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Main repository for munin master / node / plugins
Perl Shell Java Perl6 JavaScript CSS Other

This branch is 7 commits ahead, 1528 commits behind devel

Merge pull request #348 from driskell/bug/fix_ofields_previous_state

Fix ofields previous state detection not working correctly
latest commit 1a8185e18d
@steveschnepp steveschnepp authored
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common Merge remote branch 'pull/119' into stable-2.0
contrib travis: optimize for compile times
dev_scripts dev_scripts: automate async install
dists redhat: move the redhat stuff outside main repo
doc Remove typo in the example rrdcached socket documentation
master Fix ofields previous state detection not working correctly
node node: munin plugin config ignores leading *
plugins fix typo in graph_title
resources resources: remove osoblete apache-cgi.conf sample
t r1396@vesla: ilmari | 2006-05-29 14:07:30 +0100
.gitignore Update .gitignore.
.perlcriticrc teach perlcritic about some of my pet peeves :-)
.travis.yml travis: adding preliminary test for rrd
Announce-2.0 - removed the disclaimer as 2.0 is here....
COPYING Update licenses to current address of FSF.
ChangeLog Adding 2.0.25
Checklist Add git release instructions to Checklist
HACKING.pod update website address
INSTALL - upgrade to 2.0
Makefile Use perl instead of GNU sed; fix spelling error
Makefile.config Makefile.config: fix bad interpreter
Makefile.config-maint Makefiles: remove SSPOOLDIR, a remnant of munin-gather
README - typo
README.HP-UX * Makefile.config and doc updates to make HP-UX install nice and docu…
README.OSX * Make fix for OS X 10.5 by George Barnett - thanks
UPGRADING doc: state the fact that gfx is cron by default
UPGRADING-1.4 Update UPGRADING doc to 2.0
authors joining the party, updating my email address for conversion
getversion getversion: also fix the stable-* rules
install-sh Initial revision
logo-horizontal.svg Remade the horizontal logo
logo.eps New logo by Bianca Pfingsten, sponsored by Mediahaus Biering Grafisch…
logo.svg Added two svg versions of the logo: original and horizontal
perltidyrc a few tweaks to the perltidy rules.
test-mktemp Updated to final 1.2.4 version [merged change r98r984 from /branches/…


This is Munin.

Munin is distributed under the GNU GPL version 2.  Munin is copyrighted
2002-2012 by its various authors as identified in the source files.

Munin is homed at  After you have completed 
the INSTALL all the documentation can be found there.
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