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This is the official release of Munki 3.3.1, a bug-fix update to the Munki tools.

Major fixes/changes:

  • Fix for fdesetup authrestart behavior changes in High Sierra with APFS volumes that caused authrestarts to fail: d248ec8
  • Fix for auto-detecting Munki repo in environments where DHCP does not set the current domain: ff0832f
  • Fix for unexpected behavior when processing managed_uninstalls for a pkginfo that contained an empty installs array: 0bf8d5d
  • Fix for Mojave Betas where Python's OpenSSL support is somewhat broken: b1e94a0
  • Don't allow user-writable SelfServeManifest to be a symlink, which could result in disclosure of sensitive data: 470013a
  • Additional security and validation around copying items from disk image: 0f42d6e 8496349 ee7be29
  • Other small bug fixes and tweaks. For a complete list of changes, see v3.3.0...v3.3.1