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Commits on Nov 13, 2009
  1. * Tag 1.4.0-alpha2

    Nicolai Langfeldt authored
  2. * Update ChangeLog and plugins.history

    Nicolai Langfeldt authored
  3. @knan-linpro
  4. @knan-linpro
  5. @knan-linpro

    fix some nonzero autoconfs

    knan-linpro authored
  6. @knan-linpro
  7. @knan-linpro
  8. @t0mpson

    Fix brokem munin-cgi-graph, which was : missing : --list-images param…

    t0mpson authored
    … for munin-graph, a missing chomp($file), and a wrong path to the generated png. Also fix HTMLOld passing an array ref instead of an array
Commits on Nov 12, 2009
  1. a bit more debug output for the node server -- note which node each p…

    Matthew Boyle authored
    …lugin is associated with, and whether it requires multigraph.
  2. report when plugins are being ignored due to errors when they were be…

    Matthew Boyle authored
    …ing configured. not very detailed, but better than nothing. also delete them from the list of plugins, so they're not included in the list.
  3. forgot to move the set_* tests when i moved the related functions. co…

    Matthew Boyle authored
    …rrect the tests so they would identify the bug fixed in my last commit.
  4. fix logic in _suggested_links():

    Matthew Boyle authored
    + never return any suggested links when the plugin shouldn't be installed.
    + correctly handle SNMP plugins whose only wildcard parameter is the host.  (thanks to janl for spotting this was broken.)
  5. * Add proof of concept snort plugins

    Nicolai Langfeldt authored
  6. * snmp__if_multi: Update to acutuall implementation of multigraph and…

    Nicolai Langfeldt authored
    … some further testing and corrections
  7. * INSTALL: Update w.r.t. support for SNMP v3

    Nicolai Langfeldt authored
  8. * munin.conf: Correct "includedir" example

    Nicolai Langfeldt authored
  9. * postfix_mailqueue: Fix autoconf for the negative case, pretty sure …

    Nicolai Langfeldt authored
    …it still works for the positive case O:-)
  10. * Fix various autoconf problems with slapd and ifx plugins

    Nicolai Langfeldt authored
  11. * Asterisk_* plugins: None of these support autoconf so remove magicm…

    Nicolai Langfeldt authored
Commits on Nov 11, 2009
  1. Border on graphs in critical and warning state for nodeview. Comparis…

    Knut Haugen authored
    …on views (hopefully) to follow
  2. @t0mpson

    End the pod section with =cut, so that the last line , # vim: syntax=…

    t0mpson authored
    …perl ts=8 wont slip into the man page
  3. @t0mpson

    documentation typo fix

    t0mpson authored
  4. Get the BIND logfile's size before rndc is run, rather than taking a …

    Matthew Boyle authored
    …guess at where it might have been.
    Fix for #746, thanks to guillomovitch for the patch.
  5. @t0mpson

    Clean up a typo, add use strict, use warnings to all 3 apache_* plugi…

    t0mpson authored
    …ns, add an info explanation for apache_accesses
  6. adds column header on 6th column in legend table

    Knut Haugen authored
Commits on Nov 10, 2009
  1. removes underscore from top navigation element describing the plugin …

    Knut Haugen authored
    …name for the service page emission. you know for the visual touch
  2. added variable to set the text for the dropdown for each of the templ…

    Knut Haugen authored
    …ate emitting functions. Forgotten in previous commit
  3. Refactoring templates into partials (with include) to avod a lot of d…

    Knut Haugen authored
    …uplication. There is some left. Better look on the legend table for service-biew and dropdown with 'other' links with config value. Default is 1 at the moment. Makefile adds install steps for new partial folder
  4. Typo--;

    Matthew Boyle authored
  5. vfat doesn't have any inodes either.

    Matthew Boyle authored
  6. @ssm

    POD some linux plugins

    ssm authored
  7. @ssm

    plugin: Change here-document identifier so as not to break syntax hig…

    ssm authored
    …hlighting (trivial change)
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