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This is the official release of Munki 3.5.2, a bug-fix release of the Munki tools.

This is the exact same build as the 3.5.2 Release Candidate 1 release.

This release addresses several issues with the precaching feature added in version 3.5:

  • Items that had a older version installed but needed an update were not precached. This especially affected attempts to precache macOS Installers, since some version of macOS is always installed. 0850f95
  • Managed Software Center would show progress info on items being precached and display spurious error alerts about processes ending unexpectedly if a precaching session lasted longer than the remainder of the managedsoftwareupdate run that triggered it. c97d961
  • If a managedsoftwareupdate session started before a precaching session completed, partially precached items were deleted and precaching was restarted. c2ced7c
  • If PackageURL or PackageCompleteURL were defined for a precache item, these keys were ignored. c34d176

This release also contains some changes intended to deal with recent Apple updates that might require a shutdown rather than a restart to properly initiate the install on T2/Secure Boot Macs. Due to the difficulty (impossibility!) of doing iterative testing, it's not clear that these changes resolve all the issues around these updates, though the behavior should be no worse than under earlier releases: e1d0e38 91dbacb 0bd2022

Other minor bug fixes are also included.

A complete list of changes is here: v3.5.1...v3.5.2

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