Contributing to Munki

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The Munki project welcomes contributions!

Contributor License Agreement

All contributors must complete and sign a Contributor License Agreement. A copy can be found here.

GitHub ID

The CLA does not explicitly ask for this, but when you send in your signed CLA, please mention your GitHub ID to make it easier to map between real/legal names required by the CLA and GitHub names.

Preferred contribution methods

Bug fixes

Bug fixes should be submitted as Pull Requests.

Enhancements/New features

Before starting work on a new feature or enhancement, consider bringing your idea up for discussion on the munki-dev mailing list. This might save you a lot of wasted effort. Once you have code for a new feature complete, push it to your own GitHub clone. You can then ask others to test it first, or proceed directly to creating a Pull Request.

Learn more about cloning a GitHub repository here.
Learn more about GitHub pull requests here.


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