 new plugins since the 1.2 series
+* Commits from 23 different people, and contributions from far more!
+ Open source is great!
+* Way too much time since the last major stable release. 1.2.0 was
+ uploaded to sourceforge in february 2005.
+munin (1.4.0, r3033:3115, 2009-11-27)
+* Mention Aleksey Studnev in jmx_ doc
+* Merge patch from debian bug where
+ netstat plugin counts \"active connections rejected because of time
+ stamp\" as active connections, because of a lax regex
+* amavis plugin: Minor pod fix
+* Add snmp__print_(pages|supplies) printer plugins
+* jmx_: nitpicks
+* Fix #739: Perl error message only appears when there are no plugins
+ on any nodes, so check that and LOGCROAK in a helpful way
+* munin-update: Change LOGCROAK to WARN for munin includedir missing
+ or empty
+* Munin-node-configure --snmp: modify host enumeration code so
+ hostnames that are passed in aren't indiscriminately converted to
+ IPs. only works with plain hostnames, not CIDR.
+* Remove Log::Log4perl TRACE level use since that requires a too new
+ Log::Log4perl
+* Munin::Plugin::SNMP: Added support for env.timeout for SNMP sessions
+* Add and extend the UPGRADING doc
+* Remove reliance on the very newest Getopt::Long version, update docs
+ accordingly.
+* linux/files_: fix slightly odd usage of awk. the warning and
+ critical thresholds are static, so they can just be echoed along
+ with the rest of the config.
+* Postgres plugins: Correct pod from Munin::Plugins::Pgsql =>
+ Munin::Plugin::Pgsql (singular plugin, instead of plural)
+* Munin::Plugin::Pgsql: Correct plugin configuration
+ documentation section
+* Correct the generic crontab install command
+* Typo fixes in docs
+* Munin-node: Provide a different statefile for each master. Helps
+ prevent plugins that rely on their state-file from reporting
+ incorrect data when used on a plugin that is polled by multiple
+ masters. It uses the master's IP address, so it won't work if they
+ are both behind the same NAT gateway, for example.
+ set_state_name() in Munin::Plugin is also modified to behave in a
+ similar manner.
+ Additionally exports $MUNIN_STATEFILE into each plugin' environment,
+ so that all plugins can partake thereof. Should be useful to
+ plugins written in languages other than Perl.
+* Update 1.4 documentation
+* Munin::Plugin: fix $Munin::Plugin::DEBUG. it wasn't being set
+ (lexical variable $DEBUG was being set in its place). change from
+ "use vars" to "our" for all the externally-accessible variables, to
+ make it clearer what is going on. + fix indentation
+* munin-limits: Check if $children is undef before using it as a array
+ reference. Fixes #762
+* snmp__if_multi: Call "need_multigraph" function to avoid working
+ under the wrong circumstances
+* dhcpd3 plugin: Critical and warning limits added. Some cleanup and
+ minor fixes.
+* Munin::Plugin: straight port of the multigraph assertion sub from
+* netbsd/sensors_: according to
+ <>, graph_vtitle
+ has been superseded by graph_vlabel.
+* a few more tests for Munin::Common::Config.
+* linux/fw_(packets|conntrack): check for readability not existence
+ bail properly if /proc/net/snmp cannot be opened.
+* Fix #758: Enhance and fix error propagation, fix exception handling,
+ fix sub-process waiting/reaping, and finaly print old config data
+ for failed nodes in a working way (probably worked before, but I
+ broke it when I retooled how old_service_configs is read)
+* Munin::Master::ProcessManager: Correct the join command, which
+ resulted in not printing the firewalled host - now it does :)
+* Returning iostst* to family auto, and moving diskstat_ to manual,
+ until we have multigraph support added to diskstat leaving diskstat
+ in auto without multigraph creates 3 graphs per disk, and on multi
+ disk machines this makes the main html quite heavy
+* Uncomment includedir /etc/munin/munin-conf.d in, and
+ make sure Makefile creates the directory at install time
+* add some tests for Munin::Common::Config.
+* Munin::Common::Config: populate the valid keyword hash directly,
+ rather than through an intermediate array.
+* linux/diskstat_: Remove fake_munin_plugin, as we know we include
+ Munin::Plugin , no need to fake it :)
+* munin-node.conf: only specify setsid once in the config file
+* squid_traffic: hit_kbytes_out needs to be converted to bits, as with
+ the other data series. fixes Munin ticket #761 and Debian bug
+ 557385 <>.
+ thanks to Samuel Leon <> for the patch.
+* Prepare announcement of 1.4.0
munin (1.4.0-beta, r2982:3032, 2009-11-21)
@@ -89,16 +89,16 @@ NOTE!!!! If you're using NFS please note that the "make install"
process is slightly problematic in that it (Module::Build actually)
writes files under $CWD. Since "make install" is usually run by root
and root usually cannot write files on a NFS volume, this will fail.
-If you use NFS please unpack munin under /var/tmp, /tmp or some such
+If you use NFS please install munin from /var/tmp, /tmp or some such
to work around this.
There are make targets for node, master, documentation and man files.
Generally you want to install everything on the master, and just the
-node on ... the nodes.
+node and plugiuns on ... the nodes.
To install both master and node:
- - Review/edit Makefile.config to suite your needs.
+ - Review/edit Makefile.config to suit your needs.
- Create the user "munin" and the group "munin" if these are
not made automatically. The user needs no shell and no
@@ -132,25 +132,25 @@ To install both master and node:
If you prefer that munin be openly available make the
.htaccess file empty to avoid overwriting it later.
- - Review CONFDIR/munin.conf to set up some nodes. At least one
- node needs to have at least one functional plugin for HTML
- generation.
+ - Review CONFDIR/munin.conf to set up some nodes. At least
+ one node needs to have at least one functional plugin for
+ HTML generation.
- Create a cron-entry to run "munin-cron" as the user "munin"
every 5 minutes. See build/resources for generic or
build/dists for distribution-specific scripts.
- If you want to use the dynamic graphs: Configure the CGI
directory, you will find a Apache config example in
- build/resources.
- NOTE: Dynamic graphs are not exactly perfect. Se also
+ build/resources. See also
+ NOTE: Dynamic graphs are not exactly perfect.
To install a node:
- - Edit Makefile.config to suite your needs.
+ - Edit Makefile.config to suit your needs.
- Create the group "munin".
@@ -172,7 +172,7 @@ To install a node:
You probably want to use an init-script instead and you
might find a good one under build/dists or in the
- build/resources/ directory (maybe you need to edit the init
+ build/resources directory (maybe you need to edit the init
script, check the given paths in the script you might use).
For further build alternatives, see Makefile.

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