Featured Items in Managed Software Center

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Support for displaying "Featured Items" in Managed Software Center

About Featured Items

Support for Featured Items in Managed Software Center is a new feature for Munki 3.


Managed Software Center will display "Featured" items if there are any in the list of optional installs. If there are any "Featured" items, it replaces the "All Items" view.


Add a featured_items section to a manifest containing the items you wish to feature:


Featured items must be available via optional_installs; in other words, adding an item to featured_items does not automatically make it an optional_install -- it only makes it "Featured" if it is an optional_install. Yes, this means maintaining an item in two lists: optional_installs to make it available as an optional install, and featured_items to have it displayed with other featured items. But this allows one to feature different items for different groups.


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