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Fix an issue that would cause Munki to fail to reboot after installin…

…g updates that require a reboot when no-one is logged in.
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gregneagle committed Feb 18, 2019
1 parent 3181b55 commit b61f61433fb7b308b5f4ba84b0cde2c819ba3f56
Showing with 3 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +3 −2 code/client/managedsoftwareupdate
@@ -1003,7 +1003,7 @@ def main():
display.munkistatusoutput = True
munkilog.log('No GUI users, installing at login window.')
mustrestart = doInstallTasks(appleupdatesavailable)
restart_action = doInstallTasks(appleupdatesavailable)
# reset our count of available updates
updatesavailable = 0
appleupdatesavailable = 0
@@ -1109,7 +1109,8 @@ def main():
# tell status app we're done sending status

if runtype == 'checkandinstallatstartup' and not mustrestart:
if (runtype == 'checkandinstallatstartup' and
restart_action == constants.POSTACTION_NONE):
if os.path.exists(constants.CHECKANDINSTALLATSTARTUPFLAG):
# we installed things but did not need to restart; we need to run
# again to check for more updates.

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