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Links and tools of interest to Munki admins


Here you'll find additional links and tools of interest to Munki admins.

Related tools

Munki Auto-Builds Automatically-generated package builds of current Munki git repo
AutoPkg Recipes for downloading and preparing updates for your Munki repo
AutoPkgr AutoPkgr is a free Mac app that makes it easy to install and configure AutoPkg.
Reposado Replacement for Apple's Software Update service; runs on virtually any host OS or hardware
MunkiAdmin Cocoa GUI app for managing a Munki repo
munki-in-a-box Script to quickly setup a Munki server, complete with AutoPkg and MunkiAdmin on OS X Server

Reporting/Web consoles

MunkiReport-PHP PHP-based reporting console for Munki clients
Sal Python-based multi-organization reporting console for Munki clients
MunkiWebAdmin2 Web-based management interface for Munki. Written in Django (which itself is Python)
Moscargo Helps techs and other savvy folk find the most current version of the software you curate, and makes them available for ad-hoc download.

Alternate Servers/Backends

Simian Google App Engine-based server for Munki
MunkiServer Ruby-on-Rails Server for Munki

Discussion Groups/Maillists/IRC/Slack

MacEnterprise (read-only archives)
#munki on MacAdmins Slack

Additional documentation

Intro to Munki Part 1
Intro to Munki Part 2
Intro to Munki Part 3
Intro to Munki Part 4

Mac Admin Conferences

A few conferences are frequented by members of the Munki community

PSU MacAdmins State College, PA
MacTech Conference Los Angeles, CA Göteborg, Sweden
Mac Admins and Developers UK London, England

Video Resources

Most of the Mac Admin conferences publish their sessions online. These sessions can be a great resource for learning Munki and other tools. Below are a few relevant munki talks:

Getting Started with Munki Greg Neagle, MacDevOps:YVR 2015
What's New with Munki Greg Neagle, Penn State MacAdmins 2015
Going MAD: From closed-in-box to ready to rock, using Munki, AutoPkg and DeployStudio Steve Yuroff, Penn State MacAdmins 2013
Thin OS X Deployment with Munki Matt Willmore & Clarence Helm, Penn State MacAdmins 2013
Managing Munki: Intelligent Practices for Structuring, Maintaining, and Collaborating Elliot Jordan & Shea Craig, Penn State MacAdmins 2016

Mac Admin Community Groups

Mac Meetups Independent List of Macadmin Meetup Groups