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Munki 6.3.1 Official Release

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@gregneagle gregneagle released this 02 May 16:11

This is the official release of Munki 6.3.1, a bug-fix release of the Munki tools.


  • A fix for an issue with with items marked with autoremove=true and updates. fafca46 See also #1172
  • Update some messages seen at the command-line and in the logs that referred to "" to refer to "managedsoftwareupdate" instead. (This was an unattended side-effect of using a binary wrapper in 6.3.0) 8e32338
  • Eliminate "Error reading: /Library/Managed Installs/AppleUpdates.plist" error messages when there are no pending updates (and therefore no AppleUpdates.plist file) 495e0e3

Other changes

  • Improved progress spinner in Managed Software Center, more closing matching current macOS appearance. Thanks to @chrisgrande 535751b

A complete list of changes from the 6.3 release is here: v6.3.0...v6.3.1

Build info

The GUI apps and the Python framework were built under Xcode 14.3 on macOS 13.3.1. Other versions of Xcode have not been tested and may cause different results.

Package versioning

  • Distribution package version:
  • munki core tools version:
  • LaunchAgents/LaunchDaemons version: 3.0.3265
  • Apps package version:
  • Python package version:

Signed/notarized builds

Thanks to the efforts of @erikng and @natewalck, signed and notarized builds of Munki tools packages are made available at There may be a delay for new releases -- please be patient.

Attachment info

The munkitools- attachment available here is an unsigned and unnotarized package that should install without requiring a restart unless upgrading from an extremely old Munki tools (like one of the 3.x releases or earlier). It should be suitable for most initial deployment scenarios, including those driven by DEP/ADE. It does not include a component to trigger "bootstrapping" or any other automatic run of the tools after installation. A signed and notarized version of this package should be available eventually at