Building Munki packages

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Building a Munki Installer Package

Milestone releases of the Munki tools are made available here:

Automated builds of the Munki installer packages are available at These are not official builds, but are made available by a friendly third party.

Building it yourself

You can also build a Munki installer package yourself.


Xcode -- the current build scripts are known to work under Xcode 9, and to fail under Xcode 10. They should work under Xcode 8.
git (which you get for "free" when you install Xcode...)


In a directory you can write to, run:

git clone This will create a new "munki" directory containing the latest git repo. Change into the directory:

cd munki

Run the build script:


Provide your password when requested (certain steps require sudo).

If the script runs successfully, it will tell you where to find the Installer package:

Distribution package created at /Users/Shared/munki-git/munki/munkitools-

Building other versions of Munki

You can also build other versions of Munki using the script.

./code/tools/ -b Munki2 will build the latest (now final) Munki 2 package.

./code/tools/ -b Munki1 will build the latest (now final) Munki 1 package.

You may need an older version of Xcode to successfully build the applications included with Munki 1 and Munki 2, and/or access to older OS X SDKs. Almost certainly this is not worth the effort and you should stick with a pre-built package from the Releases section.

./code/tools/ -b BRANCHNAME will build Munki based on the code in BRANCHNAME.

./code/tools/ -r GIT_REVISION_HASH will build Munki based on the code in a particular Git commit (revision).


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