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+munin-2.999.3, 2016-09-04
+That release is the 3nd beta of the 3.0 series. It is versionned 2.999.x so
+numeric only sorting works, as we do have distro that rely on that. Packagers
+can use that versionning or 3.0b3
+It contains various bugfixes.
+It is currently beta quality, that means that bugs *can* happen, but aren't
+really expected. They will have a workaround and a proper fix soon.
+Detailed Changelog
+Adrien Chardon (1):
+ ui/navigation: Fix broken link id
+Andreas Maus (1):
+ Fix autoconf error in slapd_bdb_cache_ plugin
+Ferenc Wágner (4):
+ Set RRD type of numa_foreign to DERIVE (copy&paste typo)
+ Avoid false negative spikes on NUMA graphs on reboot
+ The NUMA graphs show page rates, not page numbers
+ procfs: the DERIVE type does not need max to avoid false spikes
+Kenyon Ralph (1):
+ plugins/node.d/ntp_states: fix "outlier" state spelling for recent versions of NTP
+Kim B. Heino (3):
+ if_: /sys/class/net/ reports speed 0 for some devices
+ if_, if_err_: add more virtual devices like gre0 and bond0.99 to skip list
+ if_: check for non-empty and >0 before reporting speed (thanks to ssm)
+Kjetil Torgrim Homme (1):
+ support for logging to file via Log::Dispatch::File
+Quentin Stoeckel (49):
+ Remove DYN_IMAGES references in views since it isn't used anymore
+ Prepare serving png or svg files depending on user preference
+ Allow toggling navigation panel using window.toolbar.toggleNavigation(visibility, animation)
+ Add a toggle button to toggle navigation panel visibility, handle mobiles
+ Fix navigation panel toggle on Firefox & SeaMonkey
+ Enhance navigation panel togge animation performances
+ Remove static dynazoom.html since it isn't used anymore
+ munin-dynazoom.html: don't hardcode graph extension (.png)
+ Dynazoom modal JS: use regex to extract timeRange from graphUrl
+ Enhance forms styling, split CSS into separate smaller part files
+ Allow changing graph_ext from a newly created settings modal
+ Make navigation panel state persistent
+ Fix eventRuler min x position when navigation menu is toggled
+ Remove fixed timeRange switchs and add those as a Toolbar action icon
+ Make the toolbar fixed at the top of the screen
+ Fix reading cookies in
+ Display timeRange switch in categoryview, force-disable navigation bar in comparison & category views
+ Enhance timerange switches styling
+ build: Add CGI::Cookie requirement to Build.PL
+ ui/timerange-switch: Fix timerange on categoryView
+ ui/timerange-switch: Enhance timerange switch styling
+ ui/problemview - Fix problems page missing <title> tag
+ ui: Set tabindex to elements
+ ui/toolbar Add toggle animation when showing/hiding toolbar
+ ui/settings: Add ability to disable graphs auto-refresh from UI settings
+ ui/css: Make Absolute elements fixed instead of absolute
+ ui/Toolbar: fix timerange Absolute component position on mobiles
+ ui/tabindex: Fix tabindex on graphs & tabs
+ ui/sparklines: Respect graph_ext parameter instead of hardcoded .png value
+ ui/overview: Don't fetch back the cookie on each each occurence
+ ui/js: Fix Absolute elements position from fixed parents
+ doc/alert: Add documentation about plugin field
+ ui/js: Fix wrong graph extension when using Graph.refresh()
+ css/layout: Adapt layout depending on screen resolution & graph extension
+ ui/navigation: Don't save navigation state when it has been force-reduced
+ ui/graphs: Handle graphs on higher dpi resolutions, fix categoryiew columns
+ ui/categoryview: Fix filter on categoryview
+ ui/comparison Fix comparison filter
+ ui/settings: Enhance settings modal styling
+ ui/dynazoom: Enhance dynazoom form styling
+ ui/backToTop: Add "Back to top" buttons to categoryview, comparison & domainview
+ ui: Enhance page headers on mobiles
+ ui/domainview: Refactor treeview JS, add "Expand all" & "Reduce all" links
+ ui/toolbar: Fix NAV_PANEL_FOLD_FORCED usage in
+ ui/drawer: Enhance drawer on mobiles
+ ui/toolbar: Allow toolbar title to fit in single line
+ ui/navigation: Fix syntax error
+ ui/navigation: Enhance navigation titles
+ ui/nodeview: Fix filter JS error
+Rob Speed (1):
+ Installation documentation update for FreeBSD
+Steve Schnepp (5):
+ update: fix typo in verbose handling
+ graph: support hidpi png
+ graph: format is png in hidpi mode
+ graph: fix typo in TITLE
+ asyncd: fix the 1h sleep
+Stig Sandbeck Mathisen (9):
+ Exclude btrfs from df_inode plugin
+ Update node address documentation
+ Remove unused files for munin-node
+ Remove unused
+ Document graph categories
+ Use a regular expression to parse df output
+ Use a bare return to return failure
+ df: Make env.include_re include instead of exclude
+ Fix wrong documentation reference for graph_data_size
+Viktor Szépe (2):
+ Signal error in http_loadtime
+ Typo in condition
+absh (7):
+ Escape semicolons in graph item labels (such as "uhci_hcd:usb1") to prevent rrdtool from confusing them with field separators and failing thereupon.
+ typo fix: s/semicolon/colon/
+ Plugins' command parameter: don't split on escaped whitespace.
+ Bug fix for commit 2075373.
+ Fix cpu fields order in procfs plugin to match proc(5)
+ Make the cpu graph fields order the same as in the original plugin
+ Correct graphing of user and guest cpu stats
+dipohl (1):
+ Return smartctl exit code and warning message Fixes github issue: hddtemp_smartctl fails on a drive in standby #690
+rantal (1):
+ Added OldGen graphs, switched used and free bytes (used is on bottom of the graph, free is on top)
+shapirus (7):
+ Fix for munin-update ignoring graph colors supplied by plugins
+ Set better readable colors for cpu graph
+ Pass graph_args list to rrdtool
+ Allow to specify draw style (e.g., dashes) via the new "drawstyle" parameter.
+ More logging for munin-asyncd aimed at fixing the 1h bug
+ Add the "drawstyle" parameter to the list of legal keywords
+ plugins/memory: draw the KSM-sharing value if present
munin-2.999.2, 2016-01-10

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