Introduction of the Munin team

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Core Team and Supporters of Munin

Steve Schnepp (Developer, Project-Admin)

I discovered Munin in 2007, with version 1.2 as Nicolai Langfeldt (janl) was the maintainer.

Cacti was my monitoring tool at the time, but I fell in love with the ease of writing custom plugins in Munin.

The fact that Munin was written in Perl was also an advantage as I was much more fluent in Perl than in PHP. It helped also a lot, that it only uses text files rather than a full-fledged MySQL.

But I quickly grew frustrated in the defaults views as they didn't offer any details, so I started to write a zooming extension. It was first quite limited, only the IMG size was configurable. Then slowly I designed the "pinpoint" to be able to have any start and stop epochs. I based my hack on a very rough version of CGI (remember, it was in the 1.2 days...). After a while, the 1.4 came out, and it mostly changed everything I based my hack on.

So, i rewrote the whole hack, and decided to release it. (i didn't want to be alone maintaining it) It was accepted as to be merged in the 1.5 version. That was in the beginning of 2010.

After a long time, Nicolai had to leave from his leadership and I did a ''mostly'' peaceful takeover.

Stig Sandbeck Mathisen (Developer and Sysadmin)

My first commit to the munin project was in 2007.

Since then, development and maintenance for the Munin Guide and the plugin documentation has become my major task. From time to time, I dig into the perl code of Munin, but not very often.

I am also the sysadmin for the Munin project servers and take care of our Trac instance. In 2012 I migrated the project's repository from subversion to git. Read more about me on my Homepage

In addition, I'm on the Debian packaging team for the munin packages.

Holger Levsen (Developer)

Apparently in 2008 I started co-maintaining munin in Debian with version 1.2.6-1.

My biggest contribution to munin itself was probably pushing Steve to get 2.0 released and in shape :-)

Today I'm mostly active in maintaining the Debian package in sid, monitoring the BTS and backporting fixes to stable and stable-backports.

Call for Participation

Other things worth tackling are probably splitting the plugin packages further until there is one plugin package for each category as well as packaging of (some) plugins from munin-contrib.git. Help is welcome and needed here as well, these things are not high on my agenda!

Gabriele Pohl (Developer)

Looking for a tool that draws hard disks S.M.A.R.T. state and attribute values over time and on enterprise scale level? I had this demand in August 2005 and came in first contact to Munin. The article I wrote in that year about smartmontools and it's integration in Munin is still online (German language).

In 2007 I got a request of Open-Source-Press to write a book about Munin. With Michael Renner was found a second author and we published our Munin Book in April 2008 in Munich, Germany. Together with some other active members from the munin-users mailing list, we then spun off the German speakers mailing list.

So my focus is mainly on improving the docs and building a nice site for the community ~

Whilst studying Munin's features, configuration (and all the rest ;) for the book I read the wiki docs (and the source code also) and did clean up info / pages and clarify terms (in consultation with the Munin maintainers, at that time janl and bjorn). I am still active as wiki worker here. Current task is to split up docs in the part, that should be moved from wiki to Munin Guide and building a structure for the rest further on residing here.

Lars Kruse (Developer)

In 2016 I started to care for the contrib repository (i.e. contributed munin plugins).

Since 2018 I also work on munin's code itself.

Further portraits

will follow..

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