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This is the official release of Munki 3.6.2, a bug-fix update to the Munki tools.

Changes from 3.6.1:

  • Changes to determining available software updates to attempt to address issues where the updates Munki thinks are available do not match those listed in softwareupdate -l.
  • A fix for an issue where a "Pending Updates" alert would repeatedly display while attempting to quit Managed Software Center. 0010706
  • A fix for recording install requests to the application usage database: af1cf64
  • Performance improvements in Managed Software when there are many hundreds of optional items. 668ad23
  • Fixes for toolbar item label highlighting when switching between Light Mode and Dark Mode 309ab3d
  • Display item installation status before running preinstall_script: 7f0d04d
  • Fixes for description display in item detail view to more closely match that in MSC 4.x. a5efb23
  • Applications now build under Xcode 10.2 and Xcode 10.2.1. 2c0c13e

A complete list of changes since the 3.6.1 release is here: v3.6.1...v3.6.2

Known issues:

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